Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation with Archangel Gabriel

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 9:25pm PT
Friday, May 24th at 4° Sagittarius

Best time to do full moon meditation is at time of the full moon until the moon goes void of course on Sunday, May 27th at 2:28pm PT

The Sagittarius full moon lunar eclipse is an excellent time to focus on your deepest desires and needs for fulfillment!

Sagittarius represents the higher mind, education, adventure, and expansion and the Lunar Eclipse represents BIG fulfilment, a dream come true, or at this time you could have some heavy duty burden or baggage that gets released, a huge ending of some sort that you are way past over and due for letting go of and moving forward.

As always locating where an eclipse is happening in your own personal astrology chart helps you make the most of the opportunities being presented.

Eclipses activate change, sometimes radical change, for the better! An Eclipse is like getting a big shove by the universe to “make that change.”
Eclipses help you come into alignment with your Divine Purpose and how the Divine, constellated as your unique and extraordinary self, desires to flow through you and be expressed in your personal world.

Any blocks to how you may be getting in your own way of being a free flowing channel for the Divine’s creative expression through you are being released.

Eclipses support you to honor who you are in your deepest essence and bring you into alignment with your deepest desires first and foremost! You were born to express love, and enjoy the experience of being fully alive.

Only in a pure state of consciousness can you manifest that which you intend and visualize for yourself, and actually influence external events. In this space of hyper alert awareness you transcend your limited sense of yourself.

This pure state of consciousness is being absolutely 100% yourself, and includes both your shadow side and your light side. In this state of pure consciousness you are your authentic Self, the Divine idea of you, who you truly are, here and now from moment to moment.

In this pure state of awareness you have absolute power to affect reality. In this state you are free of all the dramas, and stories you tell yourself about your everyday life.

The negative stories you tell yourself prevent you from being harmonious and in rhythm with the natural flow for your life. Your negative stories prevent you from enjoying the miraculous gift of your life, the miracle of having a body, living on planet earth, and the incredible opportunity to make what you will of your life experience.

Tapping into this pure state of awareness takes you beyond the beginner’s level of manifesting. Accessing this pure state of awareness allows you to go through the challenges of your life, remain centered, and in a state of joy, unaffected by external appearances, to gradually manifest all that you desire. Through facing your dragons you develop courage, persistence, focus, and belief in yourself and your world.

burning white candle surrounded by yellow daisies with blue ground For this meditation you will need:

Clean sheets of paper
A white candle

Light your candle and focus on the flame. Calm your mind and sit quietly. There is nothing you need do at this moment but be present with your self. Within all of us there is a sacred space. Now is the time to go within to your sacred space and be still. Remember that the light you see is a reflection of the light and pure state of consciousness that dwells within you.

Now call upon Archangel Gabriel to assist you.

Gabriel’s name means “God/dess is my strength.” Gabriel will empower and strengthen your meditation and ritual for the release of your old stories that may burden and hinder your creating the life you truly desire for yourself.

Gabriel is the angel of resurrection and mercy and will help you to purify your mind and heart and give birth to a new story and paradigm for your life.

Gabriel will purify your body, mind and emotions and help heal your communications within yourself and with others.

On your clean sheet of paper write your story about how you see yourself. What is your life story? What kind of stories do you tell yourself about how life is for you?

Is your life fair and just, or unforgiving and filled with jealous and vengeful people who lie to you? Is your world kind and forgiving, filled with honest and helpful people who love you? Are you filled with fear, stress and worry in your day to day life? Or, are you filled with enthusiasm, optimism and positive energy about your life.

Write everything you can think about how you experience your life story. After writing your story about how you experience your life reflect if members of you family also believe and relive such positive or negative stories? Is this a repeating ancestral pattern?

After you have taken your time with writing down you story about your life look at each thing you’ve listed and ask how has this story served me?

Look for the gold in every life circumstance no matter the appearance.

After completing your reflection upon your life story perform a burning and cutting cords ritual to release your old stories whether positive or negative. Through this action you free yourself to create even more positive stories, as well as transform your old stories.

You are now free to create an even more rewarding and fulfilling paradigm for yourself about who you are and the life you desire for yourself.

The truth is you are not your story about your life. You are the living spirit that dwells above and beyond all stories.

You are now free to create new and more viable life stories and paradigms for yourself and your world.

Through this transformation and healing ritual you free yourself and all your relations to create whole new paradigms for experiencing the life journey.

This is a great act of love and courage.

Give thanks to Archangel Gabriel for assisting you.

After completing your burning and cutting cords to you old stories ritual take a moment to tune in and listen to your wise heart and take action as guided!

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What did you experience during and after performing this transformation and healing ritual?

Thanks for joining!



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