Nov 25 to Dec 4, 2015
Saturn Square Neptune
Flux & Change

Neptune_public_domain-nasaGo with the flow of events this week! Changing tides bring good fortune.

Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Love Your Astrology. Thanks for joining me for this week’s astrology highlights including the exact Saturn Neptune square on November 26th exact at 4:19am PT.


Today is November 25th, the day of the Gemini Full Moon. It’s an intense period of time we’re in.

Tomorrow we have the first exact square between Saturn at 7º Sagittarius and Neptune at 7º Pisces. I’ll post a link for you here if you’d like more details about the grand mutable cross between the Gemini Full Moon, Saturn conjunct Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo which though the degree is a little wide with Jupiter it is strong because we’re talking Jupiter here which is opposing Chiron the wounded healer.

NOV 26TH 7:35pm Gemini – NOV 27TH 11:27am > Cancer
NOV 29TH 4:46am Cancer – NOV 29TH 4:47am > Leo
DEC 1ST 7:09pm Leo – DEC 2ND 2:09am > Virgo
DEC 3RD 8:59pm Virgo – DEC 4TH 2:34pm > Libra



The skies are intense there’s a lot of pressure building. The mutable energy brings change, things are unstable.

Saturn square to Neptune at 7º of Sagittarius and Pisces multiplies the 25 = 7 spiritual energy of this day. Usually a planet that is in a closing square to another planet has the dominant influence. However, Saturn is not in its element in Sagittarius. The energy pre-dominating is Jupiter and Neptune.

Saturn is challenged to bring structure to the expansive energies of Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter opposite Neptune expands and adds potency to Neptune in Pisces. Already in its supreme position in the sign of Pisces which it rules.

The Gemini Full Moon is the way through for this build up tensions. The Gemini way is to choose to go easy and lightly through the tensions. Meditate and reflect before taking action despite the urgency to act to bring resolution to the build of tensions. It’s a great time for light hearted fun and entertainment. Mediation, walks in nature, physical exercise will help you to dissipate the tension now. Or long hot sea salt soaks with your favorite relaxing essential oils.

There’s opportunity to breakthrough old fear patterns and long established routines and habits. You can now more easily raise the frequency of your mental, emotional and spiritual/etheric bodies through the power of your choice. Focus on reframing your life circumstances in a way that empowers you rather than projecting onto others the inner tensions you feel within.

As we move past the Saturn Neptune square exact at 4:15am PT tensions will begin to ease somewhat.

On November 29th the Sun conjuncts Saturn and squares Neptune at that 7º point. Reactivating the Neptune Square energy that occurred on the 25th and 26th. You can have strong feelings of empowerment now and your will forces get strengthened. However, there’s a dreamy quality and strong under tow of currents. Watch for getting caught into any struggle with what’s occurring now. Its best to relax and go with the flow of events.

This whole period of time leading to the Gemini Full Moon and onward to the Sagittarius New Moon is presenting you with an opportunity for deepening your faith and trust in the universal life forces that you’re supported and life has your back. Or you could get into fear and struggle. Of course Its best to let go of old fear patterns. But the choice is yours.

To help you breakthrough old fear patterns instantly you can sign up to get a FREE copy of my book ‘Feel Powerful.’ I’ve posted a link for you here.

On December 1st Mercury at 17º Sagittarius will trine Uranus in Aries. Again you can have exciting and sudden breakthrough ideas and connections suddenly appear for you. Make the most of what surfaces for you now.

On a collective level Neptune rules the 12th house which is about the collective unconscious and inherited conditions and ancestral karmic patterns and what you’ve inherited whether through your family or the culture you were born into. The 12th house is related to big social institutions and structures that have to do with healing or recovery of some sort. Places like hospitals, prisons, insane asylums. The shadow tissue of a people, family or social structure is hidden here. There’s a deep need for  compassion in this area of your life. The 12th house deals with issues related to fear and faith.

If you let me know which house Neptune in Pisces is transiting in your chart I’ll let you know where this healing and deepening of your faith and intuition is happening in your own life.

You can get a FREE astrology chart from You’ll need to know your exact time of birth to find out your house placements and to know exactly where Neptune in Pisces is in your personal chart.

The mutable energies are very fluctuating and changeable through September 2016 when Saturn makes its final exact square to Neptune at 10º Sagittarius and Pisces respectively. Also Jupiter in Virgo will be making opposition to Pisces by element and oppose Chiron the wounded healer twice more this spring and summer of 2016.

This will illuminate and open you to healing and deepen your trust and faith  in the life process you’re going through and help you eliminate habitual fear patterns that you’ve become entangled with. Inherited collective patterns of fear and judgment must be released and this is a process.

Then of course Saturn will begin to square Chiron also in Pisces in 2017. More about that another time.

I’ve got some exciting news to share with you soon. So stay tuned!

That’s it for this episode of Moonscopes Love Your Life Astrology. Thanks so much for joining me!

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Keep reaching for your dreams and I’ll be back soon with another forecast.

Until next time relax…enjoy your life and stay connected.

