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I recommend you perform your Solstice Healing Light Meditation when the Sun ingresses into the sign Cancer on June 20th at 10:04pm PT until the Moon goes void of course at 12:16pm PT.

*Note about timing your Solstice Meditation activation: If for some reason this recommended window of time is impractical for you simply set your intention when performing your meditation that it be activated in the recommended window of time whether you are performing your meditation before or after the recommended time.

June 20th exact at 10:04pm PT
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What you will need: A white candle

Light your white candle, then call upon Archangel Raphael to attend you during your meditation and, if you like, through the coming Solar New Year.

Raphael’s name means “God heals” or “God has healed.” Raphael comes from the Hebrew word Rapha which means to “be still” “to release” and “let go”.

You can call upon Raphael anytime you need assistance. Angels are non-demoninational and trans-dimensional, not bound by the laws of time and space, so they can be with you at any moment, as well as with others who call upon them.

You must simply ask for assistance and the angel(s) are immediately with you as you need. Because you have free will you must invite angel(s) to help you.

Raphael helps to heal your mind, mental thoughts, physical body and soul life energy field. Call upon Raphael to help you heal from any kind of addiction.

500px-Gethsemane_Carl_Bloch_angel-comforting-jesus-wiki-public-domainFocus at the area of your universal heart (8th chakra) located halfway between your throat and heart.

Imagine a beautiful thread of emerald green colored light opening and spiraling upward from your universal heart, connecting you with your soul energy field, connecting you with all that is.

Imagine yourself surrounded by a halo of radiant emerald green light that is pulsing with vibrant life force energy.

Breathe in deeply and exhale. Release any tension, or feeling of heaviness.

Continue to breathe deeply and allow yourself to relax more and more deeply with each and every breath.

As you continue to breathe, softly and peacefully, begin to feel yourself absorb the emerald green healing light of love available to you through the halo of emerald green light that is your soul energy field.

Feel the power of your soul energy field resonate deeply within you as it flows through your body, mind, spirit & emotions.

781px-Karl_Bodmer_Travels_in_America_(32)-wiki-public-domainFeel the power of love as it activates and multiplies exponentially within you, transforming and healing you at the deepest core level of your being.

Feel yourself aglow with the emerald green healing light of love.

You are a beaming lighthouse of love.

You may channel this healing light of love through your hands or through your physical presence to heal any dis-ease within yourself or for another as you desire.

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Wishing you magic and miracles always.

Thanks for joining us!

Solstice peace love healing to you,