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Dr. Mario Martinez “The Mind Body Code”
How the Mind Wounds & Heals the Body


Join me today for a fascinating conversation with my special Guest Dr. Mario Martinez. A licensed clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Martinez specializes in the emerging fields of psychoneuroimmunology and contemplative psychology. He is the author of, “The Man from Autumn,” as well as the Sounds True audio learning program, “The Mind-Body Code: How the Mind Wounds and Heals the Body.”

Dr. Martinez invented the term ‘biocogntion’ to explain the nature of how the mind is encoded into the body. According to Dr. Martinez, “Our immune system, which is our great protector, responds to a set of ethical codes assimilated from our historical culture.” On the show Dr. Martinez and I talk about how health is maintained by a delicate balance between what we believe & how we behave.”

Dr. Martinez has investigated cases of alleged stigmata for the Catholic Church, for the BBC and National Geographic. Today Mario will talk about his theory of biocognition and how cultural and spiritual beliefs affect health and longevity. We also talk about how you can use the power of your mind to influence your health and wellness.

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Astrology Forecast 7º Gemini New Moon Upgrade Alert for Soulmate Social Life Communication Networks & Community!


7º Gemini New Moon
Upgrade Alert for Soulmate Social Life Communication Networks & Community!
April 28, 2014 11:40am PT

CLICK for your Gemini New Moon Manifesting Soulmate-type Relationships in Social Life Communication Networks & Community.

Life offers you major upgrades in your social relationships and life skills! Are you prepared to interact in a whole new way and soar?

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Gemini New Moon Manifesting Soulmates
More Love & Support
Social Networks Community
May 28, 2014

Crescent New Moon public domain NASA

7º Gemini New Moon
May 28th 11:40am PT

The best time for your Gemini New Moon Ritual and setting your intentions is just at the New Moon until the moon goes void of course on May 29th at 2:59 am PT.

Have you longed to feel more loved and supported by others in your community and social networks. Life opens to offer you new social vistas! Soulmate relationship potentials are available for you. You can now feel more seen and appreciated by others, perhaps like you’ve never experienced before in your entire life!

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Scorpio Full Moon Butterfly Celebration Ritual & Cutting Cords
May 14, 2014

Full Moon public domain NASA

24º Scorpio Full Moon
May 14, 2014 at 12:16pm PT

THE SCORPIO FULL MOON promises to have a tremendous impact on everyone and you are probably already feeling its effects as it catalyzes change in your life.

Those of you with a Scorpio Sun, Moon, Ascendant or personal planets in Scorpio will experience the most opportunity for release, change and growth.

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Mother’s Many Faces
Remembering Mother & Healing
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Your Mother teaches you to love and nurture yourself. Being a nurturing and loving Mother to your Self is priceless and the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Mother’s have many faces! My own Mom’s recent passing has caused me to look deeply at my Mother memories.

Soon after my Mom’s passing I saw her radiant smiling face and heard the words, “I made it!” My mom had prepared her own mind to make the jump into the spirit world and experienced a clean break and a soft landing.

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