Astrology Forecast
Venus Retrograde in Capricorn
Renewal of Love, Money & Business Affairs
December 21, 2014 @1:53pm PT

VenusHubbleUltraviolet-2Venus Retrograde 28º Capricorn
December 21st @1:53pm PT

Venus, the planet of love, Stations Retrograde. Let’s talk about what gifts, opportunities and benefits Venus Retrograde in Capricorn may bring to you.

Key areas of your life Venus impacts are your love, money and business affairs.

Venus in Capricorn represents love and passion for business, professional life, reputation, marriage, power & status. Power icons Oprah Winfrey & Martha Stewart perfectly represent Venus In Capricorn.

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Venus entered its Retrograde Shadow (the degree to which it will retrograde back to on November 20th). Venus begins to slow down in preparation for her Station Retrograde the second week of December and will Station Retrograde at 28º Capricorn on December 21st.

Venus will remain Retrograde until January 31st. Venus will leave its Retrograde Shadow on March 3rd 2014.

I’ll be posting a general forecast for each Zodiac Sign to let you know the opportunities available to you during Venus’ Retrograde.

On December 21st at 1:53pm PT Venus stations Retrograde at 28º.

Venus is how you love and experience pleasure in your life. It symbolizes the feminine and receptive part of your nature.

Venus in Capricorn represents love and passion for business, professional life, reputation, marriage, power and status in the world. Power icons in American Business Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart perfectly represent the celestial influence of Venus In Capricorn.

Venus attracts rather than asserts itself through aggressive means like its cosmic lover Mars.

There’s a real shift now as Venus stations retrograde. The positive attributes of Venus Retrograde has a softening effect that allows life to come to you.

With Venus Retrograde it’s time to open your mind to receive the gifts being showered upon you at this time. It’s time to shift your mental attitude to one of receptivity and knowing you are worthy of the very best that life has to offer.

During Venus Retrograde it’s time to be aware of how you feel. If you notice that you don’t feel good first accept how you’re feeling. Feel your feeling, honor how you feel and the message your feeling has for you.

Once you connect with and honor the message of you feeling your entanglement with the feeling loses its grip over you. Then ask, how do I want to feel. See what answer pops through for you. Then choose that feeling and see what happens.

Venus in Capricorn is excellent for following through on long range business plans and going over the fine details to release what may not being working for your long term success. Venus Retrograde is excellent for recovery of business losses and return of former status whether in business or partnerships in general.

Business opportunities that seemed lost may return to you now. You may return to an old job or former position in a job, or may have the return of favorable circumstance in your work or profession.

Venus in Capricorn is business minded and finds pleasure and enjoyment in professional pursuits. Regaining your reputation or status in the world is supported now. You could re-marry or re-unite with a former love or partner.

During Venus Retrograde you become aware that your success is largely a mental game. Now you enjoy and find pleasure in developing strategies for creating success especially in the area of your life where Venus is Retrograde.

Your emotions do not hold as much intensity over your decisions. You’re able to remain calm and collected emotionally when faced with important decisions about your future.

Much can be accomplished of long standing merit during Venus Retrograde in Capricorn. However, it is through being open and receptive and being willing to plan, have foresight and follow your intuition that you will win accolades and achievements.

Venus is about harmonizing with your circumstances and the people and situations in your life to create favorable outcomes that are fair and just for everyone.

Now is a time to listen and respond in a way that creates win-win circumstances for all concerned.

It may be a time when you find extraordinary bargains when being frugal is enjoyed and appreciated as a form of delayed gratification. You derive pleasure from small achievements because you know they are the seeds of great future fortunes.

Venus in Capricorn can bring you longed for security and comfort. Now is a time when you can accumulate savings more easily than usual.

When Venus is Retrograde in Capricorn is a great to time to lose weight. You’ll have the necessary discipline now to pursue an exercise regimen and follow through on your plans and goals for the future that you set previously.

Now is not an ideal for starting a new regimen, but rather of re-starting a regimen you once had that worked well for you.

It’s much easier to consistently make progress and build momentum towards a goal during Venus Retrograde.

Capricorn is a Feminine Earth sign and at a 120º aspect or Trine to her Earth Sisters Taurus and Virgo. Generally those with strong Earth elements in their astrology chart will feel the benefits of Venus Retrograde in Capricorn most strongly. Especially those with Earth ruled Sun, Moon, MC or ASC, as well as the Venus ruled sign of Libra.

As Venus is softening the Saturnian influence things should feel more pleasurable for Scorpions. Saturn is presently transiting Scorpio until the end of 2014.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn is at a 60º aspect or Sextile to Scorpio and Pisces where Neptune is presently located. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. So you will have opportunities for renewal of your love interests in these areas of your life where Pisces and Scorpio are located.

Venus Retrograde will impede your launching any new business ventures or romantic pursuits until it Stations Direct on February 1st.

Venus leaves its Retrograde Shadow the first week of March soon after the Pisces New Moon on February 28th which is an excellent time to start brand new business ventures.

At least wait until Venus Stations Direct on January 31st at 12:49pm PT, the day after the Aquarius New Moon to start new business ventures.

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Wishing you a wonderful Venus Retrograde cycle for renewed love in your life,

Until next time…relax and enjoy your life,


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