XO Love -KG

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8 comments on “Nov 25 to Dec 4, 2015
Saturn Square Neptune
Flux & Change
  1. KG Stiles KG Stiles says:

    Hi Leslie, sorry from your notes I’m unclear where transiting Neptune is right now for you in your chart. Initially sounded like you have a Virgo 4th house, that means your 10th house career house would be Pisces where Neptune is transiting. I hope whatever I shared previously was helpful to you. Neptune wherever it’s transiting in your chart is helping you get more in your heart and being compassionate with yourself and others. Wishing you happy holidays! <3

  2. Leslie Stevens says:

    Thanks KG! See my PS’s, my natal Neptune is in Scorp (correction noted after my first post.) Not sure what top of my chart means, sorry. Pisces in my natal chart is 12th house. The summary sentence near the end of what you wrote definitely captures now and life purpose in one. Have long been aware of the family of origin and societal introjects that cause fear and other responses that can be let go of. That work has been ongoing work for decades, but more catalyzed during the Sag in Scorp period as the business I was working for then (not now) was yo-yoing with post-recessionary financial and leadership problems that were very disruptive to life and then ultimately caused me to be laid off last Feb. I am now in a new job since May. Not feeling a lot of trauma particularly around career or prosperity per se right now though. Just working now in a chaotic environment that is unstable due to fast growth, but others there are commenting on how my presence and my approach are supporting them spiritually–which is my goal in life also, but wasn’t sure was coming through in such a turbulent arena. I don’t feel particularly confused about life priorities, but The Recession and all the previous yo-yoing through the Sag in Scorp period to deal with has really sapped any creative energy or inspiration. And that is a confusing place to be, as my history is as a highly creative person–but not necessarily with available commercial or career outlets, which I have in the past not let stop me. I just haven’t had the juice left over from the work week to pursue those things in recent years, and that flatness and disinterest is confusing to me.

  3. KG Stiles KG Stiles says:

    Hi Leslie, right now things are especially confusing as Saturn conjunct Mercury squares Neptune. Dissolving old mental attitudes and inherited patterns. Sounds like your natal Neptune is in Virgo? That would mean Pisces is at the top of your chart (transiting your 10th house)? If that’s right your faith and intuition are deepening with your life purpose, life calling, status in the world. Are you confused and going through dissolution of your previous career, could be motherhood, your father can be represented by the 10th house. There can be confusion with your profession which of course affects your money initially. Though Neptune’s transit through 10th house will ultimately have a positive influence on your self worth and consequently your personal money and property. As Neptune transits a house the old ‘standing’ in the world dissolves so a more ideal situation can come into being that represents who you really are as a spiritual being and what you came here to contribute. Sounds like you have lots of personal planets in your 12th house ruled by Neptune, so there are inherited patterns you need to heal in this life. You’re facing your fears and embodying your identity as a spiritual being in this life. Does any of that resonate for you? Wishing you all the best!

  4. Leslie Stevens says:

    PPS Boy I am not good at reading my chart! Corrections to the prior post: my natal Jupiter is in Virgo almost in Libra at the beginning of the 7th house. Neptune is in early 8th house at beginning of Scorp, with NN and Pele. Moon in Taurus with Mars and Isis in 2nd.

  5. Leslie Stevens says:

    PS sorry same themes as in the Sat in Scorp era was what I meant to write above, sorry.

  6. Leslie Stevens says:

    Hi KG,
    Neptune in my natal chart is in Virgo in 4th. Natal Sun, ASC, Venus and Mer are all in Pisces 12th house with Vesta and Juno. Chiron end of Aqu and almost in 12th house. Saturn in Sag, this is my 2nd Sag return. The fear/faith dialectic has been up since early 2012 and been working on it; since this summer’s planetary weather have had some spikes of challenges with that, including early this week, but exercising the faith-ing and fear remedies as best I can to keep pressures down. Generally unless the planetary weather is very extreme, the pressure is getting more manageable with those techniques. Spiritual studies in various traditions since 1973 and trying to bring into daily life, but really feeling like Sat in Scorp was where the rubber had to meet the road better, and I am still getting challenges on exercising that better. Most of those challenges in the present are same themes as during the Sat in Sag era: work overload, boundaries, job security, chaotic workplaces triggering fear that I have to constantly try to step back from to feel faith, the divine and the large energies behind/underneath/motivating the physical world. I see this as one of my ongoing life themes and work.

  7. KG Stiles KG Stiles says:

    Hi Elizabeth, happy thanksgiving! Pisces is presently transiting though your 12th house? That’s like a tripe activation of the Pisces energy if so. Everything I said about Neptune and the 12th house would be multiplied exponentially for you. Have you been feeling under extreme pressure to make a change with lots of fluctuations and change? Are you feeling to breakthrough a repeating pattern or cycle of experience? There is a lot of completion and wrapping up old issues, clearing the slate; setting a new energetic pattern is possible for you. Keep me posted, let me know what’s happening. I’d love to hear events that may be happening for you. Take care xo

  8. Elisabeth says:

    thank you KG for this moonscopes.
    my natal Neptune is at 26 Libra on my 7th house cusp.
    Pisces is in my 12th house
    Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    Love and Blessings, Elisabeth

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