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Pisces Solar Eclipse New Moon
February 25 – March 3, 2017
Stay Relaxed Keep Your Faith


The week starts off on laid back loving note as Mercury moves into Pisces and your mind takes a vacation. Also the moon (your emotional needs) makes harmonious aspects to Uranus, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter.

BEST MONEY DAY this week are on February 25th (an extension of yesterdays fortunate planetary influences) before the Aqaurius Moon heads into Pisces.

Also, March 2nd when the Moon is in Taurus making lots of luscious aspects with the Sun Mercury and Neptune and Jupiter perfects its opposition to Uranus amping up the energy. 

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Moonscopes Astrology March 11-April 10, 2013 Pisces New Moon Cycle


Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes for the Pisces New Moon Cycle which begins March 11th and ends with the Aries New Moon on April 10th marking the beginning of the Astrological New Year cycle for 2013.

Moonscopes looks at the solar month’s planetary cycles occurring from New Moon to New Moon.

I’ve posted the complete transcript of today’s Moonsopes, including the important dates and highlights for you to be aware of HERE.

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Leo Full Moon Ritual – Visionboard Sale!

The Leo Full Moon each year is an an excellent time to perform a ritual of cleansing and letting go of old patterns that do not honor or serve you. This is because Leo, ruled by the Sun, represents your sense of your individual identity and sense of awareness. What you are identified with is what you will attract and manifest into your life. So, letting go of old ego identifications is helpful for you to realize your highest Divine potential.

Then at the time of the Aquarius New Moon begin the process of creating your Visionboard for 2013. The Moon goes void of course (does not make any exact aspects with any planets) exactly at the time of the New Moon until February 10 at 1:20pm PT when it moves into the sign of Pisces (Chinese New Year of the Water Snake). So, it’s best to initiate the creation of your Visionboard for the embodiment of your dreams on February 10th at 1:20pm PT and until the Moon goes void of course on February 11th at 9:30am PT.

You’ll want to complete the creation of your Visionboard by the time of the Pisces New Moon at 21º Pisces on March 11th. Again the Moon goes void of course exactly at the Pisces New Moon at 12:51pm on March 11th until the next day March 12th when it enters Aries at 4:17am PT. The Aries Moon is excellent for performing an activation ceremony for your Visionboard to fully activate the embodiment of you intentions for 2013. We are now in the spring tide when the forces of nature to produce growth are at their most powerful.

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