Taurus Full Moon to Sagittarius New Moon
Big Release Time to Let Go & Flow



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Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology. On today’s show we’ll talk about the astrology starting from the Taurus Full Moon on November 17th to the Sagittarius New Moon on December 2nd.

I’ll also give you a general forecast for your astrology sign at the end of today’s show.

If you have any personal planets or points (especially your Sun, Moon, ASC or MC conjunct or within 1-2º orb of an exact aspect to a planet or planetoid then you will have a more personal experience of the celestial event.

Thanks for liking, sharing and subscribing to my videos and leaving your comments. I love hearing how things are going for! Questions are welcome if they are of a general nature and can be helpful to everyone.

The 25º Taurus Full Moon on November 17th is conjunct the Fixed Star of “Algol and much wealth may accrue under this Fixed Star. The planets associated with Algol are Jupiter and Saturn.

The 25º Taurus Full Moon forms a six pointed star in the sky called a Star of David made up of intersecting feminine Earth and Water elements and represents the union of heaven and earth.

Something extraordinary comes to completion in the area of your life where the Taurus Full Moon is occurring that affects all the other areas of your life where Earth and Water planets are located.

CLICK HERE to watch Taurus Full Moon YouTube Show for in depth astrology about the 25º Taurus Full Moon on November 17th.

On November 19th Mars at 20º Virgo Sextiles Jupiter at 20º Cancer. An opportunity is available for taking action and fulfilling some desire you have related to your home, family, self nurturance, and your early childhood.

On November 20th Chiron (The Wounded Healer) Stations Direct finally after being Retrograde in Pisces for five months since June of this year. The Taurus Full Moon energies are amplified by Chiron’s Station Direct on November 20th. A sense of relief as good fortune, sudden gains and support of friends and associates is forthcoming now.

On this same day November 20th Mercury at 9º Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 9º Capricorn. Further empowering and stabilizing the transformation you’re going through in your subconscious and conscious minds. Old patterns are reconciled and healed within you especially if you have a personal planet or point within 1-2º conjunct of 9º Scorpio or Capricorn. Your connections and communications within yourself and with others is set to improve tremendously now.

On November 21st the very next day the Sun enters Sagittarius and life begins to lighten up for everyone! The heaviness of the stellium of planets dancing with the North Node in Scorpio that started back in September begins to dissipate.

You feel freed up in your emotional life and your energies lighten up considerably!
Now you will start to reap the rewards of your hard work and the changes you’ve made since last June.

On November 23rd Venus at 16º Capricorn Sextiles Saturn at 16º Scorpio. This represents an opportunity for something you love or a personal love interest or pleasure of yours to come into form. Venus’ link to Saturn gives  stability, so what comes into form now is lasting and can endure through time.

This window of opportunity lasts for a period of time as Mercury is about to Conjunct Saturn in two days time on November 25th. Bringing a stellar opportunity and good fortune for a bright idea or intention to come into form especially for those of you within 2º orb 16º Capricorn or 16º Scorpio.

On November 24th Sun at 2º Sagittarius Square to Neptune at 2º Pisces can represent mixed signals. You may feel emotionally confused and you are challenged to open you mind to a different perspective than your own. Allow your will forces to open and be flexible to see what happens before jumping to conclusions.

On November 27th Mercury at 19º Scorpio Sextiles Venus at 19º Capricorn and Trines Jupiter and Lilith at 19º Cancer.

The very next day on November 28th Venus at 19º Capricorn Opposes Jupiter and Lilith at 19º Cancer.

This Cosmic Dance of forces between Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Lilith are both illuminating and bring opportunities for you in the areas of your life where these planets are located.

Key elements active now are transformation of your circumstances and healing and union of your lower and higher minds. Previously hidden details of your life can be integrated now. There is an opportunity for revelation and reconciliation of opposing forces within you.

The time period starting after the Taurus Full Moon can be a long awaited period of advancement for you in your life.

On November 30th Sun at 9º Sagittarius is Trine to Uranus at 9º Aries. You feel energized by this contact. Uranus is Retrograde so something could be revealed and released that previously held you back.

On December 2nd we have the Sagittarius New Moon at 10º conjunct the Sun and Trine to Uranus in Aries.

I’ll be posting a video with details on the Astrology of the Sagittarius New Moon very soon.

Now for a general forecast for each astrology sign starting with Sagittarius.

Sagittarius your Lunar Return on December 2nd is a green light from the universe for staring new projects. With your ruler Jupiter retrograde in Cancer opportunities somehow connected to your past return. Angelic assistance is now available to you, so ask and it is given.

Capricorn the love of Venus is with you now and your life softens and you are inclined to spend time with those who love and cherish you. Life gets sweeter.

Aquarius the Sun and Mercury’s station in Sagittarius lightens up your mood and your communications and inner self talk are more open and expansive. You enjoy a respite from all the recent heaviness. You’ve been facing shadows within yourself recently and now you’ll feel more your light-hearted.

Pisces you experience forward movement and clarity is now forthcoming. Your emotional fluctuations are less intense and your life begins to make sense as things fall more easily into place. Continue to go with the flow and deepen in your faith and trust in the unseen hand of your angels and guides.

Aries you enjoy the Sun and Mercury’s transit through Sagittarius. Your feeling of resistance to change eases a bit. Your usual sense of being in charge of your destiny resurfaces.

Taurus you are feeling pleasure and enjoyment for your life circumstances as you experience a sense of completion now. It’s easier than usual to let go of what’s not working for you.

Gemini you are being shown the way forward as you receive illumination about how you’re getting in your own way. It’s time to lighten up and leave the past behind.

Cancer you are enjoying the comforts of your home and family now. Something from your past may returns that brings an opportunity for feeling more deeply rooted within yourself. Your emotional life smooths out now.

Leo your life brightens with the Sun and Mercury’s transit through Sagittarius your sister fire sign. It’s been a long intense period of reckoning and facing the shadows within yourself that have sabotaged your best efforts in the past. You’ve been gaining a deeper understanding about yourself and how you’ve created your life circumstances. You may now finally have a sense of a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep going!

Virgo you’re on fire with Mars transit through your sign yet for a while more. You feel energized to take action and fulfill your desires related to your physical health and how you are seen by others. You feel confident and self assured that you can accomplish your desires with consistent effort.

Libra you’ve felt confronted by life circumstances to make significant changes. The Sun and Mercury’s transit through Sagittarius amps up your desire for change though you feel a bit more optimistic about the outcomes being in your favor and thus less resistant to making the necessary changes, especially in your relationships.

Scorpio you’ve made it through a long period of restructuring your very existence at a core level. Now as the stellium of planets conjunct the north node move apart and Neptune and Chiron move Direct you feel an ease returning to your life. The heaviness and seriousness you’ve been feeling begins to lighten. You’ve unearthed much and feel freed up emotionally. You’re feeling more fully embodied and connected to yourself as you move forward with renewed confidence that things start to work out for you.

Well, that’s it for this show.

Thanks so much for joining me! Until next time…relax and enjoy your life.