Jupiter in Cancer – Events & Effects ALL Zodiac Signs

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Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology. On June 25th Jupiter ingresses into the sign of Cancer and remains in Cancer until mid-July 2014.

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Jupiter was in its fall or detriment when in Gemini over the past year. However, in Cancer Jupiter is exalted. Jupiter will be able to fully expand in the watery depths of Cancer and you will feel its beneficial forces operating more strongly in your life over the coming year.

Soon after its entry into Cancer Jupiter will form an exact Grand Water trine with the planets Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This particular astrological event is extremely rare and supports your creating magic and miracles and giving form to your dreams through the power of your imagination and emotionalized desires.

The Grand Water Trine energy will remain in effect through July 2013 as the last of your personal planets Mars transits through Cancer.

There is also a Kite pattern forming at this time between the Grand Water Trine planets Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune (Pisces) and Saturn (Scorpio) as the planet Pluto (the planet that transforms through revealing hidden truths) is in sextile with both the planets Saturn and Neptune at this time.

A Kite pattern gives you lift off and helps you to soar above your former circumstances and reach new heights. At least this is the potential. As always it’s important that you take action as guided if you want to mine the depths of the opportunities available for you at this time.

Jupiter’s station in Cancer denotes the closing of a 12 year cycle for you related to your foundations, home, family, security issues, self nurturance and self care.

Something that began around 2001 has been concluding and you are beginning a whole new creation cycle in the area of your life where Cancer is in your astrology chart.

What this means is that you can trust you are supported to realize your true desires and that things are being worked out for you (behind the scenes) if you’re facing any challenges.

At this time your intuitions are growing and becoming stronger and clearer as more of your personal planets begin to light up Cancer and form trines to Saturn and Neptune.

There’s much Water Magic available to you at this time. Pay especial attention to your dreams, synchronicities and psychic impressions through this year as they will provide you with helpful guidance about your best course of action.

To connect even more deeply with this new wave of energy being birthed at this time I recommend you perform a Cancer New Moon Manifesting Meditation on July 8th. The Cancer New Moon is exact at 0:14am PT on July 8th at 16º Cancer.

The best time to perform your meditation is between the new moon and when it goes void of course at 4:44am PT. The 444 is the number of angelic assistance. So, there is much grace available to you at this time if you open yourself to receive and experience it.

I’ll be posting a Cancer New Meditation with the Archangel Gabriel on my website. You can access it through my Healing Meditations Directory as soon as it’s available. A Healing Meditatinos blog post notification will also be sent.

Gabriel’s name means ‘God is my strength.’ Gabriel is the Angel that oversees conception and birth of children, ideas and projects. Gabriel assists you with your communication and is the protector of the water element within you.

Gabriel watches over events in the west symbolizing new horizons and vistas opening for you. Gabriel is also the Angel of Resurrection and New Beginnings. Gabriel assists with purification, rebirth and creativity. Gabriel is the Creator’s Messenger of mercy and bestows peace upon your body, mind and emotions.

Jupiter in Cancer will be expanding your awareness about matters related to your foundations, home, family and self nurturance.

Generally Jupiter will be expanding your desire to be more sensitive, kind and forgiving towards others. People in general will feel to be more helpful and act in more familial ways as brothers and sisters throughout this year.

Mars the planet of action that likes to stir things up and get things going will enter Libra on December 7, 2013 and begin to form an opposition to Uranus, square to Pluto and Jupiter. Mars will be in Libra for 7 months until the end of July 2014.

I’ll talk more about the astrological events occurring during this time in a future video. Generally though I see this period as a BIG meeting within our selves and collectively that catalyzes far reaching change.

There could be some disruption for you personally and collectively as we get down to the truth and what needs restructuring on a foundational level in society and with the individual. You are negotiating with others for space and renewing your contracts within yourself and with others.

There’s pressure to make necessary changes, but there’s diplomacy, focus on what the priorities are and what you value most that you want to preserve. It could be intense, but the pressure to change brings about transformation and realization of a whole new paradigm for you as an individual and for our collective world.

