Universal Heart Meditation – Join Us!

lotusWeekly 11:11 Minute Intention Global Peace & Healing
Universal Heart (8th Chakra) Meditation
Sundays 12am – 12pm
(your local time) wherever you are in the world

THE UNIVERSAL HEART (8TH CHAKRA) is your connection to The Divine Mother and may be accessed for harmonizing and healing your personal, ancestral and collective unconscious. You may harmonize and heal any event, person, place, dis-ease, or situation that is known or unknown to you through all time, space, and dimensions in the universal heart (8th chakra).

Meditation in the universal heart (8th chakra) is especially effective for harmonizing and healing non-responding dis-ease that has its roots in repetitive ancestral and collective patterns. You might say the 8th chakra is your portal for allowing the law grace to flow and operate in your life!

The law of grace supersedes, and frees you from the law of karma, or the law of cause and effect. Even just a taste of the Blessed Mother’s Divine nectar of Cosmic Love is said to be all that’s needed to soothe and comfort your body and soul completely, so that you can experience profound transformation and healing of your consciousness that will continue through all the days of your life.

To learn more about the 8th chakra, and this period of time as a gateway of opportunity for shifting the collective consciousness of humanity please visit Intention for Global Peace & Healing HERE

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