old illustrated map of the constellation virgoSeptember 5, 2013 4:36am PT
Virgo New Moon 13º

This is THE most fortunate New Moon for a fresh start.

What excites me most is the alignment of the Virgo New Moon with several Fixed Wealth Stars.

You are now supported to create and attract REAL Wealth and Prosperous circumstances in the area of your life where the Virgo New Moon is located.

The Virgo New Moon also re-activates and aligns with the Earth and Water signs that formed the Star of David (Grand Sextile) the end of July and again the end of August 2013.CLICK HERE for information about the Star of David.

You get one new moon in a sign once every year. This means once a year you get an opportunity for a fresh start in the area of your life where the Virgo New Moon is located.

First look in your astrology chart to see if the Virgo New Moon is in close aspect by degree with one or more of your personal planets or your Ascendant.

Conjunctions are often the most powerful aspects with external manifestations though Trines and Sextiles amp up your opportunities as well. A square or T-Square to other personal planets usually means complications or hard work is involved, but can ultimately bring you the greatest success and rewards.

Oprah and Martha Stewart both have quite a few T-Squares operating in their natal charts. It seems to be human nature that if your rewards come easy you tend to be lazy and not make much of your opportunities.

Whereas if you have obstacles to the realization of your desires you tend to work harder, build your character and values and get longer lasting results. You love the hunt and the challenge which makes you enjoy and appreciate your hard won victories all the more.

The energy of the Virgo New Moon is also influenced by the astrological aspects it is making at a collective level during the phase of the new moon.

The Virgo New Moon conjunct the sun in Virgo is a creative seed point when you have an opportunity to birth new beginnings related to Virgo interests of health, healing and service. Virgo was the original healer and enjoys paying attention to the finer practical details and keeping things real and grounded.

The Virgo New Moon at 13º Virgo is Sextile to Jupiter at 14º Cancer. Jupiter the planet of good luck and abundance expands whatever it touches and adds a spark of Divine Magic to the Celestial Dance.

September 5th is a 9+5=14=5 day. Nine is a magical number because it doubles whatever it touches. So, the 5 day is repeated.

The number 14º is a number of Divine Earth Magic and is the number of Gemini (the magician). Gemini rules the sign Virgo. The number 14 – 1+4=5 the number of media and the net worker.

Things can happen suddenly with the number 14; out the blue opportunities for media exposure may occur. Or there may be a fortunate media event occurring now. Films released under a 14 influence, or a media personality or celebrity with 14 highlighted in their birth numbers often become famous or achieve tremendous fame and success.

The Virgo New Moon is conjunct Mercury (ruled by Gemini) at 23º. The 2+3 =also equals 5, again the number of the media. The 23 number is also one of THE most fortunate for Divine Earth Magic.

The number 2 represents Union with the Other 1+1=2 and 3 is the number of communication and inspiration. The number 3 and 5 often rules those who are in the entertainment and communications industry. The number 3 loves drama, entertainment and theatre arts. The number 3+5 =8 the number of infinity.

Mercury ruler of communications and networking boosts the fortunate combinations of the Sun Moon conjunction in Virgo Sextile to the planet Jupiter. Communications and networking, launching a new project, media events, publication, anything related to the media is off the charts supported and highly favored at the time of the Virgo New Moon.

What excites me most about this Virgo New Moon are its aspects to some of the Key Fixed Stars known for indicating extremely fortunate circumstances for creating and attracting Wealth and Prosperity into your life. The Fixed Stars bring the consciousness of abundance to the planets it touches.

The Virgo New Moon at 13º Virgo is in a wide Trine to Algol at 25º Taurus. Algol loves the media and drama. So, even though the trine is wide it feels like Algol will be influential in activating this particular Virgo New Moon’s call to planning and call to action that’s being implemented now. Mercury at 23 º Virgo is trine to Algol at the Virgo New Moon.

The Virgo New Moon at 13º Virgo is Trine to the Fixed Star Vega at 16º Capricorn. Vega is another Fixed Star traditionally associated with attracting fortunate circumstances and material abundance into your life.

The Virgo New Moon at 13º Virgo is Square to the Fixed Star Rigel at 16 º Gemini. The Square represents success after facing challenges that may come. I see these challenges as preparing you for success which is long lasting. Both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury, so they are essentially compatible though in different elements. Virgo is an earth element and Gemini an air element.

Both Virgo and Gemini are mutable signs, so it will be easier to go with the flow and adapt to changing circumstances and sort out any challenges and see the gift in strange wrapping paper.

Again Mercury is the Magician and able to transform situations into lucky opportunities. Mercury is the trickster and loves to play games and pull off the miraculous. I see this Square having a positive influence and ultimately extremely fortunate given the context in which the Virgo New Moon is operating.

The caveat with the blessings of these ‘auspicious’ aspects with the Fixed stars is that you are most supported to manifest abundance if you are willing to share your wealth with others. To have altruistic motives in creating material abundance has supreme success. Otherwise, it is said you could court a fall from a high place.

OTHER PLANETARY ASPECTS occurring at the Virgo New Moon

The Virgo New Moon opposes Chiron (the wounded healer) at 11º Pisces. Oppositions indicate an illumination and revelation that brings about healing of an old pattern.

The Virgo New Moon is also in a wide Opposition to Neptune stationed at 4º Pisces. The planet Neptune symbolizes your higher ideals and imagination.

Neptune at 4º Pisces is presently conjunct the Fixed Star Fomalhaut also at 4º Pisces. Fomalhaut is another of the Fixed Star associated with tremendous wealth and material abundance.

Neptune represents unconditional spiritual love and knows no boundaries and spiritualizes whatever it touches. The short term result of Neptune’s influence can be confusion as you expand your consciousness to include the spiritual ideals of Neptune into the details of your plans now.

The Virgo New Moon is also in Sextile to Saturn at 7º Scorpio which helps bring foundations and structure to whatever plans you implement now and as you take action to realize your goals over the next two weeks to six months. The energies of the Virgo New Moon will play themselves out over the next six months to the Virgo Full Moon in late winter.

The Virgo New Moon is also Trine to Pluto at 9º Capricorn the planet of power and truth which imbues your creative seeds of intention with the transformative power to heal and regenerate. What you plant now will have deep roots in your subconscious mind and be able to renew itself over time. This is a very wonderful aspect to have when planting your intentions and dreams for the future.

I’ll be posting a Virgo New Moon Manifesting Meditation with Archangel Ariel and the Nature God Pan. Please subscribe to my Healing Meditations Blog if you’d like to receive notice when the Meditation is posted.

Archangel Ariel’s name means “God’s Lion/ess.” Ariel gives you physical strength and moral courage to do the right thing for yourself and others. Ariel is protector of the natural world and actively guards the natural kingdoms, especially the wild animals, birds and sea creatures. Ariel is the angel of abundance and good luck.

There is no material manifestation without the assistance of Ariel. Ariel oversees the orchestration of material creation and supports those who are mindful to care and nurture the earth and all its creatures. Of course this includes self nurturance as you are also a beloved child of Mother Earth.

Pan is the ancient Greek god of Nature, Amusement and Fertility. Pan opens doors for your new creations. Pan helps you to relax and enjoy yourself while in the birth process. Your alliance with Pan ensures success of your creative ideas, projects and material endeavors.

With time and nurturance of yourself and your creative pursuits you will achieve all that you desire with Pan’s assistance. When you nurture and care for your physical self you are also loving and caring for the natural world. Through genuine self love and care you renew your kinship with all physical plane reality.

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Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I always love hearing how things are going for you.

To your success and happiness!