What Is & Why Use Distant Healing
KG Stiles Holistic Health Coach Since 1980

Research in Distant Healing has been scientifically proven to produce a positive effect on a variety of health conditions. Distant Healing is the focused transmission of energy from one person to another. It is specifically intended to effect an emotional, mental or physical change. Distant implies “remoteness” between KG and a client. In other words KG and her client do not occupy the same space nor do they need to be in close proximity. In keeping with the discoveries made in the field of quantum physics the actual measurement of distance between two people during a healing session has proven to be irrelevant.

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In many cases an individual for various reasons prefers, or needs to be treated in the privacy of their own home or care facility. Distant Healing Sessions offer clients the distinct opportunity to experience a healing modality in a location of their choosing.

Distant Healing Sessions are conducted in a workshop space called Mindscape® in which KG can maintain focused awareness and intention without any interference to facilitate balance and healing for you.

You may receive a Distant Healing session by phone, by Skype®, or even arrange for a session by email.

In most cases your distant session is by phone or Skype®. In the US and Canada your phone call is included in the price of your personal healing session, or chakra energy reading. During your session KG will share brief, helpful information, and report what healing techniques are being performed, and engage you in your personal healing session, and chakra energy reading.

Your results from a Distant Healing Session or Chakra Energy Reading should feel the same as if you received a session in person with KG. When you are in an enhanced state of harmony and balance your innate healing intelligence will operate more effectively to heal you at all levels of your being – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

What to expect in your time together with KG:

  • Review your major life energy patterns
  • Take a look at where you are today
  • Align and restore harmony and balance to your mind, body, spirit, and emotions
  • Learn about your soul’s purpose
  • Create your custom plan for helping you overcome your blocks, and maintain a balanced lifestyle to support optimal health and the flow of grace in your life
  • Experience immediate relief, and return to a sense of peace and well-being
  • Know how to maintain alignment with your soul essence
  • Relief of chronic stress, and symptoms of dis-ease begin to resolve

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