Astrology Forecast July – August 2013 Star of David

Moonscopes Astrology Forecast

The Cancer New Moon conjunct Jupiter boosts the Cancerian influence in this area of your life. So foundational matters of emotional importance to you are highlighted, such as home, family, your roots, and how you nurture and nourish your self and others now receives support in a big way.

You may notice your dreams are very vivid at this time and memories from your past surface.

On July 8th the Cancer New Moon is conjunct Mercury retrograde, so you may have an opportunity to easily review or release a contract or prior agreement that’s related to Cancer themes now.

On the very next day the Sun also conjuncts Mercury, so you are supported to completely release some old form of communication or contract from your past that may no longer serve you in the present.

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On July 13 Mars moves into Cancer so your energy for taking action and getting things going will be focused in the area of your life where Cancer is located and the area of your life ruled by Cancer (your 4th house).

On July 15th we have The first quarter moon at 23º Libra. The Quarter Moon in Libra is square to the Sun and Mercury in Cancer and sextile to Venus in Leo, so you’re supported to negotiate differences with others and guided by the loving assistance of Venus.

This feels like dissolution of a contract and, or a re-negotiation of a contract that is more harmonious for all parties. At least this could be the potential of this particular constellation of energy.

The waxing quarter moon usually denotes something needing to be let go of so you can manifest your Cancer New Moon desires and intentions.

On July 17th Uranus stations retrograde for 5 months until mid-december. Retrograde planets are always about reviewing and reassessing the area of your life where the retrograde planet is located.

Uranus is about innovation and originality and brings breakdown and breakthrough opportunities for change and renewal. Uranus awakens you to latent possibilities. Now with its retrograde movement you get the chance to integrate all the innovative and perhaps sudden change that has occurred over the past several months.

On July 17th we also have the exact Grand Water Trine when Jupiter at 4º Cancer trines Saturn at 4º Scorpio and Neptune at 4º Pisces.

This Grand Water Trine is a Rare astrological event. It brings good feeling and healing to the areas of your life where Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn are located.

This Grand Water Trine has a magical and mystical element to it. This Grand Water Trine blends the higher mind wisdom of Jupiter, the practical grounding and structure of Saturn and the spiritual idealism of Neptune.

Trines are easy flowing and feel fantastic.

This Grand Water Trine is like a spiritual gift from the universe. The power of grace to heal and transform is active now.

The number of this July day is 17 = 8 and is the number of infinity, something will live on after you that is born out of this day.

On July 19th Saturn forms a perfect Trine to Neptune. You give practical form to a spiritual ideal in your life.

On July 20th the very next day Mercury perfectly trines Chiron (the wounded healer) as it stations Direct. Something from your past related to your foundations, home, family, inherited patterns is healed and released.

On this same day July 20th also Mars (the planet of drive, ambition and action) is trine to Neptune and Saturn and two days later at the Aquarius Full Moon Mars exactly conjuncts the planet Jupiter.

There is tremendous force and energy to give birth to something of practical value that fulfills your dreams and expands your consciousness. What transpires now is better than you could have ever imagined.

You experience a window of time from July 17th to the 22nd when the Grand Water Trine is most active.

On July 22nd we have The Aquarius Full Moon at 0º Aquarius exact at 11:15am PT. At the Aquarius Full Moon you celebrate something completely new and innovative being born.

I’ll be posting an Aquarius Full Moon Meditation for healing and manifesting in the healing meditations blog for you.

On July 22nd also the planet Venus enters Virgo the sign of the original healer and the Sun enters Leo. Leo is the sign of the shining star. During the Sun’s transit through Leo your royal Self has an opportunity to come forward into the light. The Sun is the natural ruler of the sign of Leo.

On July 26th Venus at 4º Virgo opposes Neptune at 4º Pisces and sextiles Saturn at 4º Scorpio. The apex of this constellation is in Neptune, so the area of your life where Neptune is located will receive the greatest affect though the areas of your life where Venus and Saturn are located will also be affected.

There’s an illumination and awakening that can be grounded in a practical way in a container that will harmonize the opposing energies represented by Venus (your personal love interests) and Neptune (your spiritual love interests). So, both your personal and transpersonal love interests will be served in a practical and grounded way.

