Juniperberry GC/MS Tested Pure Essential Oil
Powerful Detoxifier & Natural Blood Cleanser

 ( Juniperus communis )

Premium Quality Certified Organic Wild Juniperberry
GC/MS Tested Pure Essential Oil,
Authentic Steam Distilled Berry, Bosnia
This is the BEST Juniperberry oil available in the world!
Aromas: Warm, fresh, radiant, spicy, balsamic, herbaceous, woody, piney
Chemical Family: Monoterpene, Alcohol

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Steam distilled from the berry Juniper berry’s wonderfully dry and resinous aroma with deep balsamic and woody undertones is similar to pine, but more peppery and hot Juniper berry oil is a powerful detoxifier and an excellent blood cleanser!

Juniper oil is found in many detox blends and is reported to be effective for promoting excretion of uric acid crystals and excess toxins from the body.

Use Juniper berry pure essential oil to promote healthy nerve and kidney function.

A regulating pure essential oil and a natural diuretic and digestive aid Juniper berry oil is helpful for normalizing conditions of excess and is excellent for treating cellulite, constipation, congestion, gout and fluid retention.

These same properties make it an effective treatment for dandruff, dermatitis, eczema and acne.

Juniper berry oil’s cleansing and detoxifying properties are also beneficial for relieving aching joints, rheumatic pain and headache from overindulgence.

Juniper berry pure essential oil uplifts and strengthens the spirit during times of low energy, anxiety and weakness and has a clearing and cleansing effect on the mind and emotions.

Use Juniper berry in your aroma diffuser to neutralize negative habits, beliefs and attitudes and to effectively purify the atmosphere of any room and to assist with meditation.

JUNIPER BERRY Properties, Actions & Effects

ANTIARTHRITIC – an agent that combats arthritis
ANTI-RHEUMATIC – eases rheumatic pain, inflamed muscles & joints
ANTISEPTIC – prevents, halts infection
ANTISPASMODIC – calms nervous muscular spasms, colic & indigestion
ASTRINGENT – causes contraction of organic tissues
ANTITOXIC – counteracts the effects of poison
CIRCULATORY STIMULANT – agent that quickens physiological functions of the circulatory system
DIGESTIVE – substance that promotes or aids digestion of food
DIURETIC – Increases urine flow

BLEND WITH: Lemon, Atlas Cedarwood and Himalayan Cedarwood, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Frankincense, Hyssop (in Cleanse & Detox synergy blend), Sandalwood.

CAUTION: Because of its stimulating effect on the kidneys, Juniper berry oil should not be used during pregnancy. Avoid Juniper berry in cases of acute kidney or bladder infections or with kidney disease.


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