Sciatica Relief – What Clients Say!
KG Stiles Holistic Health Coach Since 1980


“I’d never heard of either KG Stiles, or the Bowen Technique, but I was intrigued by her ads and thought I’d try something new for my persistent sciatica and TMJ. The TMJ resolved completely in one session, and my sciatica steadily improved. Incidental benefits have included relief from chronic tendinitis, ‘mouse’ wrist, and a noticeable lessening of seasonal allergy symptoms. I’m not sure how Bowtech works, but I do know that it does. KG Stiles is both an intuitive and proficient healer.”
~ Penny Colvin, Associate Broker, Ashland, OR

“I suffered with chronic and severe sciatica with radiating pain into my calf muscle that had not resolved with chiropractic, or physical therapy. I’d seen KG’s ads and decided, after consulting with her, to give Bowtech a try. In just a few sessions she not only relieved my sciatica symptoms 100%, but also resolved my long term chronic shoulder pain, and numb and achy arms. I’m amazed by the power of such a gentle healing technique. I highly recommend KG and Bowtech!”
~ David Brenner, Ashland, OR

“I was almost 7 months pregnant when I saw KG for severe sciatic pain that radiated into my calf with cramping. After my first session the pain stopped and I had a tremendous boost in energy. She also treated me successfully for heartburn. I recommend her highly to all pregnant moms!”
~ Alexia Parker, Ashland, OR

“For years I’ve had upper back, neck, and shoulder stiffness and pain which was exacerbated whenever I played golf. I’d get tension headaches a few days out of every week. I also experienced lowback discomfort with sciatica into my leg and calf. After my first Bowtech session I felt worse for most of the next day, KG said I was unwinding and releasing toxins, then I dramatically improved. All my complaints resolved completely after the fourth session – six months ago.”
~ Ed Lewis, Medford, OR