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Peaceful Pond Dean Evenson (Soundtrack to KG’s Natural Breast Health DVD)

Golden Spa Tones: Tibetan Singing Bowls with Dean Evenson

This is a perennial favorite in my energy medicine practice. Tibetan Singing Bowls always soothe the soul. Client’s absolutely love it!

Sound Massage Music for the Healing Arts by Dean Evenson

Orchid, Shao Rong Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”The pipa is a four-stringed lute that immediately signals its Asian origins with microtonal scales and note bends. Shao Rong, a Chinese musician living in Japan, makes the most of these characteristics on Orchid. Born in Shanghai, China, Rong is a classically trained musician whose forte has been folk music and new classical music, including the compositions of Tan Dun.

~ John Diliberto

Experience the lovely resonance of the pipa (Chinese lute) masterfully performed by virtuoso, Shao Rong. The shimmering, melancholy melodies evoke a calm and peaceful mood, and lead you to dream of foreign and exotic lands.

To enhance your enjoyment of the music, incense sticks are included in the spine of the CD jewel case.

My Secret Heart, Michael Whalen Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!With song titles like “Swimming in a Lovely Sea of You,” one might expect Michael Whalen’s My Secret Heart to be as deep in the schmaltz as Yanni playing a candlelight étude for Linda Evans. The fact that he avoids a saccharin overdose is one of the few minor successes on this album of ambient piano compositions. Taking cues from artists like Harold Budd and Suzanne Ciani, Whalen orchestrates a series of romantic mood pieces full of deeply echoing piano and electronic effects that shimmer in the background. Like Ciani, he wears his heart on his keyboard. Unlike Budd, however, he lacks the emotional austerity and distance that would allow his music to speak at a deeper level. Although Whalen spends most of his time doing nature documentary soundtracks and jingles, he does have a gift for ambient space, as evidenced by his albums Nightscenes and Like Rain Through My Hands. My Secret Heart fits in as a minor extension of these works, but the maudlin inscriptions–“Two as One” or “Addicted to You”–wouldn’t pass muster on a Hallmark Valentine’s Day card. Absent any irony, they trigger an automatic gag reflex that’s only slightly overcome by music that deserves better.” ~ John Diliberto

Our Beloved Land, Carlos Nakai and Keola Beamer Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!Hawaiian slack-key guitar and Native American flute aren’t the most likely combination one could think of. Slack-key guitar is a sound both laconic and light, made from loosely tuning the guitar strings. The Native flute is renowned for its frail, lonesome call. But two masters of these instruments, Keola Beamer and R. Carlos Nakai, find common ground and lay some new turf on their first full collaboration, Our Beloved Land.

Beamer is a guitarist who makes it look easy as he peels fingerpicked melodies from his instrument the way Tiger Woods peels off a long drive. All but three of the tunes on this album are either traditional Hawaiian songs he arranged, or his own originals. Hawaiian and Native American chants share a certain sound, and you can hear that when Nakai joins in singing on “E Manono.” On “Lapule (Sunday),” Beamer picks up the Hawaiian nose flute and duets with Nakai over the sounds of a rain forest. Together, they create a sound far from the tourist music you may have heard before. Instead, they orchestrate a tribal mood full of ambience and rumination. Shakers, rattles, double gourd drums, and coyote echoes encase their often fragile melodies. R. Carlos Nakai has a knack for bringing out the more soulful side in musicians, but Keola Beamer probably didn’t require any prompting. He remains the most original and exploratory of modern slack-key guitarists. ~ John Diliberto“The atmospheres musically created by these two masters results in one of the most awesome CDs ever recorded. In this day of cloned & sampled digital music, it is so refreshing to hear two virtuoso musicains laying down fresh material never before attempted, and with astounding success. Nakai is at his usual spendid self, but Keola goes where no one has gone before. Singing deep spiritual Hawaiian chants while his Slack Key minor chord useage creates soulful atmospheres and melodies that Nakai fills with his haunting Native American flute. This CD is a true masterpiece and Keola’s finest recording.”

New Visions, Various New Artists Play sampleson, read reviews and purchase!

Quiet Letters: US Edition, Bliss Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!Bliss’ North American debut is a chill out masterpiece, deeply rooted in a fine collage of western, African and classical musical influences, and representing the vast musical backgrounds of the band. Bliss has inspired comparisons to Sade, Norah Jones, Enya and Ennio Morricone. With its captivating vocals, gentle percussion and gracious orchestration, Quiet Letters is described by Buddha Bar and DJ Ravin as “The Album of the Year,” one of those albums that you have always been looking for without ever finding. Featuring guest vocals by Zero and Sophie Barker, Quiet Letters is an album that transports you far beyond the beaches of Ibiza, on a travel through African soul, Scandinavian jazz, and ethereal pop.”

