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Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology. On today’s show you’ll find out the highlights occurring during May and into June, from the Solar Eclipse on May 9th to the Gemini New Moon and the exact trine of Neptune to Saturn on June 11th.

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On May 9th there’s a Solar Eclipse at 5:28pm PT at 19º Taurus. This Solar Eclipse signals a powerful new beginning or opportunity in this area of your life. It has a positive, easy flowing trine aspect to Pluto (giving depth and power) is conjunct to the planet Mars (representing tremendous drive and desire for action), and Mercury (lending grounded connection and practical communication) to this Solar Eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus signals a powerful new beginning in the area of your life where it’s located. You’ll be integrating the effects of the Taurus Solar Eclipse for as long as a year. What happens now is extremely important for moving your life forward.

Earlier today on May 9th Venus ingresses into the sign Gemini. Now you feel more fluid and adaptable to change. Your heart opens to new possibilities. As your personal planets move out of the sign Taurus in May you’ll feel easier about your life.

Taurus is a fixed sign and attached to its comforts and you’ve been challenged this month to let go of old things you’ve associated comfort and pleasure with as the south node is in Taurus. Where the south node is located in your astrology chart is where you’re being asked to let go of past familiar things and focus instead on the area of your life where the north node is located which is presently in Scorpio.

Because of this the transit of your personal planets through Taurus may have felt very challenging for you this year.

As you personal planets Venus, Mercury and Mars move into Gemini this month the energies will begin to lighten up considerably for you. You’ll feel freer and lighter emotionally and your communications and taking action will become easier.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus is one of the best times to set your intentions for manifesting your heart’s desires. As the Taurus New Moon goes void of course exactly at the time of the Solar Eclipse it’s best to wait until the moon moves into Gemini at 2:21pm PT for your New Moon Manifesting Meditation.

CLICK HERE for a Taurus Solar Eclipse New Moon Manifesting Meditation with details and a world clock time zone converter for you.

On May 11th Mercury and the Sun conjunct making this a delightful day to connect with others and express your self.

On May 15th Mercury goes into Gemini helping to further free up communications.

Your mental focus is lighter though perhaps a bit scattered with so many innovative ideas suddenly coming in as your personal planets Venus and Mercury will be forming positive aspects with the planet Uranus on the 18th and 20th of May.

There are also squares between Venus and Mercury to the planet Neptune on the 13th and 18th perhaps creating disorientation and confusion. The positive side of disorientation and confusion is to open you up to consider new possibilities, as well as deepen your intuition.

On May 17th the first quarter moon in Leo presents you with an opportunity to break through an obstacle. Allow yourself to release something old that is not working for you. The first quarter moon may present you with some fear or resistance within yourself that prevents you from realizing your desires and aspirations. It can show up as an actual event or person in your life that represents a conflict that needs resolution.

On May 20th the Sun enters Gemini further lightening you and opening you to new innovative possibilities.

On May 20th we have the third exact square of Uranus and Pluto that has been operating in the background to usher in change and things really start to shift even more for you and your world. This year’s theme of being true and expressing your heart’s true desires intensifies.

On May 24th there’s a Lunar Eclipse at 4º Sagittarius. This is the third Eclipse in this series of Eclipses. Today Mercury conjuncts Venus, so communications are pleasant and you connect easily with others.

The Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse also squares Neptune and you may feel some disorientation or confusion which helps open your intuition to gain clarity about a situation or person in your life.

There’s also an opposition to Mars at the time of the Lunar Eclipse. You may feel the need to take action, but wait until you are clear. Rather use the energy to look more deeply into things for the truth to reveal itself and discover your best course of action.

The Sagittarius full moon may activate a needed release of someone or something in your life that’s really in your best interests to let go of at this time.

On May 27th Mercury exactly conjuncts Jupiter and it’s a great day for communications and connecting with someone or getting a lucky break or opportunity in the area of your life where Mercury and Jupiter are located.

