What Are Chakra Energy Blocks?

YOGA_GIRLshutterstock_10755103What are chakra energy blocks? A chakra that is blocked means that there is a tendency to channel your life force energy through a particular plane of consciousness whether in chronic excess or closed in avoidance.

Either type of block results in a conditioned pattern of action and response that creates imbalance in the flow of prana, and chronic conditions of dis-ease.

A Closed Chakra represents a chronic pattern of avoidance of certain energies and life experiences.

An Excessively Open Chakra results in a chronic fixation on a certain plane of experience. Chronically open chakra leak excessive amounts of life force energy and result in your feeling drained and exhausted. Chronic Fatigue is a symptom of having multiple chakras excessively open. With Chronic Fatigue “type” symptoms poor boundaries are often an issue as is the tendency to be an emotional sponge and absorb your environment.

By practicing the Chakra Balancing and Healing techniques you’ll be learning in this blog you’ll learn how to facilitate the opening, clearing, cleansing, toning, and strengthening of each of your chakra energy centers so you can begin to consciously control the opening and closing of each chakra as appropriate.

Along with learning how to clear, balance and harmonize each of your 7 Major Charkas I will introduce you to a practice for two of your 12 Major transpersonal Chakras, the 9th Earth Star Chakra, and the 8th Universal Heart Chakra, as well as other energy medicine practices.

Through performing various chakra attunements (which may include essential oils, visualization, toning, yoga postures, meditation and more) you will clear, balance and charge each of your chakras, and promote healing of your Rainbow Bridge, the gateway or bridge between your physical BodyMind and your Soul energy field.

Your Rainbow Bridge, or Chakra energy system, has been likened to a revolving door between the material world and the spirit or non-material world.

A regular practice of the healing meditations increases your energy and stamina, as well as enhances your overall health and well-being for body, mind and soul. The meditations may be used as stand alone techniques, or integrated seamlessly together to serve your individual needs.

Chakra attunements are a journey into self discovery. With practice you will increase the amplitude for each of your chakras as well as help synchronize the relationship and flow of energy between each of your chakras.

Increased amplitude of your chakras greatly enhances your vital life force energy and positively impacts your health and longevity. Most importantly through regular attunement and increasing the amplitude and resonance of your chakra energy system you will automatically become more aligned with your Soul life purpose and naturally begin to realize your own highest Divine potential.

Have you ever experienced having a blocked or excessively open chakra? Please share your chakra experiences in the comments section below.

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