Horoscope Astrology Forecast Video Oct 4-18, 2013

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General Forecast Highlights:

From Libra New Moon Oct 4 to Lunar Eclipse Aries Full Moon Oct 18. Highlights include: Libra New Moon, double Grand Cardinal Cross, Kite, Grand Water Trines, Penumbral Eclipse Aries Full Moon and much more…

Potent period of upheaval, disorientation, sudden change, fast paced evolution of individual and collective consciousness. Relax, trust, take action as guided and go with the flow.

On October 4th at 5:34pm PT we have the Libra New Moon at 11º Libra.

We’re on the threshold of our next Eclipse season and events are accelerating and picking up pace. You are feeling the pressure to conclude and bring things to completion that you initiated this year. Some of you are finally completing things that you started during the Eclipse Season that occurred at the end of 2012.

The Libra New Moon activates an impulse for creating completely new evolutionary love relationships. Now you can begin giving and receiving from others in a whole new way.

Whether your relationships are of a business or personal nature there’s potential for a experiencing a whole lot more juicy love between yourself and others.

At the time of the Libra New Moon Mercury conjuncts the North Node. This exact conjunction of Mercury to the North Node at 7º Scorpio is on October 5th. This is a contract or agreement that has a feeling of destiny about it that will be enduring. So, make sure that what you agree to now is something you want for the long term which it probably will be given the astrological set-up.

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On October 15th we also have a stellium of planets in Pisces as Neptune, Chiron and the Moon link up in Pisces to expand your compassion and the wisdom of your heart to see more clearly with your intuitive vision. Awakening your spiritually is highlighted on this day. It’s an excellent day for creating abundance in your life.

On the 15th also there’s another T-Square between the Moon, Neptune and Chiron conjunct in Pisces opposite Mars in Virgo both square to Venus in Sagittarius. And Jupiter in Cancer is in Opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.

On October 15th something is really percolating to the surface.

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