Virgo Full Moon Celebration
Healing Meditaton Ceremony Ritual

Full Moon public domain image NASA26° Virgo Full Moon
Sunday, March 16th, 10:08am PDT

Virgo was the original sign of healing in the zodiac. Virgo’s modern ruler is Chiron (the archetype of the wounded healer). It’s old ruler is the planet Mercury (the archetype of the messenger).

Now is a time of healing your wounds and releasing limiting and self sabotaging attitudes and beliefs to make way for new and healthier ways of connecting and communicating within your self (inner talk) and with others to support the healing that’s available to you now.

CLICK HERE for March 2014 Astrology Video & Transcript with astrology of the Virgo Full Moon.

The Virgo Full Moon is a time of celebration and completion. Where Virgo is located in your astrology chart is where you’ll be receiving your biggest rewards, and connecting within yourself and with others for deeper fulfillment in your life

This area of your life where the Virgo Full Moon is located may also be where you need to release something that is blocking you from feeling comfortable and enjoying your life more fully. Letting go of things that are no longer serving you will help clear the way for your planting new seeds of intention at the Ariees New Moon on March 30th.

At the Virgo Full Moon review your list of intentions that you planted at the Pisces New Moon, two weeks ago and give thanks for all that you’ve accomplished since then.

At the Virgo Full Moon you can also look back over the previous six months to see all that you’ve accomplished and experienced since the Virgo New Moon last August. The Virgo Full Moon is a wonderful time to review your many gifts and accomplishments, remembering to give thanks for the blessings of your life, and your life experiences. What you focus on reflects your attitudes, and creates your beliefs and habit patterns. Your beliefs and actions over time manifest as your reality.

At the Virgo Full Moon let go of anything that no longer works for you. The diminishing electro-magnetic pull of the waning moon naturally serves to help you let go of anything, including any struggles you may have within yourself, or with your life situation. Now is the time to be willing to let it all go! Clutter clearing within and without renews your Soul, and clears the way for you to re-connect with your natural state of authentic well-being.

As the Moon goes void of course exactly at the Full Moon the best time to do your healing meditation is at the time when the Full Moon enters at 5:466pm PDT later the same day until the moon goes void of course on March 18th at 6:07pm PT.


Candle flame white candle burning with darkness surrounding public domain imageWhat you will need:

Clean sheets of paper
White candle

Calm your mind and sit quietly. There is nothing you need do at this moment but be present with your self. Within all of us there is a sacred space. Now is the time to go within to your sacred space and be still.

Light your white candle and focus on the flame. Remember that the light you see is a reflection of the light within you.

Write a list of all that you’ve accomplished over the past two weeks since the Pisces New Moon and the Virgo New Moon six months ago.

After completing your list of achievements fold your paper and then write a list of all the things you wish to heal, let go of and release. Allow yourself to write down everything that does not work for you, as well as any feelings you have about anything that does not work for you, attitudes, negative repressed emotions, or anything that you feel clogs the flow of your life experience. Let it all flow onto the paper. Let it flow, let it go!

After you have taken time writing your list of what you desire to heal and release within yourself and in your life situation, fold your paper, and say the following prayer aloud:

Dear God/dess and all that is,
Angels, guides, ancestors, teachers, and friends,
I call upon all who love me to witness
My deep appreciation for my soul’s journey
Bless my unfolding as I give thanks for my many gifts and accomplishments
And release burdens and blocks to my happiness
and realization of my dreams,

May my true heart’s desires always be manifest
And so it is.

As you end your meditation, surrender your lists of dreams and accomplishments, as well as any struggles or burdens you’ve written down into the flames of a living fire. Jungian analyst, and mentor, Marion Woodman PhD, uses a Chinese Wok for her ritual burning.

You are burning and releasing any attachment to how your dreams should manifest, along with old ways, habit patterns and beliefs that no longer work for you to make room for higher possibilities and the planting of new seeds at the Aries New Moon.

Your life is a beautiful and wondrous journey; enjoy and celebrate it!

After completing your Virgo Full Meditation you may feel inspired to take some action. If so listen to your wise heart and take action as guided.

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Until next time…relax and enjoy your life.


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