What is a Void of Course Moon?
How You Can Benefit!

photo of a lunar ecipse

You often hear me refer to the Moon being Void of Course and are probably wondering exactly what that means and how it affects your own personal life.

A Void of Course Moon is a period of time when the Moon is not making any Exact Aspect with another Planet. In other words the Moon is not touching or dancing with any other heavenly body in the sky.

During the Void of Course Moon you may feel disoriented, ungrounded and aimless with a lack of focus.

The Void of Course Moon is an excellent time to Complete Projects. Consider doing more menial tasks, or take time out to relax or meditate during a Void of Course Moon.

A Void of Course Moon is not good for beginning new creative projects or making plans for the future as the Moon is not in aspect with a planet and thus your plans for the future are not anchored and without orientation, so they may very well come to nothing.

Generally schedule important meetings, events and beginning new projects when the Moon is in aspect to one or more planets when there will be more opportunity for connecting with others and creating success.

One of the positive attributes of a Long Void of Course Moon period is to ameliorate harsh planetary influences that may be occurring during the Void of Course Moon period of time. Either nothing will come of the harsh planetary influence, or its effect may be greatly diminished.

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Each of you will discover that you are affected differently by this particular planetary influence. Insights into your own personal psychic make-up empower you to live more authentically.

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