Again, there is much mystical and magical energy available during the month of July for surprising twists and turns to occur that are supportive for all concerned. This is the way the Divine works. It never chooses sides, but has everyone’s best interests at heart. How could it be otherwise?

The Cosmic viewpoint is served in the month of July and there is an awakening to how things are Divinely connected in a beautiful way. This revelation is beautiful and has a practical application. You can have numerous aha awakening moments that last, live on past the peak moment of your experience of spiritual awakening.

On July 27th the Sun will square Saturn this is the day also that Mars opposes Pluto. There’s a revelation about hidden matters and conflict between established the order and the individual that comes to a head for resolution.

July 27th Could feel rather intense. However, there’s so much loving energy supporting change and resolution at this time I don’t think the intensity will be long standing.

On the 28th Venus in Virgo which helps us lovingly deal with the details that need to be addressed sextiles Jupiter the planet of higher wisdom. This dance between Jupiter and Venus acts like a healing balm in the areas of your life where these planets are located.

Since July 22nd at the Aquarius Full Moon we have been in the window of a constellation called a Star of David that is forming. A Star of David is an especially Rare astrological event.

A star of David looks like a Six pointed star of Venus. The Star of David is the intersection of the Grand Water Trine between Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer which is conjunct Mars the planet that gets things going. So there’s a super abundant activation of these constellations occurring now.

This Grand Water Trine intersects with a Grand Earth Trine that is forming between Venus in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon in Taurus.

The Star of David is at its height of activation on July 28th, 29th and 30th.

A star of David historically was seen as indicating the birth of a king or queen, god or goddess. It’s my feeling that this Star of David is about the spiritual awakening of humanity that’s being born within each of us.

You are awakening to your true divinity and the practical realization of your greater self. These astrological constellations are indicate that a spiritual awakening is taking place on a grand scale.

On July 29th during the height of the Star of David activation is the Waning Quarter Moon at 6º Taurus which is one of the six points on the Star of David. Leaving an old way, an old form falls away as a new way is activated.

On July 30th Venus (the planet of love) at 9 º Virgo exactly trines Pluto (the transformer) at 9º Capricorn. We will all be feeling these Cosmic energies playing out though you’ll feel the Grand Earth Trine aspect most if you have personal planets near 9º Virgo or Capricorn or Taurus where the Moon is located.

Grand Earth Trines birth and give form. The apex of the Grand Earth trine is where the Moon is located. So the area of your life where the Taurus Moon is located is most likely where a new form will come into being in your life. Though the other two areas where Pluto and Venus are located will also be affected.

On July 31st Mars Squares Uranus when there’s conflict between home related matters perhaps inherited familial patterns and freedom of the individual to birth new innovations and experience more freedom.

Because Mars is in a close conjunction to the planet Jupiter, the planet that expands whatever it touches it’s important to focus on what you desire to create and refrain from any reactive patterns and old ways of acting. Rather be open to going with the flow rather than resisting what’s happening to discover new ways of relating and resolving conflicts within yourself and with others.

On August 2nd Venus sextiles her lover Mars. The astrological lovers of the zodiac Mars and Venus embrace and you have an opportunity for a lucky break in these areas of your life where Venus and Mars are located.

Jupiter is also in a close conjunction with Mars which expands the possibilities arising for a love connection that brings good feelings and rewards.

On August 4th the Sun in Leo will trine Uranus retrograde in Aries. Innovative and bright ideas can be realized in the areas of your life where these two planets are located. Since Uranus is retrograde maybe an innovation you’d previously considered now re-surfaces and regains new life.

On August 6th we have the Leo New Moon at 14º Leo exact at 2:57pm PT The Leo New Moon will trine the planet Uranus. So a surprise new beginning occurs with the Leo new moon on August 6th.

So that’s it for this month’s astrological highlights. You are in for an incredibly BIG and eventful month this July that you will not soon forget. It has the dynamic potential for dramatically altering the course of your life and the life of our world.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I always love hearing from you and finding out how things are going for you.

Thanks so much for joining me. Enjoy the magical and mystical month of July!

Until next time…be well,