What Customers Say About PurePlant Essentials!

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Customer Appreciation

“Thank you for responding so quickly….when i went through a period of alopecia, your oils were of such help….i really felt they were literally a God-send, and free of all the side effects of the medicines i had been on.  i just so appreciate your gift of healing….we will try these new oils, and call for a consult if needed….again, bless you!”
~Pamela Kline, Lorain, OH

“Have been with you for years and love your product. I refer my friends and family to you constantly as I really feel your products are wonderful. They have helped me in so many ways. Your service is second to none. Thank you so much KG for all that you do for so many.”
Shirley Vallee, Woodbury, NJ

“KG – I suffer from migraines and the headache relief formula (I prefer the 10% dilution so I can rub it on my temples and neck) really offers some relief.  It doesn’t take it completely away, but is soothing nonetheless and helps me fall asleep. Thanks for this formulation.  I have become an “essential oils junkie”.  I get so much pleasure and benefit from using them and I love reading about them.   More often than not, I now soak in the tub with my oils and Epsom salts rather than taking a shower and feel rejuvenated and relaxed at the same time.  It’s fun to use a different oil each day.   Again, thank you for providing these most beneficial products.”
Sharon Miller, Roaring Springs, PA

“Happy, happy, happy with the oils!!! I’ve used them (PurePlant Essentials) each day. Great stuff! They “feel” very pure and are some of my favorites. I have always admired your wisdom and integrity with your products. Jesseca especially loves her Rose oil. Thanks!”
~Dr. Steven D. Farmer, best-selling Hay House author, Animal Spirit Guides, Power Animals, and Earth Magic

“Just letting you know that I am very pleased with the oil I received and will surely order again. Thank you very much for all the information and service. Blessings,”

~Suchitra, Swarthmore, PA

“I have received my order and love it! Thank you for the extra info. I will definitely refer my friends to your website. Thank you,”
~Bonnie Self, Sparks, NV

“I received my oils yesterday, and am so glad I found such high quality oils that work so well. I’m telling everyone about you. Thanks so much for making these oils available. I love them!! Blessings to you and your work!”

~Kim Walnes, Milford Square, PA

“Thank You so much! Have already received my order, and experiencing great results. So lovely to be getting these newsletters. I will be ordering again soon. You have rekindled my long time interest in aromatherapy.”
~Kathleen Biggins, Waterford, CN

“Thank you!!! I greatly enjoyed the meditation you sent me, and had a wonderful experience. Your words really reached me and made a beautiful difference. I am grateful to have received this. I had a magical experience! Thank you!!!! You are a beautiful gifted teacher/healer. I feel blessed by your wisdom and insight.”
~Jess, Guilford, VT

“I want to thank you! Your essential oils are the best!”
~Ellen Rule, Great Falls, VA

“Mahalo! The beautiful spray arrived, and Bijou, Gavotte and I all love it…we are lifelong customers for sure! Thank you~Irene et al”
~Irene Cox, West Nyack, NY

“Thank you very much, I have received them and love them. Thanks”
~Janice Kinzer, Virginia Beach, VA

“Love the oils! Thanks!”
~Kathie Fallon, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Love your oils – so glad I found your site and I could get away from (company name with held). A lot of people told me that their oils are the only real deal out there but it’s all PR and people selling the oils are totally clueless! I have been using blends and pure Wintergreen while suffering with tinnitus and nobody knew that Wintergreen is toxic when taken over an extended period of time, and can CAUSE tinnitus etc. I had to find this out myself! Again glad to have found you!!!
~Brita Rizza, Whispering Pines, NC

“I gotta say, your customer service is one of the best I’ve received throughout the years of Internet ordering. It feels so personable. Thanks for that. I received my package yesterday. Your packing method is exactly like mine when I send things out to my children. Now I know how they feel. It was like trying to open up Fort Knox. It’s a deterrent for snoops. I consider that a good thing.”
~Erroline Milligan, Carol City, FL

“I was so impressed with your service, your personalized Thank You, and your free downloads that I did recommend you to all my fellow LifeLine Practitioners in our Google group. Hope it brings you some business!!!! Thanks!”

~Debra Loshbough, Roswell, Georgia

“WOW!!!! did you send my order by special jet delivery? That was soooo fast. Thought I’d let you know that the product was in perfect condition. . . . .thank you so much for your service. Mahalo Nui Loa”
Jan Oaten, Rockledge, FL

Bartholin Gland Cyst
“Have used the PurePlant Essentials 3 times already and the Bartholin cysts seems to have disappeared. I will continue using it off and on to ensure it does not come back. Also, it makes your skin so beautifully soft and the scent is great as well. Thank you very much for a wonderful product.”