Then on May 28th, the very next day, Venus the planet of love conjuncts Jupiter (the planet of good fortune, the Santa Claus of the Zodiac). It’s a wonderful feeling day when all isright with your world. You enjoy feelings of love and pleasurable conversations and connections.

May 27th and 28th are two of the best feeling days in the month of May. These days coincide with Memorial Day in the USA. It’s a fantastic time to plan a celebration or social event!

On May 31st we have the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces. The last Quarter moon always presents you with an opportunity to face a block or some resistance. The waning Last Quarter Moon usually is about something or someone you’re reluctant to let go of. These things can be internal blockages within yourself that show up as people or situations in your life. Once you let go you feel a sense relief and much lighter.

On May 31st also Mercury ingresses into Cancer, so your thoughts turn to home, family, self nuturance and security issues.

This same day May 31st Mars moves into Gemini. You feel more able to act quickly on many things. Communications increase. Your desires focus on connecting and networking.

You actively engage more with your choice of media and taking in new and innovative ideas and information as Mars transits through Gemini. Your energy lifts and you feel you can be more fluid and active. The sluggishness of Taurus falls away.

During May your personal planets have moved into Gemini lightening your life up. Your personal planets also begin to spread out in May so there’s less intense focus in just one area of your life.

On June 1st the sun’s sextile to Uranus makes you ripe for innovative ideas to take hold and inspire the way you communicate and connect with others. You could suddenly have an opportunity land in your lap related to the areas of your life where the sun and uranus are located.

On June 2nd Venus moves into cancer. Your personal love interests shift to matters of your home, family, self nurturance and security issues.

On June 3rd Mercury at 5º Cancer trines Neptune at 5 º Pisces and Saturn at 5 º Scorpio. You can realize a dream now and there’s a feeling of destiny and magic in this Grand Water Trine.

On June 7th Neptune stations Retrograde at 5º Pisces. You began 2013 with Neptune at 0º Pisces and your intuitive capacities and psychic perceptions have been opening more. You are being showered with fresh imaginings in the area of your life where Neptune is located. Now it’s time to review and consolidate your psychic impressions.

On this same day June 7th Venus forms a Grand Water trine with the planet Neptune (now retrograde) in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. The Grand Water Trine supports your realization of a dream or some ideal. Something you truly love can now come into form. Neptune’s retrograde station adds potency to this Grand Water trine which triggers something coming into form that may also release something from your past.

On June 7th Mercury opposes Pluto and on June 8th squares Uranus, so there could be some unsettling and unexpected communications that surface for you or in the collective.

Something may be revealed that was hidden that changes or challenges the way you think about Cancer related issues of home, family, self nurturance and security.

On June 7th Mars squares Neptune, so there can be confusion about right course of action. Best to wait until you feel clear about how to respond to what may come about now.

On June 8th we have a Gemini New Moon at 18º Gemini. As I said the planet Mercury is square Uranus today. Mercury rules Gemini so there could be some disagreement that is unexpected.

Make note that June 7th and 8th could present rather potentially volatile information for you or our collective world to deal with.

On June 11th Neptune (the planet of spirituality, mysticism and dreams) forms an exact water trine aspect with Saturn (the planet that gives form and structure). This Water trine represents your giving form to a dream or an ideal. If the trine between Neptune and Saturn are in aspect to one of your personal planets its effect will be felt more strongly.

On June 11th Venus opposes Pluto and on June 12th squares Uranus. There may be a revelation of something that’s been hidden that comes to your awareness that effects your sense of comfort and what you love and hold dear and there may be a disruption that is unsettling related to what you love.

However, the trine between Neptune Saturn softens and opens the way for some ideal situation to come about for you. You’re supported and shown the way through any potential dilemma or conflict.

The Saving Grace of The Water Trine between Neptune and Saturn will be activated by your transiting personal planets into the month of July.

Neptune’s trine to Saturn though wide at times is in effect into August 2013. The Neptune trine to Saturn helps you to ground your intuitive perceptions and dreams so they are given practical value in your day to day world.

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