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Celebrate Relationships Love Letter

February is a two month, the number of relationship. It is also the month of Valentine when we celebrate our relationships of love. Of course your most essential “love” relationship is the one you have with yourself. To have healthy and satisfying relationships with others you must first have a strongly rooted, beautiful, loving and supportive relationship with yourself.

You are now at the start of a new year and it is a six year, the number of Venus, the planet of love. I believe this year we will see a resurgence of focus on love songs, and ballads and duets will be very popular.

It’s the perfect time for you to write yourself a love letter. A love letter like you’ve never received, but have always wanted to. In your love letter be as tender and passionate as you’ve always desired someone to be with you. Tell yourself how much you are appreciated and adored for all the wonderful things you are and do, as well as for your quirky, characteristics that make you uniquely who you are.

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