~Patricia Morrison, Briarwood, NY

“I wanted to let you know that I have successfully cured my Bartholin’s cyst! Having the cyst was unpleasant experience but I am so grateful for having the faith in nature was answered! Nature is the best healer. Thank you very much for your wonderful oil.”
~Yuriko Nugent, Los Angeles, CA

“I have a very stubborn Bartholin cyst and I received my essential oil treatment three days ago. I soaked as often as possible for two days and it shrank a little, only to inflate again within a few hours. Last night I had my bachelorette party and I drank a lot and it was very irritated. I went home and applied the oil directly to the cyst and surrounding skin. I left it there for about ten minutes. Then I did a sitz bath. After two weeks of constant pressure and discomfort, the cyst suddenly burst and everything drained out of the skin. I am so happy that I will be able to love my new husband tomorrow night without hurting. I am ordering more of this because these things tend to come back. I’m going to continue to use it and see if it will dry up and heal all the way, never to return. Thank you for finding a solution to this annoying condition. May I post a link to your wedsite on a couple B-cyst forums? Even before it burst, the oil helped soothe the red, irritated skin.”
~Amanda Harris, Grapevine TX

“Bartholin cyst is eliminated thanks to your formula
Greetings Kg Stiles: I wanted to thank you and tell you about my experience with the Bartholin cyst. When I ordered the Bartholin Gland Formula from your website I had a cyst the size of a large lemon. It hurt me to sit and throbbed all day. I followed the instructions and drew a bath every evening and sat in it for 15 mins a day for a little over a week. It began to feel tender and sensitive. Miraculously, it just opened up and started draining all the fluid out on its own. What a relief I felt! I went to the OBGYN later that day and he drained the rest of it out for me. No cutting and no needles! I am so glad I gave your formula a try. Thank you for helping me and I hope this note encourages others suffering as I was to try your formula. There is nothing to loose and everything to gain! Thanks again,”

~Maria Asmar, Palm Coast, FL

KG, Thank you soooo much! My cyst appeared on Thursday afternoon and I ordered your oil. In the meantime, I soaked in a hot bath with Epson salts to no avail. The oil (Bartholin cyst formula) came on Saturday and by this evening (Sunday), the cyst drained and I am so relieved, emotionally and physically. You are a life saver!!!I used it in the (sitz) bath, but also put some drops on a warm washcloth and used it as a compress with a hot water bottle on top. Worked like a charm! thanks again,
~Christine Boruch, Nutley, NJ

CLICK HERE for the story about what inspired the development of PurePlant Essentials Bartholin Cyst formula, and how it was used for successful results.

“This is the best and only product I have found that truly relieves the ache/pain related to stressed joints and muscles.”
~Barbara N. Klatt, Lancaster, OH

“Thank you so much for sending my products out so quickly and for including the free sample of Body Ease. I tried it that night and feel great today. It helped me a lot with a sore neck. I love it!”
~Yolia Aguirre-Goar, Granada Hills, CA USA

Leg Cramp Relief
“The oil works! Thank you so much for relieving the pain!”
~Kyoko Blanc, Goleta CA

Radiation Burn Care
“My sister was visiting and showed me how well her scars had healed from using your radiation burn care oil, they were hardly visible after only 6 months.”
~Patricia Payne, North Lauderdale, FL

Appetite Suppressant
“I received my order today. Thank you for the speedy, professional service. I’m a firm believer in the healing arts, so I don’t know why I was so surprised at how quickly the Appetite Suppressant worked for me. In stressful times, I find eating to be very comforting, and often overeat even though that is not what honors my body. As a small business owner in a changing economy, it makes sense that I’ve been eating more lately. Every work day, I eat a healthy vegetarian wrap for lunch. Usually, I finish it and wonder what else there might be in my office to eat. Today, for the first time, I used the Appetite Suppressant formula before retrieving my lunch from the fridge. When I had eaten half of the veggie wrap, I noticed that I began to feel full. When 25% of that delicious veggie wrap remained, I was surprised that I was starting to feel full with sandwich left to eat. I was able to eat with awareness instead of eating hurriedly and feeling frantic about finding more to eat. It is amazing! Wow! Thanks.”
~Carla in Nebraska

Thyroid & Flu
“I have had remarkable healing results from PurePlantEssentials. I began using Ledum for helping balance my Thyroid function seven months ago. I have noticed marked improvement in my energy level and moods. My doctor continues to re-test my thyroid periodically and adjusts my medication as I show signs of improvement which impresses my doctor! Recently I used RID (Rapid Immune Defense) as I felt I was coming down with the flu and I do think it helped! I’ve shared my RID with others who have also experienced benefits.”
~Susan Thompson, Grants Pass, Oregon

I’ve suffered from allergies for many years and use to get weekly shots and take daily medication to control my symptoms. The PurePlant Essentials Blue Tansy helped relieve my allergic reaction to environmental, as well as food allergens. I’ve stopped taking my allergy medication and no longer require shots!
~Brenda Devine Cave Junction, OR