mother&baby_public-domain-wpYour Mother teaches you to love and nurture yourself. Being a nurturing and loving Mother to your Self is priceless and the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Mother’s have many faces! My own Mom’s recent passing has caused me to look deeply at my Mother memories.

Soon after my Mom’s passing I saw her radiant smiling face and heard the words, “I made it!” My mom had prepared her own mind to make the jump into the spirit world and experienced a clean break and a soft landing.

Mom’s crossing the threshold into the spirit world happened at the peak of the recent Grand Cardinal Cross between the Libra Lunar and Taurus Solar Eclipse. As you know if you tune into my astrology forecasts there has been grand turbulence in the celestial skies over the past couple of years. Astrology works by the law of correspondence “as above, so below,” and mirrors the profound and radical change we’ve all been experiencing.

Your individual and the collective consciousness is challenged to expand and adapt to the paradigm shifts occurring now.

During this time an enormous mass of individual and collective memories have surfaced for purging, purification and healing. The purification process is now at its climactic peak.

During this time your memories and dreams can intensify. You may feel as if you’re on fire at times with the purification, cleansing and healing process. I know I do!

Now is a time when the old stories and psycho-dramas of your mother and your entire ancestral lineage are surfacing for clearing.

The root of your memories are through your matriarchal line. You absorb these memories when in-utero. Science has now shown that when in-utero the baby is responding to its Mother’s emotions, thoughts and feelings.

You are genetically encoded with your ancestral DNA that carries patterns for expression that may or may not have been activated, but still need to be purged.

As you know now as an adult Mother’s come in all shapes and sizes. You may have to discover the powerful healing your Mother gifts you with if she comes in a package that is not of the Hallmark all-loving and eternally patient kind.

It’s my belief that the “perfect” mother for you births you into this world.

My Mother taught me how to see with angel eyes. She opened my eyes to the world of suffering. I learned so much about healing and compassion from my Mother. I always wanted my Mom to be happy and did my best to be the “perfect” Mother’s helper and to please her. I gave up my natural inclinations and turned myself into someone I wasn’t to make her happy.

I celebrate my Mother’s happiness now that she’s crossed into the spirit world. It is a great blessing and comfort to me, as well as very freeing!

My Mom was born out of the depression era. It was a time of great war and deprivation! I think many Mother’s born during that period of time absorbed and expressed the world’s pain body.

Though my Mom was a powerful influence most of my early formative childhood days from age six weeks until age five were spent with “God’s mother.” At least that’s who I thought she was. She was in fact my Godmother whose sacred task was the care and feeding of my soul.

Miss Florence was wed to God and she had perfect faith. She demonstrated the mightiest faith I’ve ever witnessed; rivaling that of Mother Teresa. Miss Florence had been the director of a missionary school for orphaned children in Africa for many years before retiring to set up her own nursery and pre-school where I spent most of my waking moments as a child. Miss Florence understood the spiritual needs of a child completely and administered them willingly.

Then, there was my Grandmother Sally (my Mom’s Mother). I was a birthday gift to her as I was born the day after her birthday and the first granddaughter to a large family with lots of boy babies, but no girls. All of my aunts and uncles wanted a baby girl in the family. So, I felt very welcomed and wanted. I had a very special place in my extended family home though with some strong expectations and feeling of carrying a heavy burden that came with being the lineage carrier for our tribe. My Grandmother wore big shoes for me to fill in the family.

So, I had a trinity of Mother’s from birth to teach me about three faces of Mother which seemed perfectly normal to me at the time. For me Mother is a rich tapestry of feelings and images that nourish me at the core of my being.

You continue expanding your experience of the Mother energy and the many faces she wears as she reveals her multi-dimensionaltiy to you all of your life.

One of the many gifts my Mom taught me was that when you give up struggling and accept yourself and others as they are then you are free to experience love more abundantly.

Mother Teresa admonishes,If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

I’m sure it’s enjoyable to experience a nice neat picture perfect Hallmark card type mother, but it’s not necessary to experience the depth of love and bonding available between you and your Mother or the other Mothers in your life.

Your Mother teaches you to love and nurture yourself. Being a nurturing and loving Mother to your Self is priceless and the greatest gift you can give yourself.

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