What is Kundalini?

CROWN_CHAKRAshutterstock_10762498Kundalini comes from the word kundala which means coiled. Kundalini is the name Yogis gave to awakening to your full potential, and is depicted as a snake, coiled and slumbering at your base or root chakra.

The base or root chakra is also called the Sushumna Nadi. Nadi is another Sanskrit word used for chakra. There are thousands of chakra gateway energy points (nadis) within your BodyMind energy system.

These nadis or chakra gateway points become clogged as you become resistant to life force energy. You become resistant to channeling life force energy primarily out of your limited lower mind’s judgment and fear of the unknown. As you shut down to experiencing the joy of just being physically alive and present in this moment you become more limited in your experiences.

Learning to master (consciously control and direct) your mind and emotions you can learn how to enjoy your present moment life experience (no matter what it is). Self mastery is the secret to creating life extension and experiencing longevity for your body temple and your gifts of the mind and emotions.

This cycle of time we are currently in stimulates your need for self mastery more than any other period of history for humankind on planet earth. And the reason WHY many of you have come to play on planet earth at this time. You desired the challenge to your self growth and to become a stronger light and presence in the universe.

The chakra practices you will learn in this series of blogs will help you to integrate your life experiences at this time more fully and help you achieve greater self mastery and peace of mind.

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