Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology Report – May 25, 2013

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Public Domain NASAFull Moon Lunar Eclipse 9:25pm PT
Friday, May 24th at 4° Sagittarius

Best time to do full moon meditation is at time of the full moon until the moon goes void of course on Sunday, May 27th at 2:28pm PT

This is the third Eclipse in a series of Eclipses. The first Scorpio Lunar Eclipse occurred on April 25th, followed by a Taurus Solar Eclipse on May 9th. Eclipses usher in dramatic and swift change into your life, especially when they aspect one or more of your personal planets.

This Eclipse season has been accompanied in the background by Pluto and Uranus coming into their third exact square on May 20th. The Pluto square Uranus is bringing in social renewal. Our collective systems are going through profound regeneration and healing and individual right and freedoms are being brought into balance with collective need for organization and policies to support peaceful co-existence on our planet.

After this exact Pluto square Uranus on May 20th you should begin to feel a bit lighter as we head for the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on the 24th. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all now in Gemini a sign which more sociable and adaptable to change than Taurus.

The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse presented opportunities for deep psychological and emotional change and healing.

The Taurus Solar Eclipse helped you become aware of how to create more pleasure in your life and release any blocks to experiencing the joy of being alive.

Today’s Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse brings you an opportunity to release any beliefs that may prevent you from fully experiencing your life. After this letting go you can more fully embrace your life as an incredible adventure and learning opportunity with enthusiasm and an open mind.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipses are also great times for celebrating your life accomplishments and to give thanks for all the wonderful people and circumstances that grace you life.

Today Mercury conjuncts Venus, so communications and connections with people and the circumstances in your life are pleasant and you connect easily with others.

Mercury and Venus are close to Jupiter, the planet of good fortune that expands whatever it touches. Mercury will exactly conjunct Jupiter on the 27th and Venus on the 28th. You can view this conjunction of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in the night sky beginning on the May 23td.

The Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse squares Neptune and you may feel some disorientation or confusion which helps open your intuition to gain clarity on a situation or person in your life.

There’s also an opposition to Mars at the time of the Lunar Eclipse. You may feel the need to take action, but wait until you are clear. Rather use the energy to look more deeply into things for the truth to reveal itself and discover your best course of action.

Good feelings abound during the time of the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse!

What are your experiences of the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse?

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Enjoy the magic of the Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

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One comment on “Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology Report – May 25, 2013
  1. Kemila says:

    I didn’t even know it’s full moon, but I felt an urge to go out and take a walk tonight, so I did. The moment I saw the the golden moon right in front of me, I let out a cry of joy.
    Yes, letting go of the old is so freeing. I just love love love and I don’t why and to whom and I don’t even care.

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