Sagittarius New Moon Meditation
December 2, 2013
Time to Do It NOW!
Set Your New Year’s Intentions
With This Universal Heart Meditation

moon01-crescent_mooSagittarius New Moon
December 2, 2013 @ 4:22pm PT

This is the BEST New Moon for your 2014 New Year Ritual. Perform before Moon goes Void of Course on December 3rd at 10:49pm PT. Set your Intentions with this Universal Heart Meditation.

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Aloha and thanks for joining us as we gather in our global circle of healing. Your New Year’s Ritual consists simply of spending time in the Universal Heart of Love where you will absorb the Inspiration for your 2014 New Year’s Intentions.

We’ve been experiencing harsh and shifting tides as celestial events beat the drum of endings and beginnings. Now with the Sagittarius New Moon you are given a brief respite from the intensity of rapid evolution and change. For most of you life will feel gentler with opportunities for enjoyment and fun.

CLICK HERE to learn about the astrology of the Sagittarius New Moon that might help you experience a deeper resonance with your meditation.

Candle flame white candle burning with darkness surrounding public domain imageWhat you will need:

A white candle

Your personal gateway of connection to the Universal Heart (8th chakra) is located about halfway between your throat and heart.

Light your white candle. Get into a comfortable position where you will not be disturbed, your back is fully supported. Focus on the candle flame and breathe in deeply into your lower belly. Exhale any feeling of tension in your body, mind and emotions. Continue your cleansing breath for several cycles of breathing as you relax more deeply.

Continue breathing deep, full inhalations and exhalations until you feel completely relaxed and ready to begin your Universal Heart Mediation.

See a golden thread of light, a portal of light opening and spiraling upward above your heart area, connecting you with Divine Love, the heart of our universe.

This portal of light serves like an umbilicus through which as a child of the universe you receive spiritual nourishment and a deep sense of belonging and well being.

lotus_light-300See a stream of rainbow white light begin to flow in through your Universal Heart portal.

Allow yourself to fully open to the flow of creative inspiration streaming through you. These are your seeds of desire longing for incarnation through you in 2014. You are fertile ground for these gifts of inspiration to take root.

Feel yourself opening and accepting these precious ideas for what you long to realize in 2014.

Affirm: What I desire, desires me and becomes my reality.

When a seed thought resonates deeply within your heart and aligns with your true aspiration (life purpose) it will manifest into your reality in some form.

Remember to give thanks for all your blessings and be in appreciation for all the wonder that is your life. Appreciation is like compost and enriches you to produce significant results in 2014.

Allow yourself to be completely still and silent as you absorb the light of Divine Love’s inspiration for you as it streams into your being through your Universal Heart (8th Chakra). Continue your meditation for as long as feels right for you (suggested length of time 11:11 minutes).

This is a metaphorical 11:11 minutes though it can actually be 11:11 minutes if you like. It’s the energetic imprinting of the 11:11 Code upon your psyche that you are activating. This will elevate your energetic frequency and open you to access Mastery level guidance from the Divine Creator. When you resonate with the 11:11 Code you are able to perceive reality at a more integrated (oneness) level of perception. Accordingly you will be able to respond to life events rather than react from the limited, conditioned and reactive lower mind.

As you absorb the Light of Divine Love into all the cells of your body, mind and emotions allow it to circulate freely and fill the space surrounding you and emanate freely into your world.

You may do this ‘absorbing of the light’ practice at any time, anywhere. In truth you are Divine Love and Divine Love is you; in essence you are one and the same. So connecting through your Holy cord of Divine Love really feels like a remembering and a coming home to your true Self and is a very comforting and healing experience.

After you are filled to overflowing with the light of Divine Love you may wish to focus and channel this healing light into your world through your eyes, your hands, your heart and through your very presence. Imagine yourself as a radiant Lighthouse of Love shining the healing light of Divine Love into your world.

When you are ready wiggle your fingers and toes, stretch your body and open your eyes. You many wish to write down the inspirations you received from Divine Mother and make a plan for their accomplishment. Do as your heart guides.

Wishing you a stellar 2014! Please share your comments below.

Until next time…relax and enjoy your life.


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