‘NEW” Series Chakra Balancing & Healing

YOGA_GIRLshutterstock_10755103If you’re an experienced chakra buff, or just fascinated to learn more about the human energy system then you’ll want to check out my latest series of Health Mastery Blogs on my website where you’ll learn all about the philosophy, science and practices of balancing & healing your Chakras, including how to use healing gemstones & crystals, aromatherapy and pure essential oils, chakra toning, affirmations and visualizations, yoga postures, chakra toning and more.

My Chakra Online Multi-media Course will be available later this year and my chakra blog series will give you a “real” taste of the rich tapestry of experiences available to you in my course.

First I’ll be posting blogs about the 9th (Earth Star) Chakra. So, check back I’ll be posting more ‘here” soon!



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