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Perfect Alignment, Steven Halpern Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”This is a wonderfully easy to listen to CD, yet with complex and interesting performances. Halpern’s musical performances are enhanced by the musicianship of Paul McCandless which changes everything. McCandless has excellent technique that is both creative and expressive. The songs are warm and soothing, and McCandless plays flawlessly and with spirit. Fine music to be appreciated!”

Chakra Suite, Steven Halpern Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”My debut album, Spectrum Suite, was the music I first heard in my dreams and meditations in 1969. When I shared these soundscapes with others, their response was so enthusiastic, that my life changed virtually overnight. Since then, this music has traveled around the world. It’s been said that at any given moment, Spectrum Suite is playing somewhere in the world.

Chakra Suite is the new incarnation of this landmark album, and contains as bonus tracks, the entire album that was the original Spectrum Suite. In fact, the original title for my debut album was going to be Chakra Suite–however, there was not much awareness of charkas in 1975, let alone the importance of composing music to balance them. Today, millions of people understand their importance and stores have entire sections devoted to them.

Each keynote of Chakra Suite adds swirling harmonics and overtones that I believe deliver an extraordinary psycho-acoustic effect. Listen with headphones and you will notice that the intricate interweavings of atmospheric essences take on a 3-dimensional presence. They seem to tickle and energize the “inner ear” as well as the outer ones. The track “Sonic Satori” highlights the power of sonic entrainment. First popularized by Robert Monroe, this psycho-acoustic technology engages a remarkable effect on brainwaves. I composed “Sonic Satorii” in the frequency of the earth itself (about 8 cycles per second).

Here’s a simple way to use Chakra Suite to measure your own stress level, based on how stress alters the perception of time: As you listen, if the time between songs seems too long…you are stressed. If you don’t notice any space between songs…you are stressed. When you are relaxed you will find that the time between songs is perfectly attuned to the rhythm of a deep relaxing breath. Enjoy! Yours for Sound Health.” ~ Steven Halpern

“This is one of the best Halpern CDs in my collection, I’ve used it successfully as a tool for my clients to relax and clear their mind for several years. Everyone reports getting into the “zone” when listening to it. Any time you feel stressed, frustrated, depressed, or generally out of sorts, just put this CD on, take a few deep breaths and focus on listening to the music. Within a few minutes your mind will begin to clear and you’ll begin to relax into a more peaceful state of mind. Try it!” ~KG Stiles

Crystal Bowl Healing, Steven Halpern Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”Excellent for meditation! The mesmerizing ringing tones of the crystal bowls blend with the deeper earth vibrations in an underground cave that disappears, then reappears. Voices echo and vibrations ring as the sounds emitted from the crystal bowls engage your mind’s attention. Sink into a deep relaxed state or fall asleep if you wish. Frees your mind to float on waves of energy in a state of harmony.”

Sleep Soundly, Steven Halpern Play samples on, read reviews and purchase! “One of the fundamental criticisms of New Age music is that it puts people to sleep. Here, Steven Halpern, one of the founding fathers of New Age, makes that his mission and, as you might expect, does an effective job of it. Drawing on catalog material from the early 1980s, Halpern builds an attractive collection of delicate, lighter-than-air sonic textures that nicely serves the intended purpose–to fill the silence with something prettier than white noise. Halpern does so by blending electric and acoustic piano, plus additional keyboards, to create soothing, improvisational, cloudlike musical abstractions that often convey the tranquil randomness of wind chimes in a soft breeze. The linear notes also promise your subconscious will be exposed to a series of subliminal, sleep-encouraging affirmations along the quiet, unstructured way. This may sound like so much frou-frou to the unconverted, but for anyone sincerely interested in a sleep aid, Halpern’s disc is a certified snoozer, a New Age music box. Other New Age discs may accomplish the same purpose as Sleep Soundly, but few will do it as persuasively.” ~ Terry Wood

“Halpern’s music on this CD is enchanting and beautiful, as it weaves its way through your mind, relaxing you into a deep, quiet slumber. Play it at night as you are going to sleep, remember to count your many blessings as you drift off to sleep!”

