Astrology Forecast August – September 2013

Moonscopes Astrology Forecast

Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology. On today’s show I’ll review the astrological highlights of the August to September new moon cycle.

The Leo New Moon is at 14º Leo on August 6th at 2:51pm PT. The Leo New Moon cycle culminates on September 5th when we have a Virgo New Moon at 13º Virgo.

Highlights include a 2nd Star of David and a Grand Cardinal Cross.

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This month’s Leo New Moon is at 14º Leo on August 6th. The Leo New Moon is exact at 2:51pm PT.

A New Moon always offers you an opportunity for new beginnings, especially in the area of your life where the new moon is located.

The energy of a New Moon is always influenced by the astrological aspects it is making during the phase of the new moon.

And if the New Moon and associated astrological aspects are exact or within 1-3 degrees of one of your personal planets you feel these influences most strongly.

This Leo New Moon is exactly Trine the planet Uranus, the Awakener, now stationed in Aries.

A Trine is easy flowing and Uranus Trine to the Leo New Moon Sun conjunction indicates that new inspirations and solutions will be forthcoming. Old problems can now find easy resolution and your way forward is open and clear.

Also during the Leo New Moon Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune now stationed in Cancer, opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is the planet that wants you to get to the bottom of things and discover the truth so that regeneration and healing may occur.

Jupiter opposing Pluto can play out in various ways such as revealing something that was hidden that may be holding you back from more prosperous circumstances in your life.

Jupiter opposing Pluto could manifest as a power struggle with an authority figure and ultimately is about you claiming your own inner authority.

The Jupiter opposition to Pluto challenges you to stand in your own power and allow your inner feeling of authority and being in charge of your own destiny to expand and grow.

With Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto you want to make sure you invest your energy in things that are open and above board, and that you have honorable intentions in all of your dealings.

Also at the time of the Leo New Moon Saturn now stationed in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are in Sextile to one another. A Sextile presents you with tangible opportunities.

The Sextile between Saturn and Pluto will be exact in September. This is incredibly dynamic and powerful energy and represents an opportunity to manifest a structure for yourself that will ensure your success in the long term.

Saturn in Scorpio is also in a Trine to Neptune in Pisces which signifies ideal structures for your success being available at this time. The Saturn Trine Neptune will continue to be in effect into September.

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On August 8th Mercury moves into Leo, so your thinking will perk up with fresh, creative ideas. Your thoughts are flavored by Leo 5th house matters like fun, romance, creativity, taking risks and new investments of your time, energy and money are highlighted. This is an excellent time to begin new creative projects.

On August 11th Mercury in Leo squares off with Saturn in Scorpio. A conflict may arise between a mental image or attitude you have and the reality of your situation. Some compromise needs to be made or something sorted out. This could manifest as an actual conflict with a person who helps you to see the things that need to change in order to realize your plans. Or maybe it’s a change of attitude you need to make about something.

On August 12th and 13th the Perseid Meteor showers are at their peak. As many as 100 meteor fireballs will occur hourly. So look to the night skies for a stellar light show and make a wish! The Perseid Meteor shower is the grandest display of annual meteor showers.

On August 14th we have the first quarter moon at 21º Scorpio at 3:56am PT. The Quarter Moon in Scorpio is well aspected astrologically. Forming a Trine to Mars in Leo (the planet of passion, energy and action) helping you to breakthrough and surmount any challenges. The first quarter moon is also Sextile to Venus in Virgo. Venus is the planet of love, so you’ll be getting along with everyone and feeling positive about whatever you’re needing to overcome or let go of in your life.

Also on August 14th Mercury in Leo the planet of thinking, communications and connections Trines Uranus in Aries the planet of revolution. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. So you may have creative and unusual communications with others. This is a brilliant contact for making innovative contacts and connections.

On August 16th Venus ingresses into Libra. Venus is the natural ruler of Libra and enjoys being in this sign. Relationships with others are enhanced and flow smoothly during Venus’ transit of Libra until September 11th when Venus moves into Scorpio.

