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The Private Music of Suzanne Ciani, Suzanne Ciani Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”This is definitely “ocean music.” I can hear Ciani express her feeling for the depths and breadths of the ocean, for those calm moments, as well as stormy ones. Categorizing this as “new age” music restricts its intent. Yes, it is new-age, and the pianist takes advantage of the freedom from classical form that the genre affords. But it goes beyond that, and many who generally have no interest in what is tagged as “new age” will certainly enjoy this CD. Ciani shows her classical knowledge and technical wizardry as she performs her music to great effect. Absolutely breathtaking! Each track has the poignance and charm of individuality stamped upon it. Such songs as “Ondine”, “Italia”, “Hotel Luna”, “Mozart”, and “The Velocity of Love” excel in transporting one’s imagination.”

The Velocity of Love, Suzanne Ciani Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”I absolutely love this CD. Ciani has bridged classical and electronic music to create her most heartfelt release to date. Her delicate touch and passionately lilting love songs enthrall the heart and mind. On the title track, her passions play out in full force. Her sounds are as expansive as they are passionate. The depth of mood she conveys in her haromonic melodies demonstrate her mastery of both the piano and electronic instruments. Her songs, “Lay down beside me” and “Malibuzios,” are outstanding composition. A must listen for those wanting to experience expansive moods and romantic melodies!

History of My Heart, Suzanne Ciani Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”Ciani’s “History of My Heart” has become a classic in the “New Age” genre. One can listen repeatedly to this CD for years to come and still enjoy her musical performances on, “History of My Heart.” This CD will remain a permanent part of any music collection. The music is bouyant and evokes pleasureable states of mind — perfect for relaxing, reading or driving. If you enjoy music by Enya, you’ll surely love this album.”

Meditations for Dreams, Relaxation & Sleep, Suzanne Ciani Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”‘Meditations” is a beautiful collection of fourteen of Ciani’s most peaceful and relaxing musical performances, spanning her 20-year career and taken from ten of her masterful albums. It is a thematic collection and is seamless, the pieces work perfectly together, creating a restful, soothing state of consciousness in which the mind can wander and even drift off to sleep. Selections go back to “Seven Waves,” Ciani’s first major release (1982 in Japan, 1984 in the US) up through “Pianissimo III” in 2001. Ciani’s early work as a pioneer in the electronic music field is showcased. “The Third Wave,” “The Velocity of Love,” “Lay Down Beside Me,” “L’Azzurro,” and “Lumiere” are all from this era and good to hear once more. “Inverness” and “Go Gently,” are also older pieces. Ciani also performs beautiful renditions from her “Live” album of “The Wave,” updating it a bit. Songs from her solo piano “Pianissimo” albums and combinations of electronic and acoustic selections are “oh so” fascinating to hear. Ciani is without a doubt one of my most favorite artist/composers, and this is an outstanding collection. Very highly recommended!!”

Dream Suite, Suzanne Ciani Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”I enjoy listening to ALL genres of music if the compositions are sound and the performances executed in a flawless style whether classical, country, rock, folk, pop, blues, jazz, or new age. I listen to music almost ALL the time! Ciani’s “Dream Suite” is by far one of my most favorite music CDs of all times. It is heavenly!

Silver Ship, Suzanne Ciani Play Samples on, read reviews and purchase!In the late 1980s, the “beautiful music” radio format came to an end when Philadelphia’s Easy 101, WEAZ-FM, switched formats and call letters. It’s a shame, because Suzanne Ciani’s music would have been perfect there. She’s a veteran keyboardist who started out composing avant-garde works on a keyboardless Buchla synthesizer. She went on to fortune as a commercial jingle writer and fame as an early New Age star.

But over the years, Ciani has been plying a treacle-laced brand of instrumental music in which she wears her heart on a keyboard adorned with Hallmark valentine homilies. Though marketed as New Age, her faux-orchestral music shares more of a lineage with 101 Strings, with compositions full of orchestral sweep and gentle melodies that attain the sentimental but never the serene or the sublime. “Sargasso Sea,” a duet with cellist Joe Hébert, suggests that Ciani can go a little deeper, and oboist Paul McCandless of Oregon almost pulls out “Wine Dark Sea.” His beautiful multitracked oboe and English horn lines echo and intertwine with each other before he breaks out into solos. But tracks like “Dentecane” are swept overboard by Ciani’s overwrought melodies and strings.

If your idea of romance is candlelit dinners, moonlit walks, and a Mantovani soundtrack, take a trip on her Silver Ship.” ~ John Diliberto

Dr. Jazz Improvizzation Issue # 75, October, 2005, “This gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, without another moments’ thought!”

“I’ve appreciated Ciani’s music for many years and this one I’ve long awaited, an all-new release. It is classic Ciani- taking you on an emotional ride inward and upward through so many of feelings, from exuberant joy to the sublime depths of sadness. The sound quality is exceptional and Ciani’s performances and musical arrangements are exquisite. Love it!”

Pianissimo, Suzanne Ciani Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”Ciani’s rare talent as an artist is unsurpassed in many ways. She continues to win my admiration! With “Pianissimo,” she has yet again enthralled my senses. I can listen repeatedly and never tire of its peaceful, yet deeply moving, and inspiring music. “Pianissimo” has some of the melodrama of romance in it. I’ve never heard anything else quite like it! Listen to it when you need to reflect or meditate.”

Pianissimo II, Suzanne Ciani Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”Ciani transports us to heaven once again with this Music CD. She is definitely one of my most favorite musicians. She has extraordinary musical genius. Her evocative style always leaves you wanting more!”