Sagittarius Full Moon Radiant Mind Ritual
Expand Pure State of Awarenss
Heal Your Lower Mind
Release Burdens, Blocks & Limiting Beliefs

Full Moon public domain NASASagittarius Full Moon at 9:11 pm PT on Thursday, June 12th at 22° Sagittarius
Void of Course


As the Sagittarius Full Moon goes Void of Course exactly at the Full Moon the best time to do your full moon meditation ritual is just as the full moon goes into Capricorn at 10:04 am PT on June 13th until it goes void of course at 11:35pm PT on the 14th.

This particular Sagittarius Full Moon lights up your higher mind. You now have an opportunity to awaken your consciousness and open to new more expansive ideas. As part of this process you’ll be releasing old, limiting beliefs that restrict you from seeing possibilities and impede you from moving forward.

Sagittarius represents the higher mind, education, adventure, and expansion. The Sagittarius Full Moon brings BIG fulfillment when dreams come true, heavy burdens are lifted, emotional / psychological baggage is released, death / ending of something from your past, eventful time of letting go and moving.

Benefits Radiant Mind Ritual:

  • Awaken to higher states of consciousness
  • Celebrate your pure state of awareness
  • Expand your higher mind
  • Align with your best self and life
  • Release burdens, blocks & old limiting beliefs
  • Open to experience more joy and creativity
  • Experience deeper peace and well-being
  • Heal your mind of habitual negative patterns

As always locating where the Sagittarius Full Moon is happening helps you know the area of your life that is most being affected. Awareness helps you make the most of your opportunities.

The Sagittarius Full Moon activates change, sometimes radical change, for the better! You’re given a big wake up by the universe to realize and “make that change.” The Sagittarius Full Moon helps you come into alignment with your Divine Purpose and how the Divine, constellated as your unique and extraordinary Self, desires to flow through you and be expressed in your world.

Any blocks, or how you may be getting in your own way of being a free flowing channel for the Divine’s expression through you, are being released. The Sagittarius Full Moon supports you to honor who you are in your deepest essence, and brings you into alignment with your true heart’s desires! You were born to express love, and enjoy the experience of being fully alive.


burning white candle surrounded by yellow daisies with blue groundWhat you will need for the Radiant Mind Ritual:

A white candle

Archangel Raguel (the relationship angel) over lights the Sign of Sagittarius. Call upon Raguel to uplift and inspire you during your ritual.

You are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Light your candle and focus on the flame. Calm your mind and sit quietly. Remember that the light you see is a reflection of the light of your pure state of consciousness that is your true Self. There is nothing you need do at this moment but be present with your self. Within you is a sacred space. Now is the time to go within to your sacred space and be still.

Take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate your life and the experience of being alive. Breathe in and relax into the awareness of being alive. Feel the joy of life flow through you resonating clearly and vibrantly within every cell of your being.

Allow yourself to rest in this pure state of awareness of joy to be alive. Experience your higher mind awake within every cell of your body, vibrating and humming with life and joy.

Now use your power of intention to expand your awareness of the perfection of your higher mind in every cell of your body.

Imagine you are glowing with the awareness of your higher mind awake within every cell of your body.

See your body expanding with light, glowing with pure awareness. Continue to amp up the light of your awareness and allow it to expand and radiate out into the room / space you are in until it completely fills the room / space.

Enjoy this radiant higher mind state of pure awareness. Feel the clarity of your pure state of awareness as it completely envelopes you and fills the room / space you are in.

While in this pure state of expanded awareness you may contemplate any challenge you are facing, or just open yourself to receiving guidance from the wisdom of your higher mind.

After completing your Radiant Mind Ritual you may feel inspired to take some action. If so listen to your wise heart and take action immediately!

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