On August 20th we have an Aquarius Full Moon at 28º Aquarius. This is the second full moon in Aquarius, suggesting completion of something that you may have been anticipating for quite some time. You’ll have a sense of being able to move on and clarification will be available.

The Aquarius Full Moon is ruled by the planet Uranus. So the Aquarius Full Moon marks a completion, celebration, resolution, and possibly letting go of something old that’s held you back. Things can happen suddenly and in unexpected ways during this Aquarius Full Moon.

The Aquarius Full Moon opposes Mercury in Leo the planet of communication which indicates an illumination regarding your lower and higher minds. Maybe you will awaken to a previous attitude you’ve held and suddenly realize another perspective or way of viewing things related to the matters that surface during this time. Often contracts with others are re-negotiated or dissolved with this aspect.

The Aquarius Full Moon is Sextile to Uranus in Aries which indicates there is a happy resolution that’s dynamic and possibly unusual in some way.

The Aquarius Full Moon is Trine to the planet Venus in Libra. Again indicating a happy and peaceful resolution with others over any differences.

The Aquarius Full Moon is also in a wide Square to Saturn in Scorpio, so dealing with the reality of your situation and taking responsibility are essential for resolving matters.

At the time of the Aquarius Full Moon Jupiter in Cancer is square Uranus in Aries. There is no bad aspect to Jupiter really. Though it can intensify and expand the energies at play so things can feel intense and over the top a bit.

I feel the Jupiter square to Uranus is working to help you become free and breakthrough prior restrictions that have somehow inhibited you from experiencing greater prosperity in your life.

The area of your life where the Aquarius Full Moon is located is most highlighted at this time for some completion and resolution.

Also on August 20th the Aquarius Full Moon and Venus the planet of love begin to activate a Grand Cardinal Cross that’s forming between Venus in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.

Everyone will feel the affects of this Grand Cardinal Cross. However, those with personal planets in any of the Cardinal signs of Cancer, Libra, Aries and Capricorn will feel it most. Especially if your personal planet or planets are located between 4 or 5 degrees to 19 to 20 degrees in a Cardinal sign.

Things are breaking apart. It’s an opportunity to release old patterns. This Cardinal Grand Cross is like the turbo charger that’s driving a 2nd Star of David that forms and peaks from August 25th to August 27th. I’ll speak more about the 2nd Star of David in a moment.

The energies constellated at this time give you a window on what may aris for you as this Cardinal Grand Cross is activated again when your personal planets Mercury and the Sun transit through Libra in September and early October. Then again when Mars transits Libra in later winter early spring.

I’d love to hear how things go for you during the Aquarius Full Moon as it feels very promising for a major completion that is cause for celebration. Ultimately the result of the Aquarius Full Moon will be increased individual freedom for you.

I’ll be posting an Aquarius Full Moon Healing Meditation.

On August 22nd the Sun enters Virgo at 4:02pm PT. You will focus more on matters of health and be more service oriented, as well. You’ll naturally feel to pay attention to the details of your life and practical matters of your life now.

On August 23rd Mercury ingresses into Virgo, joining the Sun and increasing your focus on Virgo interests. Your thoughts turn to practical matters and you consider all the details in this area of your life.

While the Sun and Mercury are in Virgo is a great time to begin a health or exercise routine. During this time you will be much more inclined to stick with your health related goals and be able initiate new habits.

On August 24th Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn and you can experience conflict between your personal love interests and matters that Pluto in Capricorn rules. You may have a disagreement with someone in authority about something of personal importance to you.

You’ll need to negotiate your differences. This aspect can just feel like bad feelings surfacing within you and represent internal conflicts and power struggles you have going on within you. Relax in a refreshing sea salt bath. Integration of internal conflicts is called for at this time as is self love and letting go of your internal critic.

Also on August 24th the Sun and Mercury conjunct at 1º Virgo. Your thinking is empowered by the light of the sun and you’re more easily able to think positively about matters in a way that’s constructive and practical.

