Sept 5 – 19, 2013 Virgo New Moon Wealth

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Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology. Today I’m going to a new two week format for the show. I’ll review the astrology starting with the Virgo New Moon on September 5th to the Pisces Full Moon on September 19th.

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The Virgo New Moon is at 13º Virgo on September 5th. The Virgo New Moon is exact at 4:36am PT.

This is THE most fortunate New Moon for a fresh start I’ve seen this year. You are now supported to create and attract REAL Wealth and Prosperous circumstances in the area of your life where the Virgo New Moon is located.

The energy of the Virgo New Moon is influenced by the astrological aspects it is making.

Virgo is the original Healer of the Zodiac. The Virgo New Moon interests are health, healing and service. With the Virgo New Moon influence you will now enjoy paying attention to the finer practical details of your life and desire to make things REAL and stay grounded.

The Virgo New Moon at 13º Virgo is Sextile to Jupiter at 14º Cancer. Jupiter the planet of good luck and abundance expands whatever it touches and adds a spark of Divine Magic to the Celestial Dance.

The Virgo New Moon is conjunct Mercury (ruled by Gemini) at 23º. The number 23 is THE most fortunate for Divine Earth Magic.

What excites me about this Virgo New Moon is its aspects to some of the Key Fixed Stars known for indicating extremely fortunate circumstances for creating and attracting Wealth and Prosperity into your life. The Fixed Stars bring the consciousness of abundance to the planets it touches.

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CLICK HERE for a Virgo New Moon Manifesting Wealth Meditation with Archangel Ariel (the angel of good luck and abundance) and the Nature God Pan (the God of Fertility).

At the beginning of the Virgo Manifesting Wealth Meditation you’ll be guided with the assistance of Ariel and Pan to clear your First Chakra. Your First Chakra is key for creating material wealth and stability in your earthly experience. After clearing and balancing your First Chakra you’ll be guided in a Manifesting Wealth Meditation and practice.

This Virgo New Moon offers you a powerful BANG for a fresh new start!

Other key astrological highlights during this 2 week waxing phase of the Virgo New Moon include:

On September 7 the Sun at 15º Virgo sextiles Jupiter at 15 º Cancer. This represents an opportunity for expansion and good fortune in your life related to health, healing, service, home and family matters. You’ll probably feel and see results of this aspect activated at the Virgo New Moon. Look in your personal astrology chart to see where the Sun in Virgo and Jupiter in Cancer are located. If the Sun and Jupiter make a contact with one of your personal planets if will multiply the effects exponentially.

On September 9th Mercury enters Libra and communications lighten up. Peaceful negotiations and resolution of differences are supported.

Also on September 9th Mars squares Saturn, so differences and conflicts come to a head and are aired. Mars square to Saturn represents a lot of physical tension. Excellent for physical exertion and steady focus on achieving your goals and ambitions, getting the job done and working hard to succeed are the most positive ways to express this energy.

On September 10th Venus ingresses into Scorpio and you are deeply passionate about whatever attracts your love interests now. Strong passion and desire is unleashed.

On September 12th we have the Waxing Quarter Moon at 20º Sagittarius square to the Sun at 20º Virgo. You’ll more easily adapt to any changing circumstances and let go of anything standing in the way of achieving your desired outcome as both the Moon and Sun are in mutable signs.

On September 13th Venus at 3º Scorpio representing your personal love interests trines Neptune at 3º Pisces the planet of spiritual ideals and unconditional love. Depth of emotion and intuitive feeling are expressed easily now. This is an excellent day for creative heartfelt pursuits especially related to the areas of your life where Venus and Neptune are located in your personal astrology chart.

On September 14th Mars at 11º Leo trines Uranus at 11º Aries. This is an excellent aspect for motivating you to take innovative action and move forward especially in the areas of your life where these two planets are located. You’ll be filled with fresh inventive ideas and desire to take decisive action. There’s lots of drive and ambition to break free of previous situations that have restricted you.

Also on September 14th Mercury at 8º Libra squares Pluto at 8º Capricorn. This is a fast moving transit representing tension in connecting or communicating about something related to an established structure in your life. Mercury is in Libra, so there’s a natural tendency to look for peaceful resolution to differences. A new way to negotiate differences could result, especially given the strong desire of Mars and the innovative influence of Uranus that’s also taking place today.

On September 15th we have the exact opposition of Mercury at 11º Libra to Uranus at 11º Aries. The opposition represents an illumination related to fair communications, peaceful negotiations, justice, relationships with others and individual freedom needing to be served equitably. Any blocks to the realization of justice being served will now come to the surface for resolution.

The Mars trine to Uranus is still active at this time and helps give the desire and drive necessary for taking innovative action to resolve differences peacefully.

On September 17th Mercury at 13 Libra sextiles Mars at 13º Leo representing an opportunity for strong desire to communicate peacefully that supports harmony in relationships. There can be a significant breakthrough now and harmonious resolution can occur in your personal life and in the collective.

On September 17th Saturn conjuncts the North Node at 8º Scorpio. Saturn’s conjunction to the North Node indicates the fulfillment of some destined event or meeting. The 8 degree is the number of infinity. The 17 day – 1+7=8 is the number of infinity doubled as it’s in the 9 month of September.

The very next day on September 18th Venus joins Saturn conjunct the North Node at 8º Scorpio.

Venus conjunction to Saturn is a marriage aspect and represents a solid foundation of commitment in the area of your life where these two planets coupled with the North Node are located.

This 8º Scorpio point will again be activated by the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on November 3rd in close aspect to it at 11º Scorpio. So, take note of what occurs now as there is a theme that is playing out for completion and a new start being accomplished with the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse. Very exciting!

Venus conjunction to Saturn and the North Node at 8º also sextiles the planet Pluto at 8º Capricorn. This seals the fulfillment of a destined commitment or meeting indicated between Venus, Saturn and the North Node, making it deep, true and lasting for eternity. This is a beautiful bond that lasts and is deeply rooted in your psyche!

The Sabian symbol for 8º Scorpio is “The silvery moon shining across a beautiful gem of a lake.” Contemplate this symbol and see what feelings and images arise for you.

On the very next day September 19th we have the Harvest Full Moon Celebration at 26º Pisces. The 26 day 2+6=8, so again we the have number 8, the number of infinity being activated.

How beautiful is that? This is the perfect day for a wedding ceremony, or to celebrate the completion of some long awaited goal or dream. Of course the greatest union you can ever celebrate is the one you have with yourself, your true Self, the Divine idea of you.

The September Virgo New Moon cycle brings increased forward momentum that will continue to build.

I’ll post the Full Moon in Pisces report for you soon. I also plan to post an overview of the Major Grand Patterns that have been active throughout 2013 and that will continue into mid-2014.

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Thanks so much for joining me!

With much love & best wishes,

KG Stiles, Host