Sweet Orange GC/MS Tested Pure Essential Oil
Natural Antiseptic Cleaner, Promotes Happiness

( Citrus sinensis )

Premium Quality Orange GC/MS Tested Pure Essential Oil, Cold Pressed Peel, Portugal
Aromas: Fresh, sweet, citrus, fruity
Chemical Family: Aldehyde, Monoterpene

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A rejuvenating and uplifting tonic Orange oil has a very sweet and fresh orange aroma that’s warm and inviting.

As a nerve tonic Sweet Orange is a happy oil and eases physical and emotional tension.

An excellent quality of sweet orange oil with great potency and good color this particular distillation of Sweet Orange Oil from Portugal has an especially High Aldehyde content, higher than the typical USA Orange oil.

Aldehyde is known for it’s power to clean, freshen and renew.

As with other members of the citrus family Orange oil’s natural astringency makes it an effective tonic for the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Use Sweet Orange oil for relieving muscle soreness after exercise as it will stimulate the release of lactic acid that builds up in the muscles.

A wonderful and highly favored oil for the children’s playroom.

Refresh your heart and soul with Sweet Orange pure essential oil as it opens and lightens your heart and helps you to laugh and find your sense of humor.

When in an overly serious mood inhale the playful scent of sweet orange oil and bring your thoughts to rest in the present moment.

Allow the warm rays of a smile to chase away clouds of worry and and affirm, “I am filled with the light of heaven, all is well.”

Its natural antiseptic properties make Sweet Orange oil a soothing mouth wash for treating gingivitis and mouth sores.

Sweet Orange essential oil is a natural disinfectant. Spray the friendly scent of Orange oil into the air to immediately freshen any room’s ambiance.

ROOM DEODORIZER: To 4 ounces of pure water add 80-120 drops of Sweet Orange oil, shake well and spray. Try a blend of Sweet Orange with Lemon oil!

HOW TO flavor sugar or other ‘dry’ ingredients? Dispense a couple of drops of Sweet Orange pure essential oil on a piece of paper towel, lay the piece of paper towel on top of sugar, or other ‘dry’ ingredient, inside an 8 ounce container, seal and let stand for a week.

As citrus oils are extracted from the skin of the fruit by cold-pressing it’s absolutely necessary that you use organically grown fruit as toxins from pesticides become part of the oil when cold pressed.

CAUTION: May cause photosensitivity. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight after skin application.

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