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Rainbow in charcoal cloud filled sky public domainJune 20th exact at 10:04pm PT

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Aloha and welcome to our Solstice Healing Circle of Love!

At the end of this post about the Solstice Astrology there is a link to our Solstice Healing Light Meditation.

We are in the transformative glow of a Scorpio Full Moon which brings truth, depth and dimension to your Solstice Meditation.

On June 20th, exactly at 10:04pm PT the Sun ingresses into the sign of Cancer when we celebrate summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

Today the Sun (your life essence) is conjunct Jupiter (the planet that expands whatever it touches). So, today your life essence expands in its fullness.

sol-y-nubes-25761282443000tnLM-public-domainThe power of the Sun’s conjunction to Jupiter to expand makes it especially important that you focus on what you desire to create and attract into your life. This Solstice Meditation will help you to do just that.

The combination of the Scorpio Full Moon and the Solstice Sun conjunct Jupiter give you the strength and stability you need to bring light into any darkness for transformation and healing.

The wonderful celestial events occurring at the Solar New Year indicate that a positive new creation cycle has begun for you. So focus intently upon what you desire, not on what you don’t want.

Also today, June 20th, Mercury, the planet of communication and connection conjuncts Venus, the planet representing what you love.

This is yet another very positive sign for a new beginning in your love communications and your ability to connect easily with others. Having Mercury conjunct Venus at t the beginning of the Solar New Year also symbolizes fertility and harmony between yourself and others in the coming year.

The Solstice is at the threshold of the potent Full Moon Kite at 2º Capricorn on June 23rd. Find out more about the Capricorn Full Moon Kite HERE.

lithia park ashland oregon photo by kgstilesAt the Solstice the Sun is forming a Grand Water Trine with Jupiter (ingresses into Cancer on June 25h), Neptune (Pisces) and Saturn (Scorpio) which are also part of the Kite pattern forming (along with Pluto) at this time.

Jupiter station in Cancer denotes the closing of a 12 year cycle for you related to your foundations, home, family, security issues, self nurturance and care. Something begun around 2001 has been concluding and you are beginning a whole new creation cycle in in the area of your life where Cancer is in your astrology chart.

What this means is that you can trust you are supported to realize your true desires and that things are being worked out for you (behind the scenes) if you’re facing any challenges.

At this time your intuitions are growing and becoming stronger and clearer as more of your personal planets begin to light up Cancer and form trines to Saturn and Neptune.

There’s much Water Magic available to you at this time. Pay especial attention to your dreams, synchronicities and psychic impressions as they will provide you with helpful guidance about your best course of action.

Yesterday I saw a huge vibrant full rainbow as I looked out my office window facing east, the place of new beginnings. At the left end of the rainbow I saw angels of purest white light making magic and dancing in celebration.

I squealed with delight and absorbed this welcomed sign of new beginnings for quite some time. You may wish to journal and make note of any signs you encounter especially from nature supporting the birth of a new paradigm for yourself and y/our world.

As always it’s important that you take action as guided if you want to mine the depths of the opportunities available to you at this time.

This particular Grand Water Trine is extremely rare.

Your Solstice Healing Light Meditation will help you to tap into the water magic available to activate miracles awaiting realization with this lucky Grand Water Trine between the planets Jupiter conjunct Sun (Cancer), trine Neptune (Pisces) and Saturn (Scorpio).

The Grand Water Trine energy will remain in effect through July 2013 when the last of your personal planets Mars transits through Cancer.

I recommend you perform your Solstice Healing Light Meditation when the Sun ingresses into the sign Cancer on June 20th at 10:04pm PT until the Moon goes void of course at 12:16pm PT.

*Note about timing your Solstice Meditation activation: If for some reason this recommended window of time is impractical for you simply set your intention when performing your meditation that it be activated in the recommended window of time.

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Thanks for joining us!

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Solstice peace love healing to you,


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2 comments on “Solstice Astrology – SAVE 50% OFF Solstice Report Special
  1. KG Stiles KG says:

    Hi Laura, so glad what I share is helpful to you. I’m sure many others can relate to struggles in life. I’m reminded of the caterpillar’s valiant struggle to burst out of its cocoon. Its struggles strengthen its wings so when it is born as a butterfly it can fly free. May your struggles serve you in such a worthy way, Laura. Best wishes for your freedom from struggles at this Solstice. May you birth a whole new paradigm for yourself. -KG

  2. Laura V. says:

    Dear KG,
    I am a fan of your emails and a customer of your products. I have never understood astrology and how it works but I find it fascinating. I am taking your emails seriously in terms of meditating with archangel Raphael and spraying around my home on the first day of summer. I also plan on meditating for the Capricorn full moon release your struggles.

    I find the Grand Water Trine absolutely
    fascinating. We have been struggling financially for what seems like forever. Reading your information on Jupiter station in Cancer denotes a closing of a 12 year cycle brings to mind that it may have been this long that we are struggling. I pray that the Grand Water Trine will bring us a new and prosperous beginning from these very desperate times. Your information gives me light at the end of our tunnel.
    Thank You,
    Laura V.

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