Your Power to Create &
Need for Positive Emotion of Faith!

public_domain_astronomy-nasaThe seed point of your journey has everything needed to actualize it (the seed) into Being.

To harness your power to create here are a few essential details for you to know.

We live in a vibrational universe. Our world is 75% hydrogen or light. Matter is literally frozen light.

Quantum physics has discovered that everything is LIGHT and comes from the ZERO POINT FIELD.

You and I are VAST sources of energy.

The seed point of your journey has everything within it you need to actualize it (the seed) into Being.

Through the Daily Practice of putting your Emotion of Faith into Action you will deepen and nourish this most powerful of all your emotions.

Action is the Key that will unlock the fulfillment of your seed potential.

As you explore and actualize your inner world you will find hidden treasures and resources and come to realize who you really are.


Your Foundation – Imagery & Affirmations

You are continually creating images and stories (affirmations) about yourself and your life.

To harness your inherent power to create through imagery and affirmation you must first create a strong foundation for installing and activating your imagery and affirmations. Here are a few essential details for you to know.

AFTER THE BIG BANG – 95% of creation disappeared! It became dark matter, meaning you can’t see it. You experience only 5% of what’s available in the universe. 95% of creation is vibrating at a rate that you can not comprehend.

STRING THEORY proposes that there are multiple dimensions of reality. A quantum leap in your consciousness happens when you move from one dimension to another instantaneously.

Everything in your world and in your life situation is made up of energy. This means everything has a vibrational rate and resonates at a certain frequency. Understanding this premise is absolutely essential for you to experience outstanding results in every area of your life experience.

The Law of Attraction states that like frequencies attract and dissimilar frequencies repel.

Energy is the fundamental building block of the universe and you must learn some of the fundamentals needed for your journey to become a Master at directing and shaping energy into physical reality.

Energy’s single attribute is change. Therefore your world and life situation is in a constant state of flux and change, continuously replicating and dividing itself in an endless cycle of give and take in a world of infinite possibilities.

That everything is in flux and change is good as this makes it possible for you to make changes in yourself and you life situation.

Your emotions are the language of your subconscious mind and function in every cell of your body giving you continual feedback about your non-conscious or hidden self.

Your personal unconscious and subconscious mind connect you with Infinite Intelligence and is the storehouse for your own personal automated operating systems, your memories, beliefs and habits.

Embodying your imagery and affirmations with the emotion of faith energizes them and brings them to life. Your dreams must be energized with the emotion of faith for them to be realized.

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