Scorpio Lunar Full Moon Eclipse – April 25, 2013

eclipse_lunarScorpio Lunar Eclipse 5º Scorpio
Thursday, April 25th at 12:57pm PT

The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse promises to have a tremendous impact on everyone and you are probably already feeling its effects as it catalyzes change in your individual and our collective lives. Those of you with a Scorpio Sun, Moon, Ascendant or personal planets in Scorpio will experience the most opportunity for change and growth.

The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse is complex as is in conversation with a number of BIG players in the sky.

It is conjunct Saturn, the planet that gives form and structure through focus and intentional effort, and trine to Neptune (thus giving structure to your spiritual ideals).

The Scorpio Full Moon is sextile Pluto the planet that transforms of old structures.

The Scorpio opposes Mars the planet of desire and aggressive action in Taurus which indicates a forceful illumination to take action on giving form to a new structure. Mars is still traveling close to the Sun in a conjunction further increasing its forceful action.

The Sun and Mars conjunct are in a wide sextile to Neptune and nearing a trine to Pluto. So, you’re in touch with your ideals you want to manifest at the same facing obstacles. Pluto will help transform and ground the truth that is revealed through the forces at work during the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse over the next six months.

Also Mercury the connector in Aries is about to sextile Jupiter the planet of good fortune in Gemini. And Jupiter is just now coming out of its shadow phase.

You are at the end of a six month cycle of reinventing yourself and your life. Time for breakthrough and celebrating your harvest!

Although this is only a partial eclipse it is powerful because of its aspects to all of these planets and will have far reaching ramifications.

I see this as a very positive and favorable Lunar Eclipse though intense.

This is the first of three Eclipses occurring over the next four weeks.

Are you feeling blocked or restricted from letting go of your past. Many times your inability to move forward in your life can be connected to a need to release past hurts and sorrows from a previous love connection.

Learn more about Cutting Cords & the healing properties of Black Obsidian Gemstones HERE.

The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse presents you with the ultimate opportunity for performing a Cutting Cords to Your Past Loves Healing Ritual I have posted for you HERE.

Best time to perform your Cutting Cords Ritual is at the time of the Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse until the moon goes void of course on the 26th at 1:56am PT.

World Clock Time Zone Difference Calculator

Enjoy the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse!


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