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My_Grandfather_Photo_from_January_17-wiki-diego_grez2Your body is your temple
and you need to take very good care of it, so that it will serve you for many years as a place to dwell.

Your mind, emotions and spirit all express through your body to create whatever you dream is truly possible for you.

So, self care of your body is the first prerequisite for experiencing joy, peace, happiness and success in your life. These simple tips will help you transform and heal your body temple and your life!

Tip 1

Meditation on a daily basis will help keep your body balanced and free of built-up stress.

More importantly meditation will increase your self awareness and intuitive ability.

As well meditation helps you connect more easily with the spiritual worlds, the angels and devic realms of the fairies and elementals.

Your awareness is what elevates your mind to be able to see choices in your life.

The power of choice, rising above the lower reactive mind, is a great gift to be nurtured and developed.

I recommend Holosync meditation; it’s the easy way to meditate. You’ll experience results immediately the first time and every time.

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Tip 2

A whole natural food diet will keep you healthy and provide you with all the nutrition you need (with little or no supplementation needed in most cases for a long and productive life.

CLICK HERE to read my article about “Eat for Radiant Health – How to Heal Naturally with Diet”.

Tip 3

Drink ample quantities of fresh purified or spring water daily to hydrate your cells and keep them singing and free of toxic cellular debris.

Each of your nerves has something like a little aqua duct that runs alongside it that carries water.

This water acts to conduct the electrical impulses for consistent nerve conduction.

Water is also necessary for the electro-magnetic flow along your meridian pathways that supports your health and longevity.

It has been shown that proper hydration can cure many ailments and chronic pain conditions.

The general guideline is half your body weight in ounces daily. So, if you weigh 120 pounds you’d drink a minimum amount of 60 ounces of pure fresh water daily.

Tip 4

Exercise regularly, at least 15-20 minutes, 3 times weekly. Mix up your exerise routines to keep it interesting and do exercise you enjoy to stay motivated! Some of you will enjoy aerobic exercise, others walking, yoga, or weight training.

The general consensus is that for exercise to be most effective you need to be consistent and enjoy yourself.

Tip 5

Detoxification and purification are helpful for clearing out ‘sludge’ from the body.

Sludge is a build up of unprocessed cellular debris and is often caused by improper digestion, processed foods and environmental toxins like heavy metals.

A whole natural foods diet is detoxifying and purifying to the body.

However, if you’ve eaten a lot of processed foods or have been exposed to environmental toxins which most of us have then a more intensive form of detoxification and purification may be called for.

The most gentle and effective way to detoxify is to introduce fresh vegetable juice into your diet daily, preferably first thing in the morning.

This is such an important topic and of interest to many of you that I will write an article about juicing in the future.

Tip 6

Aromatherapy with pure organic essential oils is one of the most important self healing tools available to you for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. This is a huge topic and I’ve devoted my life to the research of essential oils for health and well-being.

CLICK HERE to read some of my articles about essential oils and to learn how they can be your friend and help you to achieve optimal health.

Tip 7

Daily affirmations and visualizations fill you with pure positive energy!

In essence experiencing your self as a spiritual being of love and light means you have to learn how to tune your channel to a station that’s playing pure positive energy all the time.

Affirmations will train your mind to look for reasons to feel good and opens you to the flow of good things to be grateful for in your life.

This very moment you have the power to choose to make yourself feel good no matter what is happening.

The question is, “How good can I allow myself feel?”

Tip 8

Music is therapeutic and, like a best friend, as soon as you connect with one another your spirits soar. You can feel your physical well-being is greatly enhanced from the experience. Choose music that soothes your soul, helps you stay physically relaxed, happy and peaceful.

Tip 9

Make friends with healing gemstones and crystals. The top crystals and gemstones I recommend for healing and balancing your body temple are Smokey Lemurian Seed Crystal, Moss Agate and Tigers Eye.

My upcoming Chakra Healing online course will go into more detail about working with a wide variety of crystals and gemstones for balancing and healing specific health issues.

Tip 10

Spend time around people who lift your spirits and little or no time around those who bring you down.

Tip 11

Sea salt is a wonderful friend for cleansing, detoxification and healing.

Ingesting sea salt with meals ensures proper mineralization and helps your body better absorb water and nutrition from your food.

I recommend seal salt baths (with or without essential oil) for clearing your body of blocked emotions. At the end of your bath see all the old negative and stuck emotion going down the drain. Conclude by taking a refreshing shower afterward.

Tip 12

What colors are you wearing and surrounding yourself with? The colors you wear and surround yourself with directly affect your physical well-being, your energy and emotion.

Do you wear colors that lift you up? Are the colors and images you use in your home uplifting and inspiring to you?

Do any of the pictures on the walls of your home make you feel bad when you look at them? If so, get rid of them immediately.

Notice how you feel when you wear certain colors and start wearing your favorite colors; the ones that make you feel fabulous!

Tip 13

Cayenne pepper is wonderfully alkalizing and seasoning your meals with it stimulates your digestive juices and aids proper digestion. As an alternative you can use cayenne caps before each meal.

Cayenne is very high in vitamin A which is a vitamin most needed for healing from a wide variety of dis-eases. Vitamin A is the number one prescribed supplement by the World Health Organization to third world countries for controlling disease.

Cayenne is a powerful detoxifier, purifies the liver and acts to soften adhesions and scar tissue from injuries.

Cayenne increases mobility for those with restricted range of motion from poor exercise habits and reduces inflammation n the body. As you know inflammation is the leading cause of disease.

Tip 14

Relax, Rest, Recover! Having a balance of work and play, activity and relaxation, waking and sleep time are essential for experiencing optimal health.

Interesting the letter R is in so many of the words related to creating a balance in your lifestyle. Words like refresh, renew and regenerate.

The letter R is the 18th letter in the alphabet. The number 1 relates to focus and creativity. You create what you focus on. And the number 8 is the number of infinity. The number 1 + 8 = 9 the number of wholeness and completion.

So Relaxation, Rest and Recovery are important for creating health and longevity and bring wholeness.

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Until next time…enjoy your life!


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