“Absolutely fantastic CD made with loving intentions. Its melancholic beauty will capture your heart right from the start. If you like to feel good, contented and peaceful inside, this is the CD to enhance your pleasure. Gorgeous music with touching lyrics sung by naturally beautiful women make this a future classic for intimate times with friends or just enjoying life with oneself. This is truly heart music and reminiscent of what bliss feels like in deep meditation. Just as meditation grows on you with practice, this album will grow on you as your love and awareness grows.”

Trust, Patrick O’Hearn Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”This album is an ambient Journey for the mind and soul. This album has plenty of electronic synthesizers for fans of his earlier material. The music is dark, mysterious, and ambient.

Liberty kicks this CD off with a bang with creepy melodies, electronic blips, and his trademark sound. This song is sort of like what would go on his Rivers Gonna Rise CD but this song is much darker than the darkest song off that album. Two Continents is beyond words. It’s similar to Liberty but the one thing that makes this song a standout is the intense Turkish drums. Equinox is radiant with it’s ambient synthesizers, thundering drums, and mournful melody. The title track is one of the best songs O’Hearn has ever recorded. It’s a six and a half minute song with very strong ambience, pianos, and echoing drums. Definately a highlight. Synergy is another favorite song of this album. It has strong rhythm that may actually make you bop your head along and there are some blips that go along with the beat. The Lone Man is absolute exquisite. It’s a very mournful song that paved the way for the Metaphor album that followed this one. Three Circles is a very space oriented song with very haunting synthesizers, maracas, and strange drums. Farewell is a very misty, very sad song with mostly haunting keyboards, some bells and breeze-like sound effects that closes out this masterpiece.

This is a very unique album from my all-time favorite New Age musician. It’s a very deep album with lots of emotion that the songs express through their melodies. It’s a very beautiful album. The music is beautiful with a dramatic element to it.”

Yoga Dream, Soulfood Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”All the tracks on this CD, from beginning to end, are a terrific aid in allowing the unconscious mind to perform an amazing internal journey of the imagination. I use this CD exclusively with my clients for hypnosis sessions. It is one of the most perfect CDs to listen to for meditation and allows you the freedom to explore and roam. I highly recommend it for your “zen” library!”

Yoga Rhythm, Soulfood Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”The tracks coordinate well with a one hour exercise class, from a mellow smooth beginning, increasing beats and intensity in the middle and then a soothing ending. I highly reccomend this CD if you are having trouble getting motivated to work or exercise at home or at the gym. This music makes every task in life much more enjoyable!”

Music for Yoga and Other Joys, Jai Uttal Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”Music for yoga is such a cliché that you could slap that moniker on a Barry Manilow CD and have it sold as a soundtrack for Downward Facing Dog pose. Yoga music has become a made-to-order commodity, and rarely attains the level of art. The title Music for Yoga and Other Joys doesn’t bode well, but then, it has Jai Uttal, a veteran of world fusion going back 15 years and a devotee of kirtan singing teaming up with multi-instrumentalist Ben Leinbach for a series of extended improvisations. Leinbach creates a shifting back drop of chilled, Indian-derived grooves and textures like liquid mercury dipped in a fractal swirl. It’s a perfect modal backdrop for Uttal, who improvises freely on an Indian stringed instrument called the dotar, electric guitar, and even banjo. Pieces like the 26-minute “Govinda” extend in a free fall until a rhythm loop drops in. Uttal swaps to a fuzzed out electric guitar solo that eventually merges into an improvised kirtan, his voice coiling in note-bending spirals like soul singing from the east. This may be music for yoga, but it’s the other joys that will keep you coming back.” ~ John Diliberto

Jai Uttal—premier world music composer and 2003 Grammy nominee—offers a moving mix of melody, rhythms, and chants with Music for Yoga and Other Joys. Known for his eclectic blend of East-meets-West sound, Jai offers listeners his first album created especially for yoga practice. More than 60 minutes of sensual music featuring dotar, electric guitar, and slide tamboura, all complemented by Jai’s full, golden-toned voice. Produced in collaboration with Ben Leinbach. Also an excellent choice for meditating, gardening, driving, and bodywork.

“Its easy to love anything by Jai Uttal, but this CD is even more exceptional. The music is haunting and hypnotic and reaches into your soul. You’ll definitely get into “the zone” with this music CD!”

Inner Balance, Various Artists Play samples on, read reviews and purchase!”A wonderfully smooth blend of beautiful, instrumental music to balance and calm your mind and heart. The artists’ performance will inspire your imagination and nourish your soul. Perfect for movement and exercise, or simply to relax.”