Moonscopes Astrology Forecast April & May 2013

Moonscopes Astrology

The first part of the Aries New Moon cycle ends with the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse on May 9th. Events precipitated by this Aries New Moon will culminate between the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse on May 9th and in six months time at the Aries Full Moon in October 2013

Moonscopes looks at the solar month’s planetary cycles occurring from New Moon to New Moon. The electro-magnetic forces of the moon exert control over what manifests into material reality. Void of Course Moons are known effectively neutralize or reduce the intensity of harsh astrological alignments.

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On April 10th we have the Aries New Moon. The New Moon of a zodiac sign is its astrological New Year when a new planetary cycle begins. The Aries New Moon will be conjunct the Sun, Mars and Venus at 20º Aries.

The New Moon is in a loose Sextile to the planet Jupiter (planet of good fortune). There may have been a tremendous resolution and letting go preceding this New Moon and now everything in your life is moving forward!

The New Moon is always an excellent time to set your intentions and make plans for taking action. The Aries New Moon is one of the best for starting new ventures, especially in the area of your life where the New Moon is located.

Mercury has recently moved out of its retrograde shadow phase and your thinking is back up to speed. When Mercury ingresses into Aries this month your thoughts will be happier and less confused as it leaves the watery and emotional depths of Pisces.

So new beginnings are now possible and you can break free of your past. This will be the repeated theme of this coming Aries New Moon Cycle. As each of your personal planets ingresses into Taurus they will sextile the planet Neptune (the planet of spiritual ideals which can bring confusion and dissolution of old structures). At this time new opportunities appear that seem be ideal solutions for you.

Then shortly after your personal planet Sextiles Neptune it will oppose Saturn (representing Authority and reality). So you may have to negotiate the differences between your dreams and the harsh circumstances of reality.

Then soon after your personal planet opposes Saturn it Trines Pluto (the planet of regeneration) which helps you give form to something that will have roots and can be long standing.

I will give you the dates for your personal planets making each of these aspects to Neptune, Saturn and Pluto.

The key things to remember during this time is that real opportunities will present themselves to manifest your desires that will probably meet with resistance from an outside authority or reality in some way and you must be willing to PUSH through and make the necessary adjustments required to realize your dreams

Starting with the Aries New Moon if not at the time of the Libra Full Moon on March 27th when the Full Moon opposed the planets Uranus, Mars, Venus and the Sun in Aries and squared Pluto in Capricorn you may have had intimations about the imminent change that’s unfolding for you now that will put you more firmly on your path to fulfillment in this life. What you came here to do and experience.

At the time of the Libra Full Moon there was explosive potential for tremendous release of tension for you on a personal and collective level. Breakthrough opportunities to revolutionize your life were available and your freedom as an individual was highlighted.

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On April 12th Pluto (The Transformer) Stations Retrograde at 11º Capricorn and the external pressure eases in this area of your life where Pluto is located. During Pluto Retrograde phase you’ll be reviewing just how far you’ve come in this area of your life and consolidating your forces of renewal. Much that has been hidden can come to light that you will integrate and act upon when Pluto Stations Direct again.

Since Pluto in Capricorn represents big corporations, government and financial institutions this could be a period of retrospection and possible disruption or loss of momentum for making outward change related to big and collective institutions and rather looking internally to make necessary changes. I think reticence and review of the old structures governing your personal and collective life at this time is a very good thing!

For insights into how Pluto in Capricorn may be affecting you in your own personal life I’ve posted a link to a video conversation I had with Astrologer Yasmin Boland on my YouTube Channel HERE.

April 13th Mercury ingresses into Aries at 7:37pm PT. April 14th event (post on heavenly astrology). So your thinking gets super charge in this area of your life where Aries is located. You may have some restless nights of sleep or very active dreaming states at this time.

On Sunday April 14th the Moon in Gemini conjuncts Jupiter and Sextiles Uranus. This is an awesome good feeling day for you and unless you have other personal aspects undermining this action this should be a day when all is right with your world!

On April15 Venus ingresses into Taurus at :25am past midnight PT. Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus and loves being in this sign. What attracts you now is comfort, relaxation, ease, pleasure and enjoyment of life. Over the next few weeks is a great time for you to enjoy the finer things in your life and matters most to your heart in this area of your life.