This really helps you to integrate and heal the internal conflict arising today between Venus and Pluto. I see this as an opportunity for setting a new pattern for your internal communications.

On August 25th a 2nd Star of David forms beginning at 6:13am PT, peaks on the 26th and culminates on the 27th at 3:58pm PT.

The Star of David is also referred to as a Star of Venus, a Grand Sextile or a Double Grand Trine and is formed by the feminine convergence of Earth and Water signs.

As there are numerous angles constellated and operating through the Star of David you’re being offered an opportunity for integration of many aspects of yourself so that you are more whole and complete within yourself.

The water and earth signs are feminine with yin characteristics of receptivity and provide a container for your consciousness to rapidly evolve.

It’s a time when you are given an opportunity to release old patterns of self sabotage and self abuse. Especially highlighted are injustices against nature, women, children, animals, sea creatures and wild beasts.

The Star of David offers protection to the less fortunate and those who have been historically trammeled by masculine driven egoic lower mind interests and agendas.

The two Star of Davids are activating a leap in humanity’s consciousness that will play out for many years to come and signal an historic pivot point and a major turning point for all life on planet earth.

NOW is the time to make changes, transform your life and heal. This transformation and healing is happening on an individual and collective level.

Also on August 25th Mercury opposes Neptune which can bring confusion and unclarity as your lower mind expands to allow for higher possibilities and ways of feeling about your life and what things mean for you.

This is a very healing aspect for your lower mind though while the transit is happening it is not the best time for making decisions about important matters. Wait a bit until you feel more grounded and clear in your thinking. Now is time to dream and open your mind to the healing vibrations of Neptune.

On August 26th Venus in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries and a sudden love interest may arise that excites you. Enjoy the moment. However, whatever happens now may not last. It may be just a quirky enjoyable flash of something bright and fleeting.

Also on August 26th the Sun opposes Neptune, again there can be confusion of your purpose as your soul essence expands and is illuminated by the higher octave of love represented by Neptune.

It’s best not to make any important decisions now. It’s an excellent time for meditation, music, dreaming and writing poetry. You can feel very inspired at this time. Your consciousness feels open and you feel unconditionally loving with this influence.

On August 27th Mercury in Virgo Sextiles Saturn in Scorpio helping you give practical form to you ideas.

Also on August 27th Venus in Libra squares Jupiter in Cancer. This is an auspicious aspect though you need to watch that you don’t over reach what’s possible now.

Also on August 27th Mars moves into Leo and you now feel to take more action towards fulfilling your desires and ambitions. Mars loves being in the sister fire sign of Leo until October 15th. Enjoy this period. Your physical energy will feel much more revived during this time. You’ll be able to act on your creative ideas. Generally it’s a time of forward movement for you.

On August 28th we have the last Quarter moon at 5º Gemini when you have an opportunity to let go of anything that may hold you back from completely realizing your Leo New Moon intentions. This is the last station before arriving at the next New Moon that will be in Virgo on September 5th. It’s time to let go and relax into the flow.

Also on August 28th Mercury in Virgo is Trine to Pluto in Capricorn which powerfully supports you to realize a practical plan you’ve been working on.

On August 29th the Sun in Virgo Sextiles Saturn in Scorpio representing an opportunity to give practical form to something that helps you fulfill your life purpose.

On August 30th Mercury in Virgo Sextiles Jupiter in Cancer indicating an opportunity to expand your dreams and the practical realization of something you’ve been envisioning for yourself.

On September 1st the Sun in Virgo Trines Pluto in Capricorn promising powerful support for the practical realization of something that supports your destiny.

On September 5th we have the Virgo New Moon at 13º Virgo. There are several powerful and positive astrological aspects occurring with this Virgo New Moon.

I hope you’re beginning to feel you’ve really turned a corner to realizing new possibilities for yourself and all your hard work is beginning to pay off.

The month of August and September promise increased forward movement as the momentum builds for the realization of your desires.

Please leave your questions and comments below and let me know how things are going for you.

Thanks so much for joining me!

Until next time…relax and enjoy your life,