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Cutting Cords to Your Past Loves – Healing Ritual, Part 2

However, that being said, for even more stellar results perform your Cutting Cords Ritual at the time of a Full Moon.

The best full moons for cutting cords are the Scorpio Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Full Moons. These full moons are the most powerful for illuminating, releasing and bringing closure to your past attachments and patterns that no longer serve you.

If the Full Moon goes void of course immediately at the time of the full moon wait until the moon has gone into the next sign then perform your ritual anytime before the next void of course moon.

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Healing Pranic Rainbow Light Breathing Meditation


Learning to use your breath to cleanse your energy system is your first step for attuning to the clearing, balancing and charging of your Chakras.

Your daily thoughts of judgment and emotional reactions to life situations, as well as environmental toxins create a build up of toxic residue which you are learning to cleanse from your emotional based energy system.

Pranic Rainbow Light Breathing Meditation

Sit comfortably with your spine erect, close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath. Inhale slowly and allow your lungs to fill with oxygen. Visualize the oxygen you breathe being filled with the rainbow light of prana, or life force energy.

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Universal Heart Meditation – Sunday 2/10/13

11:11 Minute Meditation
Universal Heart (8th Chakra)
Intention Global Peace

24 Hour Window of Time: 12am-11:59pm (your local time, wherever you are in the world)

Archangel Michael is over lighting this week’s universal heart mediation. Archangel Michael’s name means “He who is like God.” Archangel Michael is a powerful protector and readily available to defend you through any trials. Call upon Archangel Michael when you need strength and courage.

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Universal Heart Meditation – Join Us!

Weekly 11:11 Minute Intention Global Peace & Healing
Universal Heart (8th Chakra) Meditation
Sundays 12am – 12pm
(your local time) wherever you are in the world

THE UNIVERSAL HEART (8TH CHAKRA) is your connection to The Divine Mother and may be accessed for harmonizing and healing your personal, ancestral and collective unconscious. You may harmonize and heal any event, person, place, dis-ease, or situation that is known or unknown to you through all time, space, and dimensions in the universal heart (8th chakra).

Meditation in the universal heart (8th chakra) is especially effective for harmonizing and healing non-responding dis-ease that has its roots in repetitive ancestral and collective patterns. You might say the 8th chakra is your portal for allowing the law grace to flow and operate in your life!

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