On April 17th Sun in Uranus conjuncts Mars. This is a action driven, get it done, do it now energy in this area of your life. You have the confidence and capability now to accomplish all that you focus your attention and desire upon. Great for starting or completing a project.

On April 18th we have the first quarter moon at 28° Cancer at 5:31am PT. The Cancer moon forms a T-Square with Uranus and Pluto, so for a short time you may experience emotional tension surface though your emotions are softened softened later in the day when any potential harshness is dissolved when

Venus at 4° Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 4° Pisces. This represents an opportunity for both personal pleasure satisfaction, as well as the realization of some spiritual ideal

On April 19th Sun ingresses into Taurus at 3:03pm PT. Your will forces and focus of attention turns to more pleasurable pursuits. Relaxation and enjoyment are important to you now.

On April 20th Mercury conjuncts Uranus at 9°Aries. Your thoughts and ideas are electric. Have a pen and paper handy for all the magnificent download of creative and innovative ideas you’re sure to have now. You may feel especially restless, alive and full of energy.

On this same day Mars ingresses into the sign of Taurus at 8:48am. Now we have your personal Venus (love), the Sun (your essence) and Mars (your desire) in the sign of Taurus ruled by Venus. Taurus is the planet of material manifestation, creating comfort and enjoying the finer pleasures in life. So your attention will be on creating pleasure and comforts in your life.

As I mentioned over the next few weeks each of your personal planets in Taurus will Sextile the planet Neptune (Dreams) in Pisces Oppose Saturn (Reality) in Scorpio and trine the planet Pluto (Regeneration) in Capricorn which will bring the realization of powerful, ideal and realistic forms into these areas of your life where your personal planets, Neptune and Pluto are located.

This is a period of time for you to PUSH through with your intentions to manifest your desires into reality while making realistic adjustments.

Things will come readily into form for you from the 1st quarter moon on April 18th when you clear or are cleared of any blockage to manifesting your desires and intentions of the Aries New Moon until the Last Quarter Moon at 12° Aquarius at 4:14am PT on May 2nd.

On April 21st Mercury at 11° Uranus (still in a loose conjunction to Uranus) squares Pluto at 11° Pluto. You could really feel tension around something that has bothered you for some time. You may feel stuck and obstructed from seeing a way forward.

Something hidden or secret may now be revealed that frees you to move forward. So, breathe and stay with the process this square between Mercury and Pluto are offering you to birth something new, especially in the area of your life where Pluto is located.

On Earth Day April 22nd Venus opposes Saturn. Something you love may be criticized or be opposed by someone in authority in these two areas of your life where Venus and Saturn are located. An opposition is always about an illumination, so something may come to light that needs rectification or brought into balance in some way.

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On April 23rd Mercury at 15° Aries Sextiles Jupiter at 15° Gemini. This is a beautiful opportunity for you to have lively, expansive and innovative ideas and conversations about topics related to these two areas of your life where Mercury and Jupiter are located. Breakthroughs are likely for you now!

April 24th is another fantastic day for you!

On April 24th Venus at 11° Taurus Trines Pluto at 15° Capricorn. This aspect is the power of love to transform. Now something you love comes into form that transforms the area of your life where Venus is located and also affects the house where Pluto is located.

On this same day April 24th the Sun at 4° Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 4° Pisces. Something that has been your focus of attention for some time now has an opportunity to be realized possibly in some fantastical way.

On April 25th there’s a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Scorpio at 5º Scorpio. Mars the ruler of Aries is also a co-ruler of Scorpio as such this Lunar Eclipse promises to have a tremendous impact on the sign of Scorpio and Aries.

Those with Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Scorpio or Aries will feel this lunar eclipse strongly. This Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is conjunct Saturn giving form and structure through focus and intentional effort Trine to Neptune (giving structure to your spiritual ideals),

The Scorpio Full Moon is Sextile to Pluto (transformation of old structure) and opposes Mars in Taurus which indicates a forceful illumination to take action on giving form to a new structure.

