Write Powerful Affirmations – Process of Creation

Girl seated full lotus pose in sepia tones with white light around her body and ball of light at crown of her headUsing the guidelines you’ve learned write an Affirmation for the achievement of your intended goal!


Researchers discovered that giving full attention to the details of an image produced physiological patterns that correlate with the actual event having occurred.

It was Albert Einstein who informed us that at the quantum level, “Time doesn’t exist as we know it,” past, present and future exist simultaneously.

Two atoms can exist in exactly the same space at the same time.

MULTIPLE WORLD THEORY states that more than one world can exist simultaneously.

Through harmonizing your INTENTION and ATTENTION you bring into existence that which you FOCUS on.

Energy flows where your attention goes.


You’ve chosen your Goal and learned about consistently emotionalizing and impressing your subconscious mind with moving images and learned how to create powerful affirmations for your intended goal.

Once you consistently begin to take action and practice the tools you’ve been given you will notice perceptual shifts and behavior changes.

You are beginning to produce your desired results.

You automatically begin to seek out there what you visualize and affirm inside yourself.

IMPORTANT REALIZATION – The day you fully ACCEPT that what you’ve been seeking has been seeking you is the day your life will change for ever.

After you decide what you want you must relax and trust, concentrating on the fact that you already have what you want inside of you. It’s just a matter of time before it shows up.

Embodiment of your desired outcome is the key to realizing your desires.