Weekly Astrology Highlights
November 10-17th & Scorpio New Moon

astrological_sign_scorpio_public-domain-no-known-restrictions_72dpiThanks for joining me for this week’s astrology highlights which include the 19º Scorpio New Moon on November 11th exact at 9:47am PT.

The flood gates were opened at the Taurus Full Moon. You’ve probably noticed everything has gotten accelerated. Its like you’ve entered a worm hole and are quickly being transported to another part if the galaxy. World views are rapidly changing.

There’s quite a lot of sextile energy happening between your personal planets which are all direct and up to speed which means there’s lots of opportunity now for you.

There are unexpected occurrences and delays happening. Know that anything unexpected happening now is working for you to help you make needed adjustments and changes.

For instance just last week unexpectedly my water dispenser stopped dispensing water from my refrigerator door. I’d felt really good about my old water filtration system. Our community of Ashland Oregon has never put fluoride in the water so that was no concern. However, when I researched the state of water filtration systems available now, as well as other green consideration I decided to go with a gravity fed water filtration system. Now I’m really happy that my old filtration system failed. I feel like the universe is helping me to make necessary changes and improvements in my lifestyle.

Where are unexpected changes happening for you that are helping you make improvements in your lifestyle?


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Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Love Your Life Astrology. I’m your host KG Stiles intuitive astrologer and metaphysical coach for more than 35 years.

Thanks for joining me for this week’s astrology highlights which include the 19º Scorpio New Moon on November 11th exact at 9:47am PT.

The moon goes void of course on November 12th at 6:54am PT until 7:14am PT that same day when it enters Sagittarius. Then the moon goes void of course again on November 13th at 7:18 am PT until November 14th at 4:21am PT when it enters Capricorn.

Today’s show is a general forecast for everyone. If you want a more personal look at your astrology please schedule a private session with me. I now have 15 and 30 minute live or recorded sessions available, as well as full hour long sessions. CLICK HERE so you can check out all the details.

I’m changing to a shorter weekly format for you. Let me know how you like it. Also, I’m using the chart software my friend Doug Kellogg an astrology software developer. Doug just recently told me he is now working on a MAC version of the Solar Fire astrology software which with luck will launch the end of 2016. I’ll keep you posted about its progress in development.

November is an intense month we have a semi-square happening between Uranus and Chiron at the same time as Saturn nears its first exact square to Neptune. Jupiter is opposite Chiron. Old wounds are being opened up and healed. You’re breaking through what’s been off limits and unavailable to you before.

New doors opening. You can deepen your faith and belief in yourself and opportunities to make things real are happening now.

We also have a finger of god or finger of fate between Jupiter in Virgo, the Sun in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries. The apex is Uranus in Aries.

The Scorpio New Moon is well aspected as it conjuncts Mercury, great for brilliant ideas and connecting in positive and healthy ways for forward movement. The festival of Diwali, or the festival of light happens today.

At the Scorpio New Moon the Sun sextile Jupiter.

Mercury sextile Pluto.

Friday the 13th has more sextiles with Venus sextile Saturn.

Mercury sextile Jupiter.

Then on the 17th the Sun conjuncts Mercury.

Neptune is slowing down now and stations Direct on November 18th the same day that Jupiter crosses over the recent 20º Virgo Solar Eclipse point. Stay focused on what want and let the rest go. It’s an especially easy time to get distracted, so pay attention to your priorities.

The number 17 = 8 is highlighted in November. November is a powerful month when your choices can change the trajectory of the your life. We’re in an 8 universal year add to 11 = 10 instant manifestation. The end of 2015 really has you moving into position for big wins in 2016, but you must show up, maybe make some hard choices and take consistent action. You’ve got to claim your power.

The north node has moved into Virgo and the south node into Pisces. How you need to focus and what you need to pay attention to and develop has shifted to another area of your life.

Mars moves into Libra on November 12th relationships get energized over the next six weeks and you’ll be finalizing agreements and contracts. This is the first time Mars has been in Libra in a couple of years and now that the north node has moved into Virgo any left over residual patterns of relating will get jettisoned.

Jim Maynard’s ephemeris which is what I primarily reference as I’ve found it to always be accurate had the north node moving into Virgo on October 10th though the American Ephemeris shows November 13th as the date for the north node’s move into Virgo. If you use another ephemeris let me know what date it shows.

After Mercury enters its shadow on the 20th of December things may start to slow down a bit and when it stations retrograde the first week of January.

Well that’s it for this episode of Moonscopes Love Your Life Astrology. Thanks so much for being here!

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Keep reaching for your dreams and I’ll be back soon with another forecast.

Until next time relax…enjoy your life and stay connected.

XO Love -KG

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6 comments on “Weekly Astrology Highlights
November 10-17th & Scorpio New Moon
  1. KG Stiles KG Stiles says:

    Keep me posted! All the best for you.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Thanks KG for your response and feedback.
    I am looking forward to lighter energy and more fun and romance? It’s been a long while!
    I have not had a romantic relationship in many years…
    Blessings to you, Elisabeth

  3. KG Stiles KG Stiles says:

    So…glad, Susan! Thanks for letting me know. 🌹

  4. KG Stiles KG Stiles says:

    Hi Elizabeth, is there a new beginning in your relationships or new contract or agreement. Are you starting a new relationship after having just ended one? Sounds like the north node is leaving your 6th house and moving into your 5th? If so, more focus on creativity, having fun, romance. Energy seems alot lighter for you. Best wishes! 🌹

  5. Elisabeth says:

    Happy Birthday KG! my best wishes to you for a wonderful new year of your life…
    Thank you for your moon scopes, I appreciate all your knowledge and info.
    on this new moon in scorpio, scorpio is in my natal 7th house with saturn there.
    my north node is in sage, ( i have late aries rising)

    Thank you KG
    Blessings, Elisabeth

  6. Susan says:

    I really like the weekly updates. Thanks

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