In other words I think this build up of pressure will bring about diamond-like possibilities for us all.

Focus your attention on what you desire and not on what you don’t want. Let the old fall away and flow with events. The watery elements are strong and support fluid and rapid transformation and change with Jupiter in Cancer.

Now I’d like to give a brief overview of how Jupiter will be affecting the different signs of the zodiac.

For Cancer natives or those with Cancer Ascendant, moon or personal planets in Cancer; your personal planets are Mars, Mercury and Venus. You will feel the beneficial influence of Cancer most of all the signs.

If you have a Cancer Ascendant Cancer will be in your first house and you will expand in your presentation as the nurturer and care giver. You will present an image to the world of being nurturing and supportive to others. In some way your physical dress and personal appearance will become more like the mother, nurturing others and giving care.

For Pisces natives or those with Pisces Ascendant, moon, or personal planets in Pisces you will feel the influence of Jupiter to be very beneficial. You’ll expand in your psychic sensitivities and your intuitive guidance will become stronger.

This is a great influence for artists and musicians. Of course a negative side of this expansion can be excessive substance abuse and a tendency to space out. It will feel wonderful however there can be difficulty with making plans and following through on your projects. It’s difficult to get grounded and make any lasting and meaningful progress.

So, you’ll need to be diligent and have a structure or plan if you want lasting benefits to come from this influence.

If you have a Pisces Ascendant Jupiter will be in your fifth house, the house of creativity, romance, investments and children. You may become pregnant and give birth to a child, project or new love relationship during Jupiter’s transit through Cancer.

For Scorpio natives or those with a Scorpio Ascendant, moon or personal planets in Scorpio you will probably have the most physical plane manifestations during this time if you’re willing to do the spiritual and physical plane work required of you by the planets Jupiter and Saturn. The energies feel good though requiring effort on your part.

Those with Scorpio Ascendant will have Jupiter in your 9th house. Jupiter is the natural ruler of the 9th house, so this is a really wonderful placement. Your higher mind will expand and with Saturn there you may create all kinds of media products, books, teaching opportunities, long distance travel, and connecting with the world at large in meaningful and purposeful ways.

Jupiter will be bestowing gifts and blessings upon the Earth Signs as it sextiles Taurus and Virgo natives. Also if your Ascendant, moon or personal planets are in Taurus or Virgo you’ll experience wonderful opportunities for advancement and rewards coming your way.

Sextiles represent opportunities and require more work than an easy flowing trine, but often result in more long lasting benefits

Check what house your Virgo or Taurus celestial body is located and refer to my video about the Meaning of the Twelve Houses HERE for information about how Jupiter may be influencing your personal life.

Jupiter will oppose the sign Capricorn which brings illumination. Maybe you’ll realize something that is of great benefit to you. The negative side of the opposition of Jupiter to Capricorn is to over reach and have unrealistic expectations about what can be accomplished.

Jupiter will form a square to the cardinal signs Libra and Aries. There are no “bad” aspects with Jupiter. However, the square does present certain challenges.

If you have your sun, moon, ascendant or personal planets in these signs the square aspect is similar to the opposition in that you may over reach or have unrealistic expectations about what can be accomplished.

If you watch out for this tendency to over reach the square will bring you opportunities to breakthrough any old blocks and move forward. Act with some restraint and enjoy what comes through for you. There is a bit more work or effort usually required for lasting benefits with a square.

The signs least favorably influenced during Jupiter’s transit through Cancer are Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini. Jupiter forms a quincunx with Sagittarius and Aquarius which can feel rather irritating and the influence is not easy to relate to in most instances.

Gemini is in semi-sextile to Jupiter in Cancer which can feel a little awkward and grating.

The quincunx and semi-sextile aspects offer you opportunities to integrate less well known aspects of yourself for greater wholeness. There is lots of healing potential available in these two aspects.

So there you have it. Those are some of the general astrological effects of Jupiter in Cancer over the coming year.

Please post your questions or comments below. I always love hearing from you and finding out how you’re experiencing things.

Thanks so much for joining me! Until next time…I’m your host, KG Stiles.