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Astro Energy Report by KG Stiles
Compost Past = Fertile Soil
June 25 – July 1, 2016


June 27, 2016 at 11:19am PT
6º 30’ Aries Quarter Waning Moon

Compost the old, worn out and decayed to make fertile soil for a stellar new beginning (especially related to your home and family roots) in one week’s time at the Cancer New Moon on July 4th.

Natural Ruby is the power stone of Aries. It is classified as one of the four most “precious” gemstones (the others being Diamond, Emerald and Sapphire).

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Astro Energy Report By KG Stiles
Sagittarius Full Moon
Celebrate BIG Cycle of Completion
June 18-24, 2016


Neptune has been exerting a powerful influence over the past week leading up to the 29º 33’ Sagittarius Full Moon on June 20th (Solstice Day!) exact 4:02am PT. One of Neptune’s strong influences can be felt as intense confusion. This is because Neptune strongly affects the emotional body to clear negativity that’s obstructing the flow of heart centered love and compassion. The greater your resistance the greater the confusion.

One of the causes of resistance is fear to feel painful emotions. This resistance creates emotional blockage to unconditional love that’s ever present. Issues related to guilt, shame and lack of forgiveness of self and others are being powerfully activated by Neptune’s influence and brought to the surface for healing release.

The ruler of the Sagittarius Full Moon is Jupiter. Jupiter was the old ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered. This final rare Sagittarius Full Moon (two in a row Sagittarius Full Moons over the past month) is at the critical final 29th degree of Sagittarius.

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Astro Energy Report By KG Stiles
Breaking the Habit
June 11th-17th, 2016


It’s a week of relative ease compared to the intensity we’ve experienced so far this year.

The number 12 is very active now. The number 12 represents a pinnacle of completion for you. A cycle of growth and evolution that started last fall is nearing completion.

Neptune is slowing down preparing to go retrograde at 12º Pisces exact on June 13th. Saturn is square to Neptune as it stations retrograde.

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Astro Energy Report By KG Stiles
Gemini New Moon
Breakdown Breakthrough Illumination
June 4th-10th, 2016


It’s a week of breakdown and breakthrough when illumination comes from the depths to support greater flowering of your consciousness. The Mutable Grand Cross occurring allows for the adaptation called for now. Take time for self nurturance on the 6th as Mercury (now out of its retrograde shadow in Taurus) moves to oppose Mars (now on retrograde demolition course through the last degrees of Scorpio). Find out how to make the most of the opportunities available to you now in this week’s Astro Energy Report.

On June 4th we have the 14º 53′ Gemini New Moon exact at 7:59 pm PT. The Gemini New Moon is great for festive events and social gatherings and starting new projects that engage your social skills. Though as I mentioned in last week’s report this particular Gemini New Moon is forming a tense Mutable Grand Cross as it is conjunct Sun and Venus, and square to Neptune in Pisces, opposing Saturn in Sagittarius and square to Jupiter in Virgo. There’s tremendous potential for breakdown and breakthrough of resistant patterns and illumination now. 

The Gemini New Moon goes Void of Course at 9:47am PT on June 5th until 8:41pm PT when it enters the sign of Cancer.

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