What’s Your Prosperity Consciousness? Abundance Self Test

Girl seated full lotus pose in sepia tones with white light around her body and ball of light at crown of her headAs we live in a vibrational universe your consciousness which is the frequency you resonate and transmit out into your world is what attracts prosperous (or not so prosperous) circumstances for you.

Take this Abundance Self Test to find out your Prosperity Consciousness (the frequency of intention you are transmitting to you world).

Your level of abundance is, of course, not a static state, but always in flux and change. Generally though your answers to the Abundance Self Test will give you a fairly clear idea about your attitudes and beliefs about abundance and indicate you level of prosperity consciousness.


Assess your level of abundance on a scale of 0-10 (0 being a lack of abundance and 10 being exceptional abundance)

  1. Are you inspired by life’s challenges?
  2. Do you focus on what is right?
  3. Do you feel wealthy?
  4. Are you good enough?
  5. Do you feel loved and supported?
  6. Do you feel your genius power to create what you desire?
  7. Do you feel connected to a higher power?
  8. Do you believe you are in control of your destiny?
  9. Do you experience grace and ease in your life?
  10. Is there always enough in your life?
  11. Do you feel appreciated and admired?

Appreciation automatically puts you in a state of abundance.

Gratitude and appreciation are hallmarks of abundant people. Abundant people appreciate and express their appreciation as a lifestyle choice. Life is seen as an opportunity to grow and experience more good.

Abundant people are flexible and willing to adapt to changing circumstances knowing the universe is always supporting them to grow and increase their level of prosperity.

Abundant people adjust their sails and go with the flow of life events to experience more grace and ease as they navigate their way through life.

They learn to read the intuitive signals that all of nature and life continually send to help guide them safely across any seas.

Abundant people attract prosperous circumstances even in challenging and difficult times as they are open and accepting of unseen help from the spiritual world.

Abundant people focus on the positive forces at work in events.

The manifest world of things teaches you at an early age to believe in lack and limitation.

Worried_little_girl-wiki-creative2.0-generic-license--ignas-kukenys-vilnius-lithuania-author2You learn to short circuit your intuitive feelings and to distrust your inner knowing.

You become defended against life believing it is unkind, unloving and does not support you.

If you really think about it how insane is that?

How can life not love and support you?

How could that possibly be the truth? It’s an appearance because you have come to believe it and thus it appears to be real.

Research has shown that whatever you believe to be true you will see! You will filter out any other possibilities.

Resourceful questions to ask in a situation that has triggered a reactive mind pattern (Eckhart Tolle calls it your pain body) is, “What else could this mean?” OR “How could this be serving me in some way?”

It’s like humanity is under the dark spell of social conditioning and this spell must be broken.

During the age we are entering now you are called to take responsibility for the authorship and creation of your own life. To do this you must dispel any dark shadow thinking that has held you prisoner and limited you perception of the truth.


Complete this helpful self assessment to find out how frequently you are obsessed by shadow thinking. Indicate on a scale of 0-10 how frequently you engage in shadow thinking. (0 Never – 10 Constantly).

You cannot continue obsessive shadow thinking once you become consciously aware of it. It will ‘overtime’ wind down and like a burdensome chain you will be released from it and be free to create the life of your dreams.

0 Never – 10 Constantly

  • Is there always something that is wrong or bad about your life?
  • Do things always happen ONLY to you?
  • Do you blame others for your life circumstances and engage in “if it weren’t for…” thinking?
  • Does it seem you can never get ahead or make ends meet?
  • Are you a mind reader and believe you know what someone is thinking?
  • Do you only focus on the negative things that are happening in your life?
  • Do always expect bad things to happen or fear the worst possible scenario?


Abbott_Handerson_Thayer_-_Angel_-_Smithsonian-wiki-public-domain2The Earth Elementals and Fairies are such willing friends for helping you overcome shadow thinking and breakthrough old self sabotaging behavior.

Archangel Jophiel oversees the Air Elementals and Fairies of the air realm and is one of my favorite angel friends. She’s a great playmate and has helped me to grow my awareness about thinking patterns and gain self mastery in the thought realm for creating the reality I desire.

Jophiel’s name means ‘God’s Beauty.’ Jophiel helps you create beautiful thoughts and attract beautiful life experiences. Jophiel awakens and clears your cloudy perceptions to clearly see the truth beyond appearances.

Jophiel gently opens your angel eyes to see the beauty and ever present love emanating from the spiritual realms that always surrounds and live through you, the REAL you, the Divine Idea of you, your TRUE Self. You can amp up your spiritual being and invite in more light as you are ready.

Transcending your old way of being is a process and for most of us takes time. It’s high voltage light frequency energy we’re talking about and you must prepare your physical body to transmit that much light.

Affirmations can be helpful as a practice for growing your abundance and prosperity consciousness.

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You can enhance your prosperity consciousness with pure essential oils.

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Did you enjoy this article? I’d love to hear your comments.

Until next time…enjoy your life!


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