The Astrology of Your Chakras – 9th Earth Star Chakra Meditaton

7STONES_ASTROshutterstock_9170269-72Each of your chakras resonates with a particular elemental energy or vibrational frequency, i.e. fire, earth, air and water.

Your astrology chart might be seen as a treasure map that leads you unerringly to the fulfillment of your most rewarding and satisfying life.

Soul Life Purpose is the “signature” vibration of your 9th Earth Star. It resonates with the Earth Element and has archetypal themes of Mother Gaia, Earth Goddess, elemental energy and fairy magic.

Meditate on one of the planets (signs) or Feminine Asteroid Goddess as indicated for your 9th Earth Star Chakra. As you meditate allow an inner attunement to arise from deep within you.

You do not have to know anything about astrology or the planets to experience good results from your astrology meditation practice. Your attunement will come from the instinctive and intuitive level of your subconscious being.

Primary planetary influences for your 9th Earth Star Chakra include:

• Saturn (Capricorn) – brings stability and structure through limitation

• Venus (Taurus) – personal love energy, what attracts you

Feminine asteroid goddesses:

• Vesta (The Eternal Flame)

• Juno (The Divine Consort)

• Ceres (The Triple Goddess)

• Athena (The Warrior Queen)

Choose a planet or feminine asteroid goddess and its associated sign or meaning to meditate upon. Get into a comfortable, relaxed position where you will not be disturbed.


Let your mind become still and silent. As you focus on the Planet (Sign) or Feminine Asteroid Goddess you selected allow an inner attunement to arise from deep within you. Don’t force anything, just let your mind be still and your body relaxed. Allow whatever happens to be okay.

You may be amazed by the flood of information that surfaces for you as feelings, images and thoughts.

The attunement and alignment generated within yourself using the various methods I’m teaching you in this series of Chakra blogs stimulates the release of powerful chemical messengers within your body which results in the correction of disruptive emotional patterns related to each of your chakras.

Your primordial sense of peace and unity within yourself and with others will be restored.

As well incorporating the breathing exercises you learned in my earlier blogs act as a powerful antioxidant stimulus which increases oxygen to your cells for enhanced cellular nutrition and removal of metabolic waste materials and toxic residue.

You can review the Chakra Breathing Exercises posted in the Health Mastery blogs Directory HERE and the Healing Meditations blogs Directory HERE.

As you become adept at attuning to your chakras and working with them you may gradually increase the time you focus your attention on each energy center. Initially your focus should be for no more than five minutes duration.

What experiences did you have from your Astrology Meditation practice?

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