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Aloha and welcome! The season of merry-making and gift giving is here. Celebrate your Christmas with the tradition of Holy Oils on Sale until midnight December 3rd PST. Try my “NEW” Holy Oils Aromatic Synergy Blend, available in 5ml, 15ml or 2 oz Ready-to-Use Aromatic Mist. Learn two Aroma Methods for creating your Holiday Scented Gift Cards. See what’s on the horizon for Presentations and Workshops in 2008, and finally a Special Invitation from Caroline Myss to attend her workshop, “Entering the Castle,” FREE online. Enjoy and thanks for joining me!

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FRANKINCENSE ( Boswelia fereana ) 5ml/$9.95 (SAVE $3.00) 15ml/$21.95 (SAVE $3.00) Often used in religious ceremonies Frankincense makes a wonderful anointing oil as it is thought to possess miraculous powers to heal almost every conceivable malady. A fortifying essence to the mind and emotions Frankincense slows and deepens cellular respiration and has the characteristic effect of comforting and centering you during time of distress. Its calming, rejuvenating and empowering influence makes Frankincense especially useful for treating post traumatic stress syndrome. Use Frankincense to promote your spiritual awakening and to enhance your meditation practice. Click to learn more

SANDALWOOD( Santalum album ) 5m/$24.95 (SAVE $10.00) 15ml/$49.95 (SAVE $20.00 ) The aroma of Sandalwood readily clears any atmosphere of negativity, restores harmony and brings life sustaining positive vibrations! Sandalwood oil acts as a soothing tonic for the nerves and is an ideal remedy for nervous anxiety, fear and stress resulting from a hectic and erratic lifestyle. Sandalwood oil, properly stored, will only improve with age and is considered an inheritance quality oil. Buy what you need for today, but you can also invest for the coming decades. In the Summer 2006 the price of true Indian Sandalwood escalated almost weekly. Scarcity of the raw material, and Indian government restrictions on exportation make sourcing true Sandalwood Oil more and more difficult. Many vendors are no longer offering it. I have seen prices double in six months. I am offering Mysore Sandalwood at last year’s price ONLY until midnight Monday, December 3, 2007. If you are a Sandalwood lover, please buy now for your anticipated future needs. Click to learn more

SPIKENARD ( Nardostachys jatamansi ) 5ml/$9.95 (SAVE $3.00) 15ml/$21.95 (SAVE $3.00) A valued oil since ancient times Narde has often been used in anointing rituals and religious ceremonies. Spikenardoil was in the foot balm Mary Magdalene used to anoint her master’s feet in the New Testament of the Bible.

Spikenard is an ideal meditation oil and has traditionally been used in many incense formulas for spiritual enhancement and as a spiritual aid for contemplation and clarity of mind. A tranquilizer and relative of the Valerian family Narde has the most powerful sedative action in aromatherapy and often recommended for easing anxiety and stress. A heart regulator Narde promotes cellular respiration and digestion and may be useful for balancing the male and female hormonal system. Spikenard is especially useful during onset of puberty and during the menopausal phases. Click to learn more

MYRRH ( Commiphora myrrha ) 5ml/$9.95 (SAVE $3.00) 15ml/$21.95 (SAVE $3.00) Traditionally Myrrh has been used for enhancing spiritual and emotional well-being. Its astringent and fortifying properties are effective for clearing and balancing energies. Myrrh is an excellent aid to healthy functioning of the limbic (emotional center) of your brain. Myrrh wakes up cell tissues and enhances the physical energetic centers of the body. Its vibrant and resonant effect on cell tissues makes it a wonderful tonic. Click to learn more

BERGAMOT ( Citrus bergamia ) 15ml/$8.95 (SAVE $5.00) Since ancient time Bergamot has been highly valued for its aroma as a perfume. Its regulating influence makes it effective as a relaxant or a stimulant and tonic depending on the needs of your body, mind and emotions. Research studies have shown Bergamot oil effective for balancing the activity of the hypothalamus gland, seat of your more intense emotions. The hypothalamus gland works in synchrony with the pineal and pituitary gland to help regulate and balance your hormonal cycles, including your natural sleep and wake cycles. Bergamot boosts the immune function and is good for morale and self esteem issues. Click to learn more

HOLY OILS SYNERGY BLEND Click to purchase 5ml $14.95 15ml $24.95
2 oz Aromatic Mist $12.95 This synergistic blend of Holy Oils contains the most Sacred Healing and Anointing Oils in Aromatherapy. This potent combination of Aromatic Healing oils have been used traditionally since ancient times for the purpose of clearing, balancing and healing the body, mind and spirit.

You can use your pure Holy Oils Synergy Blend in your aroma lamp, or in dilution as a perfume or body mist, or the Ready-to-Use Holy Oils Aromatic Mist for refreshing and clearing stagnant chi and to promote healing or to enhance and charge your chakras and personal energy field or the atmosphere in your home, car or work space. Click to learn more

SIGNATURE SCENTED CHRISTMAS GIFT CARD – make a lasting and unique treasure this holiday season.

Two simple aroma methods I recommend for creating your holiday scented gift cards:

1. Dispense 4 drops of your favorite pure essential oil or synergy blend onto a cotton ball or paper towel with your favorite holiday oil or synergy – holy oils, spice oils or a citrus oils are all great choices! Put your moistened cotton ball in a zip lock bag or a box that can be sealed tight. Enclose your cards and envelopes in the sealed bag or box and let stand for 7 to 10 days.

2. A speedier method – Dispense a drop of your pure essential oil or holiday synergy blend of oils onto a cotton ball, then stroke one corner of each Christmas gift card with your scented cotton ball. Please use a colorless pure essential oil or blend for this method!


HEALING WITH AROMATHERAPY – “The Soul of a Plant” by KG Stiles A two-hour presentation at Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library in Ashland Oregon on Tuesday, January 8, 2008, 7-9pm. Health 2 CEUs for LMTs. Click to learn more about KG’s presentation

DVD HEALING WITH AROMATHERAPY – “The Soul of a Plant” by KG Stiles available FREE online in late January 2008

VISION BOARD WORKSHOPS January 15 & 22, 2008. Look for details in your next issue

CHAKRA WORKSHOPS Start January 29, 2008. Look for details in your next issue


FOR CAROLINE MYSS’ FANS!! Caroline has generously made her workshop at the Findhorn Foundation, “Entering the Castle,” available FREE online. Click to download Caroline’s 19 hour October 2007 Entering the Castle Video Stream link


HOLOSYNC™ MEDITATION Click to try it yourself for FREE!



RENT THE ALOHA CABANA Half-time $225/Mo, Peaceful garden setting with views, private entry, convenient location, includes Phone, Utilities & Cleaning Service. Call 541-941-7315 or EMAIL KG for Details! Click to View Rental Property

PurePlant Essentials Aromatherapy Products are now available in Ashland and Eugene, Oregon at SoundPeace, Shop N’ Kart and Market of Choice, and in New York at the Yoga Sanctuary. If you would like to be a retailer or an affiliate of PurePlant Essentials Aromatherapy Products please EMAIL KG or call 541-941-7315

I’ve enjoyed sharing with you and hope you’ll find something useful for your life in this Holiday issue. Please remember to share Health Mastery Ezine with your friends and family. Look for your next issue around December 17th. Mahalo!

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