Inner Peace, Steven Halpern Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”Inner Peace” is a perennial classic that never fails to soothe my clients into inner states of peace and calm. For best results listen to this music while you are lying down in a comfortable position, in a quiet and safe place where you will not be disturbed. Breathe deeply and focus on listening to the music. Allow yourself to float upon the gentle waves of the music, rising and falling with each thought as it comes and goes. Do this and you will soon feel refreshed! The more you practice relaxing the easier it will be for you at any moment, no matter your circumstances. I highly recommend everyone to take time daily to get into a calm, resourceful state.”

Reiki: The Light Touch, Merlin’s Magic Play samples on, read reviews and purchase! “Reiki which means “Universal Life Energy,” is great for reducing your levels of stress and enhancing relaxation. There is an unlimited supply of “life force energy” available to you for improving health and enhancing the quality of your life. This music CD was developed especially for this purpose, as were the other music CD’s by these artists. This particular music CD stands alone for engendering a peaceful and serene state of mind. The melodies are subtle and thematic. The blend of musical instruments: piano, acoustic guitar, violin, flutes, saxophones and crystal bowls (sounding like bells) give this CD a neo-classical flavor. Play as a musical back drop for enhancing your meditation or contemplation, as well as for relaxation. Ideal for soft background music at home, in the office, or to induce sleep.”

Reiki Offering, Shastro & Nadama Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”Gentle, soothing music creates a beautiful healing environment. Reiki Offering gives peace, calmness and serenity to your heart and mind. It features spacious flute, delicate piano and rich ambient textures. Composed specifically for Reiki Healing, an ancient technique of channeling universal energy through the hands, it also comes highly recommended as supportive music for massage, Yoga, Tai-Chi, relaxation and any Healing Arts.”

“This is smooth, melodic music, suitable for healing, relaxation, or movement exercises like Yoga or Thai Chi. Keyboard, synthesizer, and flute sounds create a rich, soothing musical texture that promote feelings of peace and contentment. Useful for many purposes and appeals to a variety of musical tastes.”

Healing Touch, NadamaPlay samples on, read reviews and purchase!Delicate and soulful, the melodies on Healing Touch reflect the sensitivity of their creator.”

“Piano melodies with gentle orchestration of harp, strings, flute, woodwinds and ambient sounds – conveying warmth and an expression of space and peace. Excellent for the Healing Arts.”

“This is an exceptionally relaxing CD. “Healing Touch” will bring a meditative hush to your busy day and inspire quiet listening. Play as a back drop to your meditation, or as pleasant company when relaxing at home.” ~KG

Reiki: Hands of Light, Deuter Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”As an energy medicine practitioner I am constantly searching for music to set the tone for my sessions. I have many CDs but keep coming back to this one. Clients often request it! I use this also when I am doing spiritual practice and for contemplation. I’ve listened to everything Deuter has ever produced and this CD is by far my favorite!”

The Yearning, Michael Hoppe & Tim Wheater Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”The music on this CD is incomparable in its loveliness. It is both haunting and mesmerizing in its soulful effect. Quite literally I could not pry myself away from listening to it, non stop when I first purchased it. My favorite song–and I love them all– is “The Waltz of the Whispers” It lulls my soul to some other dimension and place of being. I had never heard Michael Hoppe’s music before and then a friend played one track from this CD, “Of Mask and Shadow,” and I absolutely adored it and had to purchase it for myself. This CD is the quintessence of sweet, melodic music. I just love the sonorous alto flute and cannot stop playing it.”

Dreamer, Vol. 2, Michael Hoppe & Tim Wheater Play samples on, read reviews and purchase! “Soothing and peaceful instrumental refrains woo your soul to a place of serene tranquility. This music CD is perfect for setting a calm, background mood in your home or work environment, or for meditation and massage, or just to relax at the end of a stressful day.