Temperomandibular Joint (TMJ) – What Clients Say!
KG Stiles Holistic Health Coach Since 1980


“I’d never heard of either KG Stiles, or the Bowen Technique, but I was intrigued by her ads and thought I’d try something new for my persistent sciatica and TMJ. The TMJ resolved completely in one session, and my sciatica steadily improved. Incidental benefits have included relief from chronic tendinitis, ‘mouse’ wrist, and a noticeable lessening of seasonal allergy symptoms. I’m not sure how Bowtech works, but I do know that it does. KG Stiles is both an intuitive and proficient healer.”
~ Penny Colvin, Associate Broker

“After spending a couple of years searching for relief from my chronic neck and shoulder pain Bowtech seemed too good to be true. I had seen specialists, chiropractors, and received massage therapy regularly and no one was able to provide lasting relief, or give any reason for the pain. I decided to give Bowtech a try and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. First, I realized much of my pain was attributed to TMJ, but the greatest thing is that I am pain free and have been since I began Bowtech almost a year ago! With simple exercises and stretches I am able to maintain movement and prevent the pain from returning. Bowtech is definitely the least invasive technique I have tried, chiropractic and massage were very painful for me and left me feeling achy and lethargic, whereas Bowtech is relaxing during the session and yet you leave feeling energized. I would highly recommend Bowtech to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain.”
~ Shana Murphy, Phoenix, OR

“I’d suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain for more than eight years when I first saw KG. I also had TMJ syndrome, elbow, and hip pain. After my first treatment I experienced much relief and developed more body awareness. All of my symptoms resolved completely after four sessions and have not returned, and it’s been over six months. Thanks so much KG!”
~ Chris Walker, Talent, OR

“My shoulder was still painful with limited range of motion after surgery. I’d undergone weeks of physical therapy, and several sessions of prolotherapy with no relief. Occasionally, about once a month, I would resort to cortisone injections to get some relief from the constant pain, but the benefits were becoming noticeably less after each injection. I was unable to sleep, depressed, and continually felt irritable. KG’s Bowtech treatment was so gentle compared to the radical interventions I’d experienced that I had little hope that it could help me to heal, but after the second session I began to notice considerable improvement. My energy was better and I was sleeping through the night. It took five treatments, but my shoulder healed completely, and is now pain free. KG also successfully treated me for TMJ syndrome and chronic SI joint pain. Bowtech is a marvelous healing technique and KG is an excellent therapist. I highly recommend her and Bowtech!!!”
~ Lena Taylor, Medford, OR

“My hip ached terribly since the birth of my child several months earlier. Also my TMJ and shoulders were tight and painful. I was sleep deprived, depressed, and overweight with food cravings. After one session my neck and shoulders were much improved, my hip ached less, and I was sleeping better. By my fourth session all my symptoms had resolved, my depression had lifted, and I was no longer experiencing food cravings. Thanks so much!”
~ Carolyn Moss, Ashland, OR