What are Chakras?

CHAKRA_GIRLshutterstock_4307470What are Chakras? Chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning “disc,” or “spinning wheel of energy,” or “wheel of light.” Spiral vortices of energy that look similar in shape to our Milky Way Galaxy your chakras are spinning wheels of energy that connect your physical life form with your transpersonal Divine Nature.

Chakras are windows of perception for organizing the various dimensions of reality, and act much like energetic maps or blueprints. It is at your Chakras that Prana is organized in its flow through your physical BodyMind. Chakras are portals for perceiving, organizing and transmitting vibration or Prana, life force energy.

According to Dr. Candace Pert a renowned neuroscientist, “we (humans) are quite literally hard wired for bliss.” Candace Pert’s extraordinary career began in 1972 with her startling discovery of the opiate receptor. In her book, “Molecules of Emotion,” Dr. Pert, a professed Chakra buff, maps the dynamic network between emotions, the body and the mind.

Circulation of Prana through your chakras is essential for the feeling of “bliss” that naturally arises with being alive. Your regular chakra practice will assist you in clearing blockages from deep within the subconscious levels of your energy system so that you can regularly experience the state of bliss that Dr. Pert speaks about.

These Energy Centers or Chakras connect and operate within multi-dimensional planes and dimensions with one another through circuits or streams of life force energy. The chakras may be viewed clairvoyantly from the front, back, or sides of your BodyMind.

For the sake of simplicity and clarity in this series of blogs I will focus on the nature and function for each of your chakras only from the front side of your body.

There are thousands of mini-chakras or nadis throughout your BodyMind of these 12 are Major chakras oriented to your physical BodyMind; 7 of these 12 Major Chakras actually operate within the energetic blueprint of your physical BodyMind, while 5 of these 12 Major Chakras are transpersonal chakras, and operate solely within the soul energy field that contains your physical BodyMind.

Your physical BodyMind experience, your house of belonging, is actually contained in your Soul which appears clairvoyantly like a big oval energy sack or luminescent egg.

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