Pisces New Moon Astrology
Horoscope Forecast February 28, 2014
Conjunct 2-First Degree Magnitude Stars
Intuition Guides You to New Moon Riches

astrological_sign_pisces_public-domain10º Pisces Moon
February 28, 20014, 11:59pm PT

The energies leading you to the 10º Pisces New Moon exact at 11:59pm PT on February 28th are excellent for seeding the dreams coming into form for you now.

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On February 28th the same day as the Pisces New Moon the planet Mercury at 18º Aquarius Stations Direct.

Your thoughts shift into forward gear and you’re complete with revising and letting go of old ways of thinking and ready to implement the realizations you made during Mercury’s Retrograde phase.

The Sabian symbol for the 10º Pisces New Moon is, “An aviator in the clouds.”

Contemplate this symbol to see what message it has for you. For me this symbol indicates flying high and my ability to see ahead being clouded. This is a time to rely on your intuition to guide you through any momentary confusion.

During Neptune’s 14 year station in its native sign of Pisces you’ll continue the process of deepening your trust in following your intuition to guide you through any challenges. Flying blind becomes the norm as no one can see what lies ahead in this brave new world we’ve now entered.

The Pisces New Moon conjuncts not one, but two First Degree Magnitude Stars making it especially powerful!

The First Star is Fomalhault: A Royal Fixed Wealth Star and the Second is Alpha Cygnus.

Fomalhaut is guarded by Archangel Gabriel the Watcher of the South and is a Star of Alchemy, Magic and Fame and considered most fortunate.

Alpha Cygnus is also considered fortunate and brings intelligence, creativity and originality.

Well that’s it for your Pisces New Moon Horoscope Astrology.

I’ll be posting a Pisces New Moon Meditation for you (available by Feb 27th).

CLICK HERE to watch my Bi-weekly Astrology Video with transcript about this period of time and the Pisces New Moon.

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