SINGING_BOWLshutterstock_1544717_72Mantras are vibratory sound tools to restore harmony. Mantra comes from Sanskrit word manas (Mind) and tra (tool) – a mind tool, a way to control the mind.

These ancient sacred sounds elevate your consciousness, your health, and your emotional well-being.

The concept of a Morphic field was first introduced by British biologist Rupert Sheldrake. There is a morphic field for everything. A morphic field acts as an archetypal, vibrational pattern of energy.

Everything has its own signature vibration.

Mantra is the power of vibrational frequency to restore harmony. A mantra is a way to attune to a particular vibrational frequency for harmonious alignment and balance. Harmony is pure infinite source energy, and the guiding force of nature.

Harmony is a vibration, a sound. Harmonic vibration has also been referred to as “the music of the spheres.”

You can tune into the harmony of the universe with Mantra and be guided by it.

Mantras and Seed Syllables are therapeutic tools for improving all your sensory perceptions. Attunement and alignment through sounding of a Seed Syllable has been practiced for thousands of years to promote healing and regeneration, as well as to transform negative emotional patterns.

The repetition and vocalization of a Seed Syllable creates a vibration within your body which shakes cells free from their habitual grooves to restore your biological rhythms.

Sounding these Seed Syllables will literally entrain your body to the rhythms of the universe.

Toning Chakra Seed Syllables – these are the traditional Sanskrit seed syllables for the 7 Major, 8th & 9th Chakras. The Tibetan chakra toning system ends the seed syllable with the vibration of of the consonant -M-. Try toning with and without the -M- and see which you like most and gives you the results you desire.

FIRST Chakra – LA (or LAM)

SECOND Chakra – BA (or BAM)

THIRD Chkra – RA (RAM)

FOURTH Chakra – YA (or YAM)

FIFT Chakra – HA (HAM)

SIXTH Chakra – AH (AHM)

Seventh Chakra – AUM (OM)

EIGHTH Chakra – MA (MAM)

NINTH Chakra – VA (VAM)

Does toning one or more of these syllables shift your state of mind and mood? Please share!

To your success & happiness!