Although this is a partial eclipse it is powerful because of its aspects to all of these planets I’ve mentioned and will probably have far reaching results for things working out for the better for you both personally and collectively.

This is the first of three Eclipses occurring over the next four weeks. At this time the Sun, Mars and Venus are in Taurus and making harmonious aspects to Pluto and Neptune helping you to transform and realize your dreams and opposing Saturn which brings illumination for how to restructure things in your life so they’re more viable and create stability and success in your life.

On April 26th Mars at 4° Taurus Sextiles 4° Pisces. An opportunity to realize a dream surfaces for you to take action upon.

On Arpil 28th the Sun at 8° Taurus opposes Saturn at 8° Scorpio. You meet with resistance from an outside authority figure or some circumstance that forces you to look at some harsh realities. The opposition of the Sun to Saturn represents an illumination that will come through this process of struggle with an opposing force, or it could be opposition within yourself for some reason.

On April 30th Mars at 8° Taurus opposes Saturn at 8° Scorpio. Your desires meet with resistance from opposition whether external authority or from within yourself to take action and move forward despite seeming obstacles. You must find away around the blockage.

On May 1st Mercury ingresses into Taurus. Your lively and quick wit slows down a bit as it enters the earth sign of Taurus. Your thoughts turn to more practical concerns such as a plan for bringing your innovative ideas (of Aries) into a grounded form in Taurus. Pleasure, comfort and entertainment will also engage your thoughts now.

On this same day the Sun at 11° Taurus Trines Pluto at 11° Scorpio. This represents the power of your life essence the truth of your being to transform your reality. This is the alchemical power of transmutation. Now you easily transform something you have focused your attention on for quite sometime into an entirely new form. It will represent truth being born and deeply rooted.

On May 2nd the last quarter moon at 12° Aquarius at 4:14am PT. The last quarter moon is sextile Uranus and trine to Jupiter and square to the Sun and Venus. This represents a build of tension for opening your higher mind (Jupiter) to new innovative ideas for breakthrough (Uranus) and you must be willing to let go of any internal conflicts or blocks to expressing your true essence (Sun) and what you love and want in your life (Venus).

On May 3rd Mercury at 4° Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 4° Pisces. Now you have an opportunity to realize an ideal. What you focus your thoughts upon can find lucky opportunities for realization in this area of your life.

On Cinco de Mayo, May 5th Mercury at 8° opposes Saturn at 8° Scorpio. Your particular way of thinking about things and how they should go is met with resistance from an authority outside or from within yourself (like an internalized critical parent). The opposition illuminates any flaws in your thinking with a check in with reality.

On that same day May 5th Mars at 11° Taurus trines Pluto at 11° Capricorn. Now you take action on your powerful desires that are grounded in truth.

The next day on May 6th Mercury at 11° Trines Pluto at 11° and the next day. You can realize what you think about. Your thoughts are powerful magnets for creating your reality.

May 7th Mercury at 11° Taurus conjuncts Mars also at 11° Taurus. Mercury’s conjunction to Mars amplifies these two planets, so the potential for realizing what you focus your attention upon now are magnified exponentially. As Mercury conjunct Mars is trine to Pluto it’s likely to flow easily into form and be grounded in the truth.

On May 9th we have the Annular Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus at 19º at 5:28pm. This is full eclipse and the second in a series of three Eclipses.

The moon will Eclipse your personal planets the Sun, Mercury and Mars and is in a loose Trine to Pluto. Lots of energy is being released to take action, communicate, connect in new ways, transform and heal, especially related to your physical body and Mother Earth.

On May 9th Venus ingresses into Gemini. It’s a very high energy, electric day. This day is historically celebrated as Ascension Day, the day when Jesus’ body Ascended into heaven. I think this is a rather symbolic portent of the potential for change that’s being heralded into your life at this time.

Those are the astrological highlights I see for you in the current Aries New cycle ending with the Solar Eclipse at 19° on May 9th.

If you’d like to know more about how these planetary cycles may be affecting you personally and opening you to new opportunities and possibilities please contact me for a chart consult HERE.

I’d love to hear how things are going for you. Please feel free to post your comments and questions for me.

Enjoy the Aries New Moon Cycle! It’s sure to be lively for you.