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Pisces New Moon Healing & Manifesting Ritual


Pisces New Moon 21° Pisces
Monday, March 11, 12:51pm PT

As the Pisces New Moon goes void of course exactly at the New Moon t
he best time for your New Moon Healing & Manifesting Ritual is from the time the New Moon enters the sign of Aries at 4:17am PT on Tuesday, March 12 until it goes void of course on March 13th at 1:01am PT.

This New Moon in Pisces (Compassion and Spiritual Love) promises an incredible opportunity for awakening more deeply to love that brings you a completely new and fresh love interests both on a personal and spiritual level in the area of your life where the New Moon is occurring. The Pisces New Moon is not only conjunct the Sun (as all New Moon are), but it is also conjunct Venus, the planet of love. Also their are three other planets (Neptune, Mercury, Chiron) in Pisces at the time of the New Moon strengthening its emotional force upon our psyches. The planet Mars has just left Pisces (a little over an hour before) after an almost two month stay.

This has been a rare event to have so many planets in the sign of Pisces at one time. Much emotional cleansing and healing has potentially happened over the past six weeks. These planets in Pisces are in harmonious alignment with both Pluto and Saturn which have aided the potential for your healing and transformation and helped you give birth to new